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Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 11 Recap

Chen Wa’er sold all his denim clothes and jeans at a low price at a night stall. The group quickly praised Chen Wa’er for his ability, but after calculating the accounts, they knew that they had lost a lot. He also had a lot of trouble with Chen Wa’er. Juzui, he left with Biaozi angrily.

The next day, Uncle Jin and Aunt Jin prepared enough to expect the Chen family to make dumplings. They were ecstatic and thought that Chen Wa’er and Li Qiang’s good deed was done, but Chen’s mother was very embarrassed to say that she had not spoken to Father Chen. Say this thing. On the other hand, Chen Wa’er was criticized at a meeting for chatting at work.

Chen Wa’er did not take the criticism at heart. She believed that her age was a normal person to talk to, but Chen’s father was righteous and made Chen Wa’er not to talk to. , Especially the target is Li Qiang. When he got home, Father Chen looked very angry at the father and mother who came to propose a marriage. He closed the door and put aside the words. Even if all the men in the world were dead, he would not let Val marry Li Qiang.

When Li Qiang came home, he found that his parents were very negative. Uncle Jin told Li Qiang about the two of them going to find Chen’s father today. He hoped that Li Qiang would stop looking for Wa’er. What happened in Chen’s house today was for them. The shock was so great that Aunt Jin was unwilling to let Li Qiang be beaten and scolded in Chen’s house.

Even if Li Qiang could bear it, they would definitely not be able to bear their son whispering in someone’s house. At this time, Aunt Jin also threw the household registration book to Li Qiang. If Li Qiang wanted to be with Chen Wa’er, she would establish her own household registration.

Chen Wa’er was absent-minded at work all day. Chen’s father knew that Chen Wa’er was still thinking about Li Qiang, but as long as he lived for one day, he would never agree to the two of them. For this reason, Chen’s father also planned to find a blind date for Chen Wa’er and marry Chen Wa’er. The father and daughter had a big fight. Chen Wal was thinking of Li Qiang all the time. When she got out of the car the next day, she sneaked off and stood at Xingfu Lane. She ran to Li Qiang’s house and hugged him tightly, wrapping her scarf around Li Qiang’s neck.

When he learned that Li Qiang was willing to marry himself, Chen Wa’er was content in his heart and told Li Qiang about his plans to go on a blind date. Seeing Chen Wa’er crying, Li Qiang knew that Chen Wa’er couldn’t bear it. He still said that, no matter where Chen Wa’er went, he would follow wherever he went. Since the first day he met Chen Wal, he was destined to be with Chen Wal. The eyes of the two were red, and Chen Wa’er hugged Li Qiang tightly and bit him badly, leaving behind only “I love you” and ran away.

Uncle Jin Aunt Jin witnessed the scene of Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er saying goodbye. Aunt Jin couldn’t help feeling that time was fast. When Li Qiang lost his father at the age of five, he has been following her all the time. At the age of five, he wanted to protect his mother. Aunt Jin was soft at the time, but now Li Qiang has grown into an adult.

Wu Xikai and Hu Meihua met Chen Wa’er in the car. Wu Xikai deliberately kissed her when Hu Meihua was not paying attention. He told Chen Wa’er quite braggingly that Hu Meihua was about to go abroad. Chen Wa’er sincerely wished Hu Meihua. Hu Meihua wanted Chen Wa’er to bring Li Qiang out to get together, but Chen Wa’er told them that she and Li Qiang had broken up.

When Hu Meihua went home, Li Dasheng mopped the floor while answering Hu Meihua’s question. He liked Hu Meizhong not only because Meizhong was good-looking, but also because Hu Meizhong was kind to Meihua. He had liked it for so many years. During the meal, Hu Meizhong mentioned Hu Meihua’s meeting with Wu Xikai’s parents. Meihua is about to go abroad and this matter must be settled. Meihua paid little attention to this matter.

She and Wu Xikai were reluctant to go abroad. Hu Meizhong told Meihua sternly that she must go abroad, and if Meihua went abroad with her front foot, she would follow her back to the country. At night, Li Dasheng wanted to have a child with Hu Meizhong, but Hu Meizhong was unwilling to sleep in the same bed with Li Dasheng. She thanked Li Dasheng for everything she gave to their sisters, but she really couldn’t fulfill Li Dasheng’s ideals.

Chen Wa’er started going on a blind date. She deliberately put on heavy makeup and turned herself into a big painted face. Father Chen was furious about this, but the person she looked like sat next to Chen Wa’er. He wanted to help Chen Wa’er wipe off her makeup, thinking that makeup is very good for the human body. harmful. Chen Wal hurriedly stepped aside. She knew that blind men had a cleanliness habit. She deliberately didn’t talk about hygiene and wanted the man to give up her. Especially when talking about family conditions, Chen Wale exaggerated the poverty of the family and wanted to scare the man away.

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