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Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 32 Recap

Vice President Chen called Dakang and Guo Jing to the office to explain. Guo Jing believes that as a doctor, Dakang knows that sometimes the situation is urgent and is forced to perform surgery in advance, and then sign up later. Dakang disguised and took out the medical records he had prepared. The nurses accepted bribes from movie cards and other materials.

Guo Jing and the others cast their eyes at once, but he didn’t expect that Dakang was so dark and came prepared. He rescued Lin Xiaoxiao in front of him, but was shot in the back. Dakang was determined to report to the next level that Vice President Chen didn’t expel himself, and there would be no today. Then he threw things away and left.

Guo Jing recalled what happened during Lin Xiaoxiao’s operation. He believed that the biggest problem of the operation was to sign up after the operation. Because Dakang was expelled by Vice President Chen before to retaliate, the less he mentioned, the more he wanted money. Chen Xiaonan wanted to know how much he wanted, and Guo Jing decided to spend him well.

Dakang told Lin Xiaoxiao the matter. Lin Xiaoxiao thought he was ruining people. If they hadn’t rescued himself, he might have died. At this time, Guo Jing walked into the ward and called Dakang out for a chat. Dakang Lion spoke loudly. Guo Jing said that he could ask him to eat skewers. He had no other money. If he followed the procedure to save Lin Xiaoxiao, it might have happened. , Dakang saw that things were inconsistent and raised his foot to leave.

Huang Rong delivered food to Lin Xiaoxiao, thinking that people are like steamed buns, one set on the outside and one set inside. The people in the operating room wanted to save her, but they couldn’t find the family members. They wanted to save the people and they had to bear the responsibility. This is another kind of trouble. Guo Jing didn’t agree to Dakang’s money.

It was his trouble. He did it for Guo Jing. I’m busy looking for her, this is my own trouble. Lin Xiaoxiao thought that Huang Rong could not be used. Huang Rong remembered what Guo Jing had said when she was a lobbyist last time. She thought that the two had experienced a situation where their family members disagree and might be able to help her out.

If Guo Jing was punished, he would resign. In such a situation in the future, no one is willing to lend a helping hand. Lin Xiaoxiao understands what she means. Huang Rong thinks that Lin Xiaoxiao only read the cold words of her mother, but did not see her. Sacrifice. I only saw that Dakang was good, but I didn’t see how unethical the things Dakang did. Lin Xiaoxiao said that his mother’s illness was arranged by Dakang before and after the run. If she stood up to speak for Guo Jing, her mother’s illness would be left alone. Huang Rong promised that she and Guo Jing would help her.

At night, Dakang contacted Guo Jing again to ask for money, but Guo Jing refused again. The next day, the investigation procedure started normally, and Guo Jing suggested that the video provided by Dakang had taken the lead and had to provide a video from another angle.

And Dakang complained that the obstetric nurses accepted bribes, but it was really wrong that the nurse accepted the meeting gift from an old friend, but this is also Dakang’s ulterior motives, deliberately approaching everyone as an old friend, otherwise he would not get Lin Lin. Xiaoxiao’s medical record.

Everyone saw in the video that Dakang sneaked into the nurse’s station while the nurse was rescuing the patient, and the recording of Chen Xiaonan’s admission was also lured by Dakang through some words. Dakangna said that there was a problem with the signing procedure.

Guo Jing called out Lin Xiaoxiao and the others. The family certified that the signature was signed with their own money. After the incident, Dakang broke up with Lin Xiaoxiao, and even used a rogue to ask for the break-up fee. Guo Jing led a group of people who had been deceived by Dakang to teach him and successfully rescued Lin Xiaoxiao.

Huang Rong discovered that Mother Lin was not lung cancer, and asked her to go to the hospital for an examination. It turned out that she was a rare disease of Genus Wesler’s disease and could be treated without surgery and only by taking medicine. Huang Rong dressed up on a date, Guo Jing guessed where she went and reminded her that Xiao Rui was not a good person. Huang Rong thinks that the more Guo Jing is to stop herself, the more she wants to go on a date.

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