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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 58 Recap

Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan were urged to marry by their two mothers Luo Jinlong told about Cai Danyan’s back then.

The matter of Dai Wenrou came to an end, Luo Jinlong and his son shook hands and made peace, but there is still a case about Cai Danyan that needs to be completed by the two together. Li Meiqi was very happy to see them like this, Luo Danfeng and Xu Kaiyu were even more happy.

Kang Sasa returned to the meeting room crying. Du Mingshan gave her a cup of coffee when she saw it. She knew that Kang Shasha had just cried, so she felt compassion, but she didn’t expect Kang Shasha to appreciate it. She called Zhao Yinze out, saying that she did not have an office, and asked Zhao Yinze to let him out of his editor’s office. Liao Qianman thought she was too much. Zhao Yinze finally made a decision and wanted to have a good talk with Kang Shasha. When Kang Sasa received a call, she hurried away.

Wu Bihua and Du’s mother left together. They left gifts for their son and daughter respectively, and also left a note to wish the two get married soon. The caring of the two mothers made them feel the warmth of their elders. Gao Tianshuo took his The ancestral ring was brought to Du Mingshan’s hand, and Du Mingshan also fastened Gao Tianshuo tightly with a tie.

Three good girlfriends discussed emotional issues together. Liao Qianman felt that Du Mingshan had reached the point of talking about marriage. Li Meiqi also received the necklace from her expectant mother-in-law, and she would be urged to marry immediately. She was alone in isolation. Du Mingshan began to gossip. About Liao Qianman and Editor-in-Chief Zhao, Liao Qianman was a little embarrassed.

Kang Shasha’s marital status was revealed by the media. Gao Tianshuo reminded Du Mingshan to be more cautious, because Kang Shasha would be even more mad at work. Du Mingshan explained how unbearable she saw Kang Shasha. She felt that Kang Shasha was because I was humiliated outside, so I vented some bad emotions to the publishing house. She didn’t understand why Kang Shasha wanted to be the queen with teeth and claws.

Du Mingshan felt sad for Kang Shasha after seeing the sour words of those netizens. Sure enough, Kang Shasha brought the negative emotions to the publishing house, and Zhao Yinze came forward to relieve Du Mingshan and Liao Qianman. The assistant called Kang Shasha and said that the press conference was about to be held, but her husband Xiao Shuoxin had already gone abroad to avoid the limelight. Kang Shasha felt that he was very unkind. Du Mingshan wanted to help but was driven out by Tang Shasha.

Luo Jinlong told Luo Yuefang that Captain Xu wanted to talk about important things and that irrelevant personnel had to leave the office. Luo Jinlong mentioned Cai Danyan’s affairs. He didn’t want to tell Luo Yuefang a lot of things, because he didn’t want to burden him too much. He didn’t change his mind until Li Meiqi told him that Luo Yuefang had the right to know these things. Captain Xu and Gao Tianshuo came to Roche. They wanted to clarify some things about Cai Danyan. Luo Jinlong said that he would know everything. Back then, due to the problem of Roche’s successor, Da Hei had a conflict with Cai Danyan, who supported Luo Jinlong.

Zhao Feiying took advantage of the vacancy. Cai Danyan found that Da Hei had rebelled. In order to help Roche complete the transformation, Cai Danyan decided to solve the problem of Da Hei. Luo Jinlong also acquiesced, but he did not expect that Cai Danyan used extreme means to kill Da Hei, and then took the initiative to commit the crime. Luo Jinlong hired a lawyer for Cai Danyan and wanted to take care of his wife and daughter, but Cai Danyan refused, presumably he did not want Luo Jinlong to be involved.

Captain Xu told Gao Tianshuo that he did not expect that Cai Danyan would eventually be killed by providing evidence from the Flying Eagle Group. Gao Tianshuo wanted to visit Cai Danyan’s wife and daughter. Captain Xu told him that Luo Jinlong had long thought of what he could think of. Now, Cai Danyan’s wife and daughter are living very well, maybe they are living the lives of ordinary people, which is exactly what Cai Danyan hopes to see.

Zhao Yinze taught Liao Qianman some technical problems. The two were very close. Liao Qianman felt that his heart was about to jump out. Zhao Yinze also felt the same way. At this time, Zhao Yinze received a call from Xingyu Group and they asked Zexian Publishing House to propose further investment plans. Zhao Yinze excitedly said that Zexian Publishing House’s luck had come.

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