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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 40 End Recap

After the performance, Fisher also obeyed the agreement and decided to accept the operation. Fang Xiaolu, Li Zhenyan and others came to the hospital worriedly. Before entering the operating room, Fisher looked at everyone worried about themselves, and said with a smile. It will be out soon, nothing will happen, but Fisher still couldn’t help telling everyone one by one like giving a last word.

After Fisher entered the operating room, everyone waited anxiously outside the operating room, Tian Yisong I talked to Li Zhenyan and said that today’s performance was really shocking, and everyone on the stage was witness to Li Zhenyan’s growth. Tian Yisong has changed a lot, and he is no longer full of hostility towards Li Zhenyan as before, although he still Envy Li Zhenyan, but his mentality is no longer distorted. Seeing Fang Xiaofu’s worried look, Li Zhenyan comforted a few words, saying that Fisher’s operation would be successful.

After Fisher’s farewell performance, Li Yazhe was also ready to return to Europe. Before leaving, he told Li Zhenyan to treat Fang Xiaolu well. Li Zhenyan no longer rejected Li Yazhe. He played the music that Li Yazhe gave him when he was a child to see Li Yazhe off. Li Yazhe listened to the sound of the piano and understood what Li Zhenyan meant in the sound of the piano. Li Yazhe knew that Li Zhenyan had forgiven him and couldn’t help but smile.

Li Zhenyan went to Fang Xiaoru’s apartment. He looked at Fang Xiaoru’s room and suddenly felt a little emotional. He never thought that he would meet the person he loves most in his life in a place like this. Fang Xiaoru joked that he didn’t. I thought that I could find someone as good-looking as Li Zhenyan at the door. While the two played the piano, they recalled the happy time from acquaintance to acquaintance.

Both of them had happy smiles on their faces. Suddenly, Li Zhenyan suddenly took out. A ring proposed to Fang Xiaolu to marry him. Fang Xiaolu couldn’t believe it when she looked at the ring in front of her. She even felt like he was dreaming. Fang Xiaolu happily stretched out his hand and asked Li Zhenyan to put on the ring for himself.

In the rehearsal workshop of the RS Orchestra, Qin Fen was practicing the piano alone. Lin Qingshang came suddenly. She walked into Qin Fen quietly without disturbing him to practice the piano, just listening to Qin Fen’s piano quietly. After Qin Fen finished practicing the piano, Lin Qingshang asked Qin Fen why he wanted to practice this piece.

Qin Fen turned around and saw Lin Qingshang coming. Qin Fen said that Lin Qingshang had said that he did not practice well, so he thought Practicing the piano well, I want to catch up with Lin Qingshang as soon as possible. Lin Qingshang talked about again. Fisher’s farewell performance is over. She and Qin Fen have to start preparing.

Although Qin Fen feels a little quick, he still wants to marry Lin Qingshang home as soon as possible. See Lin Qingshang Qin Fen agreed so quickly, and suddenly began to worry that his shortcomings would be seen by Qin Fen after getting married. Qin Fen saw that Lin Qingshang was worried about this and that, so he quickly comforted a few words. After making Lin Qingshang happy, the two of them At the same time, I received a call from Li Zhenyan and Fang Xiaolu.

Li Zhenyan summoned everyone to Qin Dad’s noodle restaurant and said two things were to be announced. The first thing was that Fisher’s farewell performance was very successful. Through this incident, he also wanted to understand one thing. The soul of RS Orchestra was not. No one is missing. He decided to re-establish the RS Orchestra. The new RS Orchestra will be more tolerant and open. While rehearsing the orchestra, it also encourages everyone to find new careers.

Everyone agreed with Li Zhenyan’s ideas. He Shengliang also resigned and returned. RS Orchestra, after being happy, Li Zhenyan announced the second thing, and talked about the marriage between him and Fang Xiaolu. After gathering with everyone from the RS Orchestra, Fang Xiaolu and Li Zhenyan walked while dreaming about the future wedding scene.

Five years later, everyone’s development is getting better and better. Tian Yisong has become a world-famous conductor. Jiang Caiwei’s music career is also flourishing. Ji Mo and Dalia are also married. The two have a sweet little life. . Chen Zheng and He Shengliang have obtained Ph.Ds and are also serving as consultants to the orchestra. Zhuo Yin and Lan Bo have become new excellent teachers in Baiqi. Li Zhenyan guessed that they will reconcile in the end.

Fan Chen and Wu Zheng started their own businesses and opened a music education institution. Qin Fen has also been very busy recently. He has to look after the noodle shop and teach students. Most importantly, Lin Qingshang is also pregnant. Fang Xiaolu and Li Zhenyan also have a daughter, Hanhan. Li Zhenyan and Fang Dajiang love their granddaughter so much, they rush to play with Hanhan.

The 90th Anniversary of Baiqi Conservatory of Music is about to be celebrated. Li Zhenyan has gathered all the members of the RS Orchestra. It is rare to gather all of them. Li Zhenyan told them that Lin Yumian called him and hoped that the members of the RS Orchestra could give gifts to the celebration in the form of an orchestra performance. ,

But everyone has their own work to be busy, only Qin Fen and Lin Qingshang can determine the time. But on the day of the school celebration, everyone still came. After five years, everyone got together again and gave the audience a wonderful performance with the musical instrument in their hands.

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