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General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 7 Recap

Pretending to set up the supervising army’s shelf, asking for tea Chu Xiuming but not giving it, asking for a wine Chu Xiuming can’t do it, having to entertain all the generals and soldiers Chu Xiuming is not allowed, in any case, nothing works, but she still honors her as supervising the army, making it clear that she should not be released. In the eyes.

Xiao Su, as a civil officer following the supervising army, hurriedly joined flesh to stop Shen Jin. I am afraid that if she doesn’t stop her, she will take Chu Xiuming’s uniform in public.

If you talk about Xiao Su, you really have nothing to say to Shen Jin. The little brother who had gone to the house with Shen Jin since she was a child, now knows that she is a part of an official, but he still calls her as Jin Ye Jin, calling her brother and brother back to the past. As a result, as soon as they met, she gave her a gift like the supervising army, and she really wanted to go out to rely on friends.

In the teahouse, several court officials conspired to discuss the matter of Chu Xiuming’s divorce. Since the emperor could send someone to investigate, he was suspicious of him. If such suspicions were not used, wouldn’t it be a waste of it. If the rumors are true, then Chu Xiuming must be escorted back to Beijing to ask the crime, when the emperor has no available generals to support it, and the besieging of the imperial city and overthrowing the country will be just around the corner.

Both Leopard Head and the lieutenant were happy when Shen Jin came back this time. Only Chu Xiuming was worried about what she would do. The next day Chu Xiuming asked Shen Jin why he came back since he left. Shen Jin is strange, Chu Xiuming asked if he wanted her back or was afraid of her coming back? Now let’s not talk about the wife, only the supervisor and the general. Since everything in the army is dispatched by the supervisor, it is reasonable for the general to serve a cup of tea. Chu Xiuming served the tea bowl respectfully, and it was almost the same. Shen Jin took a sip unpreparedly, his hot tongue tingling. Chu Xiuming was still respectful, but smiled secretly.

The whole army assembled. In order to convince the crowd, Shen Jin had to compete with Chu Xiuming. The two men were bound by ropes and sank to the bottom of the lake. The first to untie the rope wins. Do you still have to ask, Shen Jin has opened the lock for so many years, it is almost impossible for Chu Xiuming to beat her at this point.

The two sank to the bottom of the lake, and Shen Jin used the hairpin to pry open the rope in twos and threes, but Chu Xiuming remained motionless, even throwing away the feathers used as a survival signal. It seemed that Shen Jin would definitely save him. In fact, he was completely right. Seeing that the situation was not good, Shen Jin hurriedly opened the shackles on him and took the initiative to kiss him and give him oxygen.

Chu Xiuming smiled and yanked the chains on his body. The leopard head and the lieutenant on the lake immediately pulled them to the surface, and everyone saw them kissing together.

Shen Jin couldn’t see through Chu Xiuming more and more. He obviously had feelings for her, but he couldn’t face it. Even after kissing, he has never said a word of love to her. Chu Xiuming thought that the military was already under Shen Jin’s control, so he returned to the mansion, always leaving.

Fleshly sees Shen Jin with a sad face. Needless to say, it’s also because of Chu Xiuming. Since you love him and can’t let him go, don’t leave the book all day long. If you like it, go and chase Chu Xiuming back. several times.

Shen Jin returned to the mansion the next day, not discussing his children’s love with him, and only asked him to return to the barracks. The relationship between the two of them was extremely small in the face of national affairs. After preparing the wine and food, the husband and wife ran out of food harmoniously, and Shen Jin and Chu Xiuming returned to the barracks together. On the way, Chu Xiuming gave Shen Jin a pardon. He knew that Shen Jin loves to mess around. Although he has been cautious about his words and deeds, but in case of violation of military discipline, this token can pardon her once.

Xiao Su took advantage of the dim moonlight to come out and walk around, seeing the soldiers holding several children and covering them with cloth, which must be strange. Sure enough, Chu Xiuming, as people said, he is a murderous and bloodthirsty demon general, and now even the children are spared. He was about to stop him, but Chu Xiuming appeared to stop him. This was his territory, and Xiao Su was not good at it.

Back in the tent, Shen Jin looked for him and brought some wine and vegetables from the house. Outside the tent, what Chu Xiuming saw was that the two of them were talking and laughing, eating and drinking. Chu Xiuming was furious, and Xiao Su was not easy, so he ordered the deputy to investigate carefully.

On this day, Xiao Su came to a certain military camp to investigate secretly, but was surrounded by Chu Xiuming, who had been waiting for a long time. Chu Xiuming forced him to ask him what he was looking for, but sneakily, he was unkind. Seeing that he didn’t say anything, Chu Xiuming ordered the rod to be killed. At this time, Shen Jin hurried to him, and in a hurry, he pulled out the pardon order that Chu Xiuming had given her to save Xiao Su. This token Chu Xiuming gave her to protect herself, but now she used it to save others, Chu Xiuming left in silence.

Immediately a group of children came out and circled the leopard’s head, not afraid of his stubborn look. It turned out that in order to take care of these children, it was inconvenient for the army to make public, so Chu Xiuming had to quietly place the children here. And Xiao Su was completely misunderstood. This misunderstanding was probably not only about Chu Xiuming and Xiao Su, but Chu Xiuming probably also misunderstood Shen Jin.

But the leopard head said that today, on the night of the full moon, everyone will drink and eat together, and the general will naturally go there.

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