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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 8 Recap

The old man felt that he and Chi Tiecheng had killed Su Wenqian. If they hadn’t lied to him to perform a mission and killed Yang Zhiliang three years ago, he would not end up like this. Chi Tiecheng wanted to make Su Wenqian pick up a gun and be a sniper, because he is a natural sniper, and only by staying with himself can Su Wenqian show his value. The old man was angry and asked Chi Tiecheng why he couldn’t let him go and let him be an ordinary person who relies on craftsmanship, at least he is still alive!

The director asked Section Chief Cao to hold Yang Zhiliang’s party membership card to talk to Su Wenqian. Chi Tiecheng entered a secret room with guns inside. The old man restored Su Wenqian’s broken gun. Chi Tiecheng smiled and said, he is not the only one who wants Su Wenqian to continue holding the gun! The old man said that Chi Tiecheng always said that Su Wenqian broke off with him. In fact, on the contrary, he was deceived by the most trusted person, so he was hurt so badly. Chi Tiecheng recalled the scene three years ago, with mixed feelings in his heart, and left without saying a word.

Su Wenqian was awakened from the nightmare, and the director understood Ouyang Xiangling’s feelings very well. She believed that those who had been a jellyfish partner must be their enemy. The director gave an example. The current director of the telecommunications department was originally from the Kuomintang, but Ouyang Xiangling could not persuade him and felt that Su Wenqian’s history was unclean. The director said that he did not understand Su Wenqian’s past, but Yang Zhiliang did.

Section Chief Cao came to Su Wenqian and said that he would promise him not to pursue Yang Zhiliang’s case. The director took out the last report that Yang Zhiliang wrote before his sacrifice, because Ouyang Xiangling and his special relationship and punishment were not suitable for reading, but now she can read it. According to the report, Su Wenqian is a non-partisan person with good nature. He joined the jellyfish group out of patriotism and has never participated in other assassinations. Su Wenqian is their most worthy person.

Ouyang Xiangling was very sad to see what Yang Zhiliang said, but it is undeniable that Yang Zhiliang’s words confirmed Su Wenqian’s innocence during the Anti-Japanese War. The director believed that Ouyang Xiangling would not disappoint Su Wenqian under Jiuquan. Su Wenqian refused to accept Section Chief Cao’s terms. He didn’t want to owe any more debts. He owed enough debts in his life. Instead of being tortured, he should pay off his debts with ease. Su Wenqian admitted that Yang Zhiliang was murdered, and he is willing to accept all punishments, no matter who he owes debts to the Communist Party.

Section Chief Cao took out Yang Zhiliang’s party membership card, saying that he was their secret party member, and Su Wenqian could not know this secret. Section Chief Cao believes that a person who has killed someone with trembling fingers for three years will not sit back and watch innocent lives being killed. Su Wenqian said that he didn’t help them because he was afraid of hurting Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue. Section Chief Cao said they would do what they could, and Su Wenqian agreed, but he had already told them about the content of the information. The content was a piece of music, which was Qin Zishu’s play. That song at the train station at noon. The content of the intelligence is, June 8th, at noon on the railway platform.

It has been raining lately. The Communist Party has surrounded the Kuomintang army, but the Tenth Army has been silent, and there is no movement on it. The Ministry of National Defense sent an urgent call to the Tenth Army to evacuate along the Guangdong-Han Railway. Songjiang City Food Bureau Director Yin Qiansu received an urgent call, and Section Chief Cao also discovered that the person who came to Songjiang today is most likely to be the target of the assassination. This is not enough.

Qin Henian was concerned about the war between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, and didn’t know that he was being watched by Chi Tiecheng in the attic. Xiaoxue went to the Keller West Point Room, and there was no one in the hall, so Xiaoxue walked up the stairs to the attic. Chi Tiecheng quickly closed the window when he heard the movement from the organ, picked up the gun and opened the door, but found Xiaoxue who was about to knock on the door.

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