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Sweet First Love 甜了青梅配竹马 Episode 10 Recap

Su Nianfeng happily told Su Muyun that Ouyang Yu would send her to the U.S. headquarters for an internship and asked her to participate in the American Medical Symposium, but Mu Yun told her not to go because it was so strange that this series of good things fell on Nianfeng. Nianfeng was notified to participate in the resurrection contest of the debate.

The last time she was embarrassed, she had already had a shadow in her heart. Liu Zihui comforted her that she was not prepared last time. This time she had several days to prepare. Nianfeng didn’t know this was deliberately arranged by Ouyang Qingxue in order to make her continue to make a fool of herself.

When the lottery was drawn, she drew an opponent, but the person couldn’t get through without the phone. According to the rules, she would choose one-to-two or simply abstain. Nianfeng chose one-to-two, and the audience talked a lot. Some people said she was too courageous, and she wanted to fight against the Confucians.

At this time Mu Yun stepped onto the stage and said that he was her teammate, but the host said that there was no him in the resurrection match, so he asked the people who supported him to participate in the resurrection match to raise their hands. Many people raised their hands. Then the two matched tacitly and defeated their opponents by absolute votes. There was warm applause on the scene, and Ouyang Qingxue’s face was ugly watching this scene.

After the game, the two went to the supermarket to buy food together, in order to thank Mu Yun Nianfeng for cooking him a delicious meal. Suddenly she wanted to eat ice cream, so she looked at it in front of the freezer, but did not find the durian flavor she wanted.

Seeing Nianfeng’s lost expression, Mu Yun then rode his bicycle to eight supermarkets, and bought durian-flavored ice cream for Nianfeng. When he got home, he watched the ice cream and made it perform well because he wanted to see it. The way someone is happy.

Nianfeng met Ouyang Qingxue while buying water in the supermarket. She invited her to her birthday party. Nianfeng felt that she didn’t know Qingxue’s friends and was embarrassed to go. At this time, Zihui walked in and heard their conversation.

So volunteered to accompany Nianfeng. She first took Nianfeng to her house and took out a beautiful white dress for her to put on. In the evening they came to the birthday party, Nianfeng gave Qingxue the prepared gift, Qingxue took her upstairs to her room, she took out a recording pen and let Nianfeng listen to a recording, and listened to Nianfeng. His expression looked surprised.

In the recording, someone asked why the Zhuo Group’s capital chain had problems. Mr. Zhuo said that he made a mistake in decision-making and believed in the wrong person, that is, his best friend Su Zijian and his wife. Nianfeng did not believe this was true. Ouyang Qingxue called out her real name Zhuo Yifeng, and also said that Yifeng’s parents and Mu Yun’s parents were college classmates. Later, they started a business together.

When the company had financial problems, her parents died in a car accident and both died, leaving her alone. Ren, Qingxue said all this is pure coincidence? Why did the Su family raise her because of guilt? Nianfeng didn’t believe that they would kill her parents.

Su Nianfeng, who was deeply irritated and confused, ran to the living room. Ouyang Qingxue followed and picked up the glass for her to drink. Zihui advised her not to drink, but Nianfeng took the glass and drank it all, and then she picked up the glass on the table.

After drinking, Zihui wanted to stop but was pushed away by her, and the wine glass on the table was knocked off the floor. When they heard the movement, everyone couldn’t help looking at them for no idea what had happened.

Some memory fragments flashed in Nianfeng’s mind, there were horrible fragments of car accidents, and scenes of her playing with Mu Yun happily. These scenes made her headache distraught.

She couldn’t help but squatted on the ground and cried with her head in her arms, Ouyang Qingxue continued to stimulate Nianfeng, saying that she could not bear to watch her in the dark, and stupidly thought that it was the greatest sorrow that she was loved by others, but this was her life.

At this time, Mu Yun, who was rushing here after receiving Zihui’s text message, walked in. He pushed Ouyang Qingxue away and helped Nianfeng to take her home. Ouyang Qingxue pretended to let him take care of Xiaofeng. She was very worried about her. Mu Yun looked at her coldly and said that no matter how gorgeous she was and how decent she was, she couldn’t hide the ugliness in her heart.

He never wanted to see her again. , Said he picked up Nianfeng and turned and left. Back home, Nianfeng asked him the truth. He said that his parents weren’t that kind of people to make her believe him, but Nianfeng said that his parents weren’t hers. They had nothing to do with them anymore, saying that she opened the door and went out.

Sitting on the side of the road, Nianfeng was drinking beer in pain. At this moment, two unscrupulous youths passed by. Seeing that she was a little drunk, they would pull her away. Mu Yun who rushed over told them to let her go. The two sides moved their hands and watched Nian. The wind was unstable and was about to fall.

Mu Yun hurriedly flew to hold her head with his hand, and allowed the bad boy to punch and kick him. He always supported her head with his hand. At this time, a passerby stopped by loudly and stopped. He took out his cell phone to call the police, and the bad boy ran away when he saw this.

Mu Yun took Nianfeng back home by taxi, and found that she had a fever and she wanted to take her to the hospital. Nianfeng was reluctant to go to the hospital. He said he called the doctor to the house. Nianfeng said it was not her home, and asked Mu Yun if she liked her, he Say yes, Nianfeng said that it will never be possible between them.

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