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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 56 Recap

Luo Yuefang learned that his father had calculated that Du Mingshan saw Kang Shasha unbearable

After Luo Yuefang discovered that his father had met Ding Xiaorou, he felt that Luo Jinlong must have something to do with the disappearance of Ding Xiaorou six years ago, so he found his father to find out the truth. Luo Jinlong admitted that he did trade with Ding Xiaorou, but that happened after Luo Yuefang met Ding Xiaorou. He paid 5 million for Ding Xiaorou to direct and act in the play.

The purpose was to let Luo Yuefang Fang stay in Taipei. From a father’s perspective, even if Ding Xiaorou raised the price, he would agree. Luo Yuefang was heartbroken when he learned of all this. He asked Luo Jinlong why he had to use such despicable means to keep himself, and also let himself suffer the pain of losing his girlfriend. In the past few years, he has lived like a living dead, saying After that, Luo Yuefang turned and left angrily.

Du Mingshan still admires Kang Shasha in many aspects, and she decided to learn from Kang Shasha to improve her abilities. A Sam took Gao Tianshuo’s next month’s itinerary for him to check. He found that Du Mingshan didn’t know about the recording file. Gao Tianshuo didn’t want to tell her about it, because he thought it was too dangerous and waited until the dust settled. .

When Li Meiqi returned to the office, she found that Luo Yuefang had not yet returned, so she hesitated to call Luo Yuefang. At this time, Luo Yuefang walked in dejectedly. Li Meiqi comforted him, saying that she had already approached Dai Wenrou and told Luo Yuefang I told her everything he had done, and said that Dai Wenrou had lost his memory. Luo Yuefang told Li Meiqi that what happened six years ago was planned by Luo Jinlong alone, and Dai Wenrou had no amnesia at all. The only thing he felt fortunate now was that Li Meiqi had always stayed by his side, if there was no such thing. He would never meet Li Meiqi.

After Gao Tianshuo finished talking about Cai Danyan’s recording, he decided to ask Luo Jinlong to ask the matter clearly, but he was going to meet with Captain Xu to discuss it first. Kang Shasha was very annoyed that her opinions were not written into the contract by Du Mingshan. Du Mingshan said that these have not been reviewed and confirmed by the editor-in-chief Zhao.

She cannot write them in it. Kang Shasha immediately asked Liao Qianman to call Zhao Yinfa, and she The prerequisite proposed is that she will be the chairman of Zexian Publishing House, and Zhao Yinze will continue to serve as his editor-in-chief. Zhao Yinze is very dissatisfied with her proposal. Kang Shasha said that if he agrees to this clause, he can sign a contract and make money. , If not, she will leave immediately.

Luo Yuefang didn’t return to Luo’s house overnight. Early the next morning, Luo Danfang waited for his brother in the office. Asked what happened to him and his father, because last night, Luo’s father looked dejected. She asked about the whereabouts of her brother. Luo’s father said that he might not be back in the future. Luo Danfang wanted to know what happened between his brother and his father.

Luo Yuefang told her that all this had nothing to do with her, and he did not want his sister to be involved in this dispute. In desperation, Luo Danfang went to the publishing house to find a few good sisters to complain. Liao Qianman invited her to dinner to comfort him.

Gao Tianshuo knew the grievances between Luo Yuefang and his father. He thought that the contradiction between father and son would not be so easy to resolve. When Shi Kang Sasa received a call, she yelled and walked out and dropped the phone to the ground. Du Mingshan was curious about who she was talking with to get so angry.

Gao Tianshuo came to see Captain Xu and gave the recording file to Captain Xu. Captain Xu reminded him that he was too involved in this incident and that he might be the next person to be retaliated against. However, Gao Tianshuo was not afraid. He said that he had once planned to give up publishing books. However, after Cai Danyan’s accident, he felt that it was necessary to shout for justice. His writings were all living people, and he wanted to do this. Make an effort, even if you sacrifice in the end.

Zhao Yinze was also a bit uncomfortable with Kang Shasha’s performance, and was unwilling to be led by her nose all the time. He also had his own record and decided to find other ways. Du Mingshan saw a man find Kang Shasha and teach her to leave her husband, and that man looked like a gay. Kang Shasha warned Du Mingshan not to tell what happened today, otherwise she would let Zexian Publishing House disappear.

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