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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 60 End Recap

Roche Enterprise and Kang Sasa join forces to save Ze Xian’s ten-page new book, and all sisters have a good home.

Gao Tianshuo and A Sam came to Zexian Publishing House and learned that Du Mingshan had gone to Kang Shasha’s house. Gao Tianshuo couldn’t help worrying. Fortunately, Du Mingshan had already returned. Gao Tianshuo had some objections to Zhao Yinze’s script. Zhao Yinze said that he was already writing a new script. He said that he had been in the company all day and had thought about many things. He decided that he should take the responsibility to avoid his employees. Being bullied.

The sisters talked about their relationship issues. Du Mingshan and Li Meiqi’s good deeds are approaching, and Zhang Jingfan will be back soon. Gao Tianshuo suggested to Luo Yuefang that Zexian Publishing House is indeed a clear stream in the publishing world. He wanted Luo Yuefang to help save Zexian Publishing House. Luo Yuefang said he could help with this, but he would ask Kang Shasha to come over and discuss it. Roche could have invested in Zexian Publishing House alone, but by kicking Kang Shasha away, it undoubtedly gave itself another rival.

Kang Shasha came to Zexian Publishing House again to find Zhao Yinze. Du Mingshan walked over to receive her. Kang Shasha’s attitude towards her had obviously changed a lot. She wanted to be alone. Then, she saw sour words on the Internet, and she was very sad. Zhao Yunzhe and Gao Tianshuo returned to the publishing house, saying that Luo Yuefang wanted to meet with Kang Sasha and would help her solve the problem of negative news on the Internet. After Tang Shasha hesitated, he agreed to meet with Luo Yuefang. The next day, Kang Shasha came to Roche Enterprise.

She still had that bad face, but Luo Yuefang did not care. He showed some negative comments about Kang Shasha. After their day of public relations, the trend of netizens has begun to change. . Kang Shasha asked Luo Yuefang to put forward the conditions, and Luo Yuefang suggested that Kang Shasha’s Zhu Zexian Publishing House was the best choice. This was a bit beyond Kang Shasha’s expectations. She originally thought that she was here today for bidding, and Luo Yuefang explained it. Kang Sasha was a little surprised by this result, but she admitted that there is finally someone in the industry that she admires.

Kang Sasha decided to formally invest in Zexian Publishing House, and would not interfere with the publishing house’s right to operate independently. She also appointed Du Mingshan to report to the company regularly for shareholders. Du Mingshan thanked Kang Shasha for her decision. Kang Shasha also revealed a rare experience after turning around. Smile.

Under Zhao Yinze’s guidance, Gao Tianshuo practiced how to propose to Du Mingshan. However, A Sam played the role of Du Mingshan. Gao Tianshuo was unable to enter the role for a while. Zhao Yinze had to stand up and play for him. A Sam and Zhao Yinze had a dispute over the script.

Gao Tianshuo asked Du Mingshan to meet at the agreed place tomorrow, saying that he would give her an unexpected surprise. The next day, Zhao Yinze and Liao Qianman also came to help. When Gao Tianshuo wanted to speak according to the script designed, he was interrupted by the staff of the bridal shop. Du Mingshan finally got rid of it, but unexpectedly saw Liao Qianman and Zhao Yinze. Gao Tianshuo lied that they were here to pick the wedding dress, and Zhao Yinze knowingly took Liao Qianman into the bridal shop.

Gao Tianshuo prepared the arrangement for the marriage proposal on the balcony. Li Meiqi and Liao Qianman helped Du Mingshan out. Du Mingshan opened his eyes and saw the handsome Gao Tianshuo standing there. Gao Tianshuo came forward and said that he had thought about a lot of lines these days. ,

Also prepared a lot and rehearsed a lot, but in the end he decided to return to the place where the two people’s love began, and tell her in the simplest and most direct way, I love you! From now on, her troubles are his troubles, and her happiness is his happiness. It’s as simple as that. Then he took out the proposal ring and issued a vow of love to Du Mingshan. Du Mingshan nodded and everyone applauded and congratulated. The two are happy. Hug together.

Liao Qianman and Zhao Yinze finally came together, and Luo Yuefang and Li Meiqi had the crystallization of love, Tian Tian and A Sam’s live broadcast entered a new stage, Zhang Jingfan also rushed back from Australia, the sisters gathered to talk about the past and look forward. future. The ten-page book launch conference is about to begin. Kang Shasha has changed a lot.

She has changed her previous appearance and sincerely wishes Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan a bright future. Everyone is looking forward to stepping out of their imagination and living the life they want. Just as the ten pages teacher said, youth is like a song. With you, we are not afraid of anything.


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