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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 26 Recap

After catching Cao Heng, Du Lei defrauded Cao Heng and cooperated with Yuan Shuai to pretend to be a gangster. He deceived Cao Heng into bluffing, so scared that he was so scared, he agreed to get out of the game. It turned out that five years ago, Cao Heng was instructed by Du Lin to secretly exchange Jiangnan-style raw beef, which caused food problems. And Cao Heng also received Du Lin’s tricks, Du Lin completed the plan to kill someone with a knife, and then crossed the river to demolish the bridge, spending money to buy Cao Heng’s silence.

Yuan Shuai asked if there were other people behind him. Cao Heng only said that he and Du Lin had always been a one-line cooperation. After Du Lin moved from MH to GE, he controlled Cao Heng to become the manager of Group C, acting as a customer Relationship, although there is a vague feeling that there is someone else behind this, but Cao Heng does not know who else is behind this. Originally thought that this matter was no longer known to others, but Cao Heng cowardly said that he had already reported the situation to Du Lin.

Du Lei found Du Lin and wanted to ask the truth behind the incident. But Du Lin also refused to let go, only advising Du Lei to let go, otherwise she would face an unknown powerful enemy. Du Lin also mentioned that this future enemy has discovered Jiang Jun’s identity as Jiang Yaoming’s daughter. When Du Lei heard this, his brows frowned quickly, and the enemy in the dark had already begun to approach in silence.

Yuan Shuai received information from Su Chang that Yin Zaizhong, the director of the food factory that Cao Heng bribed, gave up his position after experiencing Jiangnan-style incidents and opened a small shop to treat his daughter’s illness. Yuan Shuai came to the hospital to find the print and asked about the process behind it. Jiang Yaoming is an old acquaintance in the print, and the process of Jiang Yaoming’s rice noodle brand from creation to acquisition is clear in the print. Under the description in the print, Yuan Shuai listened carefully, and when the print mentioned Lin Taimo and Du Lin as MH representatives, Xiang Jiang Yaoming mentioned the acquisition plan, and the print received Cao Heng’s bribe. Yuan Shuai’s face changed drastically when he heard Lin Taimo’s name.

The other camp in the storm gradually became clear, Du Lin and Lin Taimo were also acting, and the forces on both sides were about to clash.

Qiao Na ordered the next task to Jiang Jun and the group to keep the case of Mr. Wang of the Hengsheng Group, and the one who performed well is likely to take the place of succeeding Matthew. Qiao Na ordered Jiang Jun to be the team leader and lead a group of people in charge of the case. Shen Xin was unwilling to this matter, thinking that Jiang Jun was just the beneficiary of nepotism. When Shen Xin sent the documents to Lin Taimo’s office, Lin Taimo saw through Shen Xin’s mind, and between the lines hinted that Shen Xin would fight.

When Shen Xin heard Lin Taimo’s words, she secretly thought about it. In order to prevent Jiang Jun from meeting with the customer in time, Shen Xin tampered with the elevator maintenance sign and moved the sign secretly. After Jiang Jun finished his work, he called Yuan Shuai to report his plan. When he walked into the elevator, Jiang Jun was caught in Shen Xin’s trick and got trapped in the elevator.

On the other side, Du Lei called and reported the information he had obtained to Yuan Shuai. Only then did Yuan Shuai know that Lin Taimo might have already attacked Jiang Jun. Recalling that Jiang Jun received on the phone that he wanted to see a client, Yuan Shuai rushed to the building where Jiang Jun was located, asking questions layer by layer, looking for it layer by layer, and finally found Jiang Jun, and Yuan Shuai personally took away The elevator door was rescued and Jiang Jun was rescued.

The overwhelmed Jiang Jun fainted. Yuan Shuai sent Jiang Jun to the hospital. The worried Yuan Shuai sat beside Jiang Jun’s bed, but Du Lei who received the news rushed to him, but Yuan Shuai was a step slower. Seeing that Yuan Shuai is the one sitting next to Jiang Jun, the one who can handle Jiang Jun’s hand and show him care, Du Lei can’t help but feel jealous at this time.

The idea that was originally dedicated to verifying flew to the sky. Du Lei drove down Lin Taimo quickly and offered to make a deal with Lin Taimo. He could help Lin Taimo resist Yuan Shuai’s revelation, but Lin Taimo must let Jiang Jun go and “leave” Jiang Jun to Du. Lei. Listening to Du Lei’s proposal, Lin Taimo didn’t expect Du Lei to negotiate with herself for a woman, and was surprised. Under Du Lei’s proposal, Lin Taimo was thoughtful.

Jiang Jun finally awake, Yuan Shuai comforted him, and also told Jiang Jun the results of his investigation. Only then did Jiang Jun know that the dark hand behind him was under Shen Xin. Yuan Shuai originally wanted Shen Xin to pay the price, but Jiang Jun did. Said to solve it by himself, after all, this is also one of the results of his negligence in maintaining office relations.

Jiang Jun finally cheered up and returned to the company. As soon as he stepped into the office, Shen Xin guiltyly asked Jiang Jun. But Jiang Jun did not soften his heart, but questioned the reason for Shen Xin’s move. Shen Xin, who was exposed at once, was still stiff and refused to admit it. Who knows that Jonah called both of them into the office at this time. It turned out that Jonah had received the evidence map. Shen Xin’s jewelry betrayed her identity.

When she couldn’t resist everything, she cried bitterly. Jonah said Shen Xin is likely to face legal sanctions. But Jiang Jun did not take up all weapons to attack Shen Xin as Jonah said, but felt that Shen Xin must be confused for a while. Instead of attacking Shen Xin, it is better to leave Shen Xin, with a handle in hand to speak better. Shen Xin realized that Jun Jiang had no intention of pursuing it, so she stopped her tears and gave Jiang Jun a big hug.

A group of inspectors came to the office and walked straight to Yuan Shuai. It turned out that someone had reported that Yuan Shuai had accepted bribes. The whole company, including Yuan Shuai, was shocked to hear that, Jiang Jun even stood up with excitement and frowned. Into a ball…

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