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Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 24 Recap

The eldest princess sent Yueying to investigate the reason why Li Huaijin was taken away by the Criminal Ministry. Inspector Yueying heard the soldiers say that Commander Li looked like a beautiful moon and had no ambitions. She did not expect that she would do it because the emperor did not choose him as the prince. Yue Ying was so excited that he killed the Emperor Xian, and asked to see Zhang Yongyao.

Yueying returned to the Princess’s residence and told the eldest princess Li Huaijin that she had personally confessed to killing the first emperor and pleaded guilty. The confession was handed over to Funing Palace. The princess knew that the death of the first emperor had nothing to do with Huaijin. He said this because Li Fang told Huai Jin everything, and Huai Jin pleaded guilty to commit the crime for his mother.

The eldest princess told Yueying that that day the emperor was arguing with her for the reserve, the emperor was emotional and caused the illness, but she did not give the emperor the medicine in time, and watched that the emperor had no breath. Rong and Zhang Yongyao walked in.

They heard what the eldest princess said and questioned the princess’s vicious heart. They couldn’t save him. They watched the emperor slowly die. Only then did the princess know that they had been hit, it was Yueying. The United Emperor designed a good show. In order to save Huai Jin, she could only agree to help.

Li Huaijin came to the emperor and said that he knew that the crime committed by his mother was unforgivable, but he was willing to die for his mother and hoped that the emperor would spare her mother’s life, but the emperor told the princess that the princess’s murder of the first emperor was unforgivable. The Xue family’s bloodline kept him in confinement for life and could not leave.

Although Li Huaijin knew nothing about his mother’s behavior in front of the temple, the incident happened because of his failure to guard Funing Palace, and he was fined. Three years and three months of suspension, the eldest princess committed suicide not long after. Li Huaijin hoped that the emperor would put the eldest princess into the princess tomb, but Xue Rong did not agree.

Before the eldest princess died, she told Yue Ying that she could no longer support the Xue family against Xue Rong. Huai Jin was too kind. Even if she knew Jiang Shao’s identity, she would not support Jiang Shao to compete with Xue Rong, let alone She was willing to be his enemy, so she had to help him one last time and let Yueying tell Huai Jin that it was Xue Rong who killed his mother, and her mother’s last wish was to help Jiang Shao ascend the throne.

Jiang Shao told Xue Rong that the eldest princess had previously helped him capture his mother-killing enemy, Feng Lang, who was in the Weisuo at that time, but the eldest princess sent a letter a few days ago to say that she had found out Feng Lang. It was just a scapegoat. The murderer of his mother was someone else, but suddenly lost the clue. Jiang Shao went back to Beijing to ask the princess, but he didn’t expect the princess to die.

Guo Fu told the emperor that Li Huaijin buried the eldest princess on the outskirts of the city. The emperor took pity and asked the emperor to burn some paper money for the princess.

Xue Rong asked Zhang Yongyao, Yuzhan, and Princess Shouan to go out, wanting to compete with Zhang Yongyao in shooting Yushushu, but Zhang Yongyao was not good at shooting arrows to Xue Rong’s bullseye, but Xue Rong easily hit the target, very proud , But Yuzhan comforted Zhang Yongyao, archery was not his good point, and there was nothing to lose. Xue Rong was very unhappy, and took Yuzhan away.

Yuzhan felt that he had promised Zhang Yongyao to be married with him, and wanted to try to be happy with her. After all, Zhang Shilang and the Fu family have no interest in the family. Xue Rong asked him whether he would give up the relationship between the two, Yuzhan cried. left.

Jiang Shao quietly made a mysterious gift for Jinzhan. Yuzhan found that it was a good sword, but didn’t want to expose his intentions, so he pretended not to know it.

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