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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 57 Recap

Li Meiqi persuaded Luo Jinlong to help Luo Yuefang solve the knot and Dai Wenrou tells the ins and outs of the events back then.

Gao Tianshuo and Captain Xu came to see Luo Jinlong. Gao Tianshuo put forward his own views, but was criticized by Luo Jinlong. He said that underworld matters have underworld rules, and he can’t get involved. Kang Shasha still looked cold. She gave Du Mingshan annoyed. After Tao Tiantian saw it, she stood up and spoke for Du Mingshan. Zhao Yinze was secretly happy. Du Mingshan pushed Tian Tian and Liao Qianman away. Kang Shasha asked Zhao Yinze to represent the publishing house. Apologize to her.

Wu Bihua and Du Mu came to Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan’s home together, and asked the two people how far the relationship had developed in the tone of Xingshi’s questioning. They also jointly found Du Mingshan’s lipstick and some girls’ supplies in Gao Tianshuo’s room. Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan thought that the two mothers were quarreling because of the grievances of the previous generation. They did not expect that they had deliberately arranged to deceive the two. In fact, they are very good friends. This made Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan a long sigh of relief.

After Liao Qianman returned home, he mentioned Zhao Yinze to Du Mingshan. After experiencing the last incident, he was drunk alone. After seeing Liao Qianman, Du’s mother felt that her life would have an important turning point. Only when she arrived, she knew it by instinct, and Du Mingshan also noticed that Liao Qianman’s concern for Editor-in-Chief seemed to exceed the definition of ordinary friends. Du Mu felt that Liao Qianman and Editor-in-Chief Zhao might have further development. The two of them had a lot of fate, but Liao Qianman felt that this was simply impossible.

In order to understand Yuefang’s heart in Cairo, Li Meiqi made a special appointment with Luo Jinlong. She asked Luo Jinlong and Luo Yuefang to have a good talk. She believed Luo Yuefang could understand her father. Luo Jinlong asked Li Meiqi whether he was the one in her impression. Good guy, Li Meiqi said that he is a good father and a good chairman. Luo Jinlong told her that if she knew what she had done back then, she wouldn’t think so.

She thought that what he did was very cruel, because he always wanted to be the boss until she met Luo Yuefang’s mother. Luo Yuefang and Luo Danfang only started to be afraid, and began to think about how to be a good father and husband. The two talked a lot, but as to why Luo Yuefang was so angry, Luo Jinlong did not tell Li Meiqi. Li Meiqi persuaded Luo’s father to tell Luo Yuefang the truth of the matter because he had the right to know, which would help ease the relationship between the two.

Later, Li Meiqi persuaded Luo Yuefang to accept his father, and Luo Danfang was also actively trying to ease the relationship between his father and his brother. When Kang Shasha came to the publishing house, she found that everyone was unwilling to pay attention to her because everyone ignored her existence. She decided to reformulate the regulations. Liao Qianman couldn’t bear her attitude and said that she would go to the doctor if she was sick.

She fired everyone and couldn’t get the love she wanted. Kang Shasha wanted to beat Liao Qianman, but was caught by Zhao Yinze. Zhao Yinze dealt with Kang Shasha without humbleness and expressed his intention to cooperate with others, persuading Kang Shasha to stop. Now the person with the right to choose is himself. , Not Kang Sasa. At that moment, Zhao Yinze’s impression in Liao Qianman’s mind grew taller.

Gao Tianshuo went to the publishing house to discuss the cover of the new book with Du Mingshan. The closeness between him and Du Mingshan made Kang Shasha angry. Kang Shasha called Du Mingshan to the office and arranged for her to work hard. Du Mingshan remembered what he had seen about Kang Shasha before. She persuaded Kang Shasha to pursue her own happiness. But it was misunderstood by Tang Shasha. Luo Yuefang decided to go to Dai Wenrou to find out the matter.

Li Meiqi supported his decision. When Luo Yuefang found Dai Wenrou, he found that Luo Jinlong was also there. Dai Wenrou decided to tell the truth about the matter. She said that the 5 million Luo gave her to solve the problem in life. It was difficult, but she didn’t intend to act in that scene, and she didn’t expect to cause so much trouble to Luo Yuefang. She apologized to Luo Yuefang.

Luo Yuefang asked her why she chose herself in the first place and whether it was his father’s idea. Dai Wenrou said that they needed a lot of money at the time, and love fraud was relatively easy. They also investigated Luo Yuefang’s identity in advance and learned about his situation. Later, he locked him as a target, and later designed some scenarios to let Luo Yuefang notice him. The next development was exactly the same as her plan. Until one day, she was caught by Luo Jinlong.

Luo Jinlong had already found out her details and learned that She wants to attack Luo Yuefang. Luo Jinlong gave Dai Wenrou two ways to go. One was to disappear automatically, and the other was to give her 5 million cash to let her do what she wanted. In fact, his request was very simple, that is, let his son stay in Taiwan. Then she was asked to find a way to choose to leave, so Dai Wenrou directed and acted the play by herself.

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