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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 59 Recap

Gao Tianshuo wants to give Du Mingshan a romantic proposal. Du Mingshan persuades Kang Sasha to change her attitude towards life.

Kang Shasha saw the ring on Du Mingshan’s hand. She said it was something she didn’t want, and then laughed at Wu Bihua. Then, she saw the plan of Xingyu Group. She knew that Zhao Yinze had already searched for Xingyu Group. This road, but she said, this time they might be disappointed, because she is also one of the shareholders of Xingyu Group.

After returning home, Du Mingshan complained to Gao Tianshuo, saying that the ring in her hand was something that Kang Shasha didn’t want. Gao Tianshuo told her that it was only Kang Shasha’s words. It was not what she said at the time. It was Kang Shasha who wanted Wu Bihua. Acknowledgment, I begged him to see Wu Bihua, but Wu Bihua knew her nature and didn’t give her the ring, so she said those vicious words. Gao Tianshuo took the opportunity to propose to Du Mingshan. Du Mingshan did not agree. Gao Tianshuo guessed that she might want a more formal marriage proposal.

At breakfast, Luo Danfang gave the sauced beef he learned to his father. Although Luo Jinlong was a little touched, he felt that his daughter learned it to please other people’s fathers, so he felt a little bit sad. Luo Danfang told his father What I said to my son and daughter. Luo Jinlong felt sincerely happy. Luo Yuefang was busy with work and couldn’t stop, so Li Meiqi called Luo Jinlong and asked him to solve the problem that Luo Yuefang always worked overtime.

Gao Tianshuo was troubled by writing the proposal lines and was laughed at by A Sam. Later, A Sam decided to ask professionals to help Gao Tianshuo. He did not expect that the person he invited was actually Zhao Yinze. Zhao Yinze wrote a play script “Marry Me “Right”, but his so-called classic script makes Gao Tian a little unacceptable. Luo Jinlong’s family came to Xu Kaiyu’s as a guest. A large table of dishes was very popular with everyone, but they did not expect them.

These dishes were made by Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu. Luo Jinlong was a little bit emotional. He has raised his daughter for more than 20 years. Unexpectedly, she did this carefully to please other’s father. Xu Kaiyu defended Luo Danfang because she was worried about the contradiction between her father and her brother, so she wanted to do something. For this reason, she learned this, and then he pointed out Luo Jinlong was very touched by the bibimbap with lard and let his father taste.

Liao Qianman discovered that Zhao Yinze was in Gao Tianshuo’s house, so he asked about the situation. Zhao Yinze had to lie that he was here to send the materials. Liao Qianman thought that Zhao Yinze had given up Zexian Publishing House so soon. She hid in the room by herself, secretly angry. Early the next morning, the three men of the Luo family began to prepare breakfast for the lady.

At Luo Danfang’s gesture, Xu Kaiyu gave Luo Jinlong a one-day itinerary, but Luo Jinlong thought it was a date for the two of them. Next, Luo Jinlong also prepared an exercise plan for Xu Kaiyu, asking him to follow these requirements within a year. Seeing the triathlon plan above, Xu Kaiyu showed confidence, but he found it quite difficult.

Liao Qianman and Du Mingshan came to Zexian Publishing House to work overtime. Zhao Yinze made a gesture to support Liao Qianman. Liao Qianman had no choice but to follow him. Zhao Yinze was very moved after seeing it. Liao Shasha called Du Mingshan and asked her to go to her home immediately, and asked her to help her with the housework too much.

Du Mingshan decided to accept this task, and she began to get busy with her heart, while Kang Shasha watched coldly from the side. After Du Mingshan had done everything, she told Kang Shasha that she knew she was in a bad mood, and she told herself to come over, nothing more than to humiliate herself, but after experiencing this, she was still unhappy. She should change her mindset. Looking at the world, you might feel better in that way.

Kang Shasha received a call from her husband and humiliated her. Du Mingshan stayed and made her a cup of coffee. She knew that Tang Shasha also had a fragile side and made her cry out loudly. She promised that she would not tell her. Speaking out, Liao Shasha threw herself into his arms and burst into tears.

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