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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 10 Recap

The undercurrent surging in the train station, the jellyfish group and the public security bureau both lay in ambush, Chi Tiecheng raised a gun in the distant bell tower. Chi Tiecheng turned the clock, and the jellyfish group that received the signal immediately began to move. At this time, Su Wenqian and Ouyang Xiangling were also on their way. It was twelve o’clock, but there was still no movement, Chief Cao was puzzled, but the little mirror keenly noticed the existence of Shan Leng and others. Section Chief Cao asked Yin Qiansu to protect Yin Qiansu and drove him up, and the train station suddenly made a noise.

Chi Tiecheng made a decisive move to save the single edge. Su Wenqian snatched the steering wheel from Ouyang Xiangling and rescued Section Chief Cao and others, but Ouyang Xiangling felt that he had betrayed him, and Su Wenqian saved her instead. They all realized that there was a sniper on the opposite clock tower, Chen Liansheng was about to jump over, Ouyang Xiangling asked Chief Cao to listen to Su Wenqian, he knew the jellyfish group!

Su Wenqian and Ouyang Xiangling got out of the car, took guns from her, and fired the bullets with a slingshot, blocking a shot from Chi Tiecheng, and their plan was also destroyed. Chi Tiecheng was very angry. All the people who burned the information were severely stabbed in the arm by him, and urgently sprinkled salt on the wound, but the single edge was not spared.

Section Chief Cao asked Su Wenqian where they were exposed. Su Wenqian accurately analyzed the location and identity of each of them, and they exposed more than one person. Chi Tiecheng asked the disciples to think about the three places that the other party had exposed. Su Wenqian and Section Chief Cao explained that the first one was a small mirror, and his mirror reflected light. The second is to pretend to be a drum for buying candied haws.

Third, everyone looked at the banner covering them, which is the most deadly point. Yin Qiansu has been protected. Chi Tiecheng is not worried about this, but why there will be an ambush in the train station today. Their jellyfish group has used the special password for more than ten years and no one has ever cracked it! If Ye Guanying had told the Communist Party all the time, it would be the best, but the worst result would be Su Wenqian, after all, none of them saw his body. If Su Wenqian were alive and helped the Communist Party, their trouble would be big.

Section Chief Cao felt that she was dereliction of duty and asked to be removed from his position. Ouyang Xiangling was transferred to take charge of the case. Ouyang Xiangling shied away and said that her knowledge of the jellyfish group was very limited, and her judgment today was also wrong. Ouyang Xiangling suggested that Su Wenqian should be the instructor for the anti-assassination of the task force. Dagu and Xiucai, Chen Liansheng, and Xiao Mirror are all willing to learn from him.

Ouyang Xiangling also apologizes for his narrowness before and hopes that he can let go of his concerns and join them. . Su Wenqian hesitated, if they were the protector, he could help, but if it was a murder, Su Wenqian could not do it. Su Wenqian wants to go home. If they want to pursue Yang Zhiliang’s case in the future, he will come to surrender at any time.

Chi Tiecheng called Principal Fang and asked him if there were any of them in the telephone exchange. Principal Fang did have an operator in it, and Chi Tiecheng asked him to monitor Qin Henian’s calls 24/7. At this time, the field soldiers were on their way to the front, and Tang Siyuan, the 10th Army of the Kuomintang received an urgent report and ordered them to retreat on foot. Everyone was very dissatisfied. This diversion must go through Hengzhou. The blind Communist Party is also heading towards Hengzhou. If it hits it, it will die. Tang Siyuan still decided to obey the order and pass Hengzhou within 48 hours.

Shan Leng heard that Qin Henian would go to the food stall opposite Songjiang Primary School every day to eat. Chi Tiecheng asked her to investigate Su Wenqian. All traces of him in Songjiang in the past three years must be found out. If Su Wenqian is still alive, they are now All plans of the country must be changed. Yin Qiansu was assigned to the army in the suburbs of Songjiang, and Ouyang Xiangling was formally seconded to serve as the deputy leader of the No. 1 task force.

As for Su Wenqian, they couldn’t force it. The mysterious gunman of the clock tower made Su Wenqian feel very mysterious. If that person was really Chi Tiecheng, he would have guessed that he was still alive. Su Wenqian understood that there was not much time left for him, so Ouyang Xiangling decided to personally send Su Wenqian home. In the telephone office, Principal Fang’s people have begun monitoring Qin Henian.

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