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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 9 Recap

Section Chief Cao brought Su Wenqian breakfast and hesitated to ask him for help. The Director and Chief Cao brought Su Wenqian to a very complicated shooting environment to assess the three selected shooters, but all three felt that such an assessment was too easy. Xiaoxue came to pay back the money for breaking the glass yesterday. Chi Tiecheng said that the money was not enough, and she broke Snow White that she made yesterday. Xiaoxue said that she was shrinking in the corner yesterday and didn’t see it, otherwise Chi Tiecheng sneered.

The shooter increased the difficulty, seeing that the Director, Section Chief Cao, and Ouyang Xiangling applauded, but Su Wenqian was a little disgusted. Chi Tiecheng and Xiaoxue played a slingshot. Chen Liansheng, Xiucai and Zhao Dagu introduced themselves, and the director asked Su Wenqian if their marksmanship could compete with the jellyfish assassination group. Section Chief Cao explained that they were preparing to fight an ambush.

Today, Su Wenqian was invited to see if he could fight the ambush. Su Wenqian didn’t understand why they wanted to ambush. They could obviously protect the target. They were enemies of the Communist Party, not his. Chi Tiecheng posed a problem for Xiaoxue. Xiaoxue failed to do it but refused to admit defeat. He felt that there was a problem with his problem. If someone could do it, he would worship him as a teacher.

Su Wenqian could help them save people, but if it were to kill, he had vowed not to take any lives three years ago. Ouyang Xiangling satirized him that he was reluctant to be a good partner. Su Wenqian said that he did not have a good partner, and he did not want them to become the prey of his opponents. These three people could not beat the jellyfish group. The three of Chen Liansheng were very dissatisfied, Su Wenqian posed a problem for them, comparing a peach with a wormhole to a killer, and a box of peaches to a crowd of onlookers, allowing them to find and attack within 30 seconds. When Chi Tiecheng had done that question, Xiaoxue immediately called out Master.

The three of Chen Liansheng failed to meet Su Wenqian’s question. Section Chief Cao and Director were troubled by this. Section Chief Cao also felt that Su Wenqian’s position was problematic. On the contrary, Ouyang Xiangling felt that they did not find the peach, and Su Wenqian’s result was also hit. Their weakness. Urban anti-assassination is completely different from battlefield sniping. Marksmanship is far from enough.

At this time, Section Chief Cao remembered the small mirror that Su Wenqian had hit the wooden fish on Ye Guanying’s body at the dock, and quickly transferred him over. There would be no problem thinking about it. Ouyang Xiangling is still a little worried. If it is really like Su Wenqian said, she really does not want to let her comrades sacrifice. For the sake of safety, the director still wants to do Su Wenqian’s work, but Ouyang Xiangling and Section Chief Cao disagree.

Chi Tiecheng was late to accompany Xiaoxue to play the slingshot, and said that it was worthwhile to accompany her to play the slingshot, and he was very surprised. Both sides are preparing for the task at noon today. The members of the jellyfish assassination team disguised themselves as various people near the railway station. Section Chief Cao also arranged a hidden spot for the three gunmen, and the war was about to start.

Chi Tiecheng said that the most serious point Li Beicao missed was him. Li Beifa said that their apprentices wanted to help Chi Tiecheng share their worries, and Chi Tiecheng simply decided to be a spectator to see their results. The director felt that Chief Cao’s arrangement was somewhat passive, and Chief Cao said that he already had a solution.

The director refused to allow Ouyang Xiangling to participate in this operation, and asked her to stay in the bureau to convince Su Wenqian that he could not give up this expert even for the future. Ouyang Xiangling does not want to deal with him, but she is the most suitable person to deal with Su Wenqian, the director knows this.

Ouyang Xiangling investigated Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue mother and daughter. She moved here ten years ago. She was pregnant when she moved there, and she did not see any other people. Ouyang Xiangling felt that Qin Zishu’s name was very familiar, and as expected, he found news about the unmarried lady of Qin’s family getting pregnant in an old newspaper.

Near the train station, people from the jellyfish group and the Public Security Bureau lie in wait. Ouyang Xiangling came to give Su Wenqian lunch, and then sat beside him to have a meal, Su Wenqian was a little surprised. Ouyang Xiangling reckoned that Xiaoxue should have been pregnant in September 1939. It was also at that time that Qin Henian’s daughter was kicked out of her unmarried pregnancy, and her eyes were blind at that time.

Ouyang Xiangling asked Su Wenqian which friend Qin Zishu had a good time with, but Su Wenqian was offended because of her private investigation of Xiaoxue’s life experience. Su Wenqian went to Chief Cao emotionally, only to find that he was not there, so he wanted to go to the train station. Ouyang Xiangling thought he was going to report to his comrades, Su Wenqian satirized them for their inability, they could not be the opponents of the jellyfish group, Ouyang Xiangling watched his comrades die!

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