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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 9 Recap

Pang Haoyang wanted to uphold Wei’s meaning and lead the Chonglian News Agency on the right path, so that everyone can live a stable life. However, Pang Haoyang had no choice but to accept the decision of the Society Assembly to overthrow Lord Wei. He is confident that as long as the online casino business is done well, the three uncles have no hope of winning.

Adou became a croupier, and with his sweet voice and cute expression, his business was not bad. In a few days, she tried her best to contact internal staff and recorded their names and division of labor one by one. But after a tiring day, when I returned to the trading company, I had to learn to dance with Inspector Zhang to attract gamblers to bet, increase performance, and obtain more information.

At this time, security intelligence agencies also focused on online casinos. Xu Tiantang, who Wei Zuorong dug from the Criminal Intelligence Division, was ordered to investigate the case. Su Zi’an knew that the Criminal Intelligence Section had begun an investigation, but he forcibly intervened in order to let the outside know that the Security Intelligence Agency was more advanced, more comprehensive, and more efficient than the Criminal Intelligence Section.

Zheng Shumei bought back her mother Mo Xianqing’s favorite band record from Canada during her lifetime. During her time in Hong Kong, she temporarily lived in Xu Tiantang’s house. Xu Tiantang entered the security intelligence agency, and both Zheng Shumei and Zhuo Kai knew it, and they didn’t feel wrong. During the daytime, Zheng Shumei came to Zhuo Kai’s cafe. Now that his wife is gone, Zhuo Kai handed over the coffee making to the goblins. But goblins are really not this material, Zheng Shumei can tell a lot of problems with just a sip.

Before saying the last two sentences, the Great Sage rushed in aggressively with his brother. Jin Qing provided protection in the prison, and the Great Sage deliberately recruited after he was released, so Zhuo Kai didn’t appreciate it. But Zhuo Kai got a piece with Chonglian, and Wei Jie also canceled the chasing order for the rivers and lakes. This great sage could not bear it. Zhuo Kai had a clear conscience and said frankly that he had nothing to do with Chonglian, which was considered to calm the anger of the Great Sage.

Wei Jie is in prison, but the news is well informed. After learning that Jin Qing had trouble with Zhuo Kai, she was inspired. He entrusted others to spread the word, and asked Zhuo Kai to help Pang Haoyang consolidate his position in the society. To be honest, Zhuo Kai didn’t want to get involved in the underworld again. But back then he undercovered the underworld in order to disintegrate Chonglian. If it can help Pang Haoyang become an imperial court, the Chonglian Press will change its evil and return to righteousness.

Zhuo Kai believed that he couldn’t do it alone, and he needed the assistance of his apprentice Zheng Shumei. The master spoke, Zheng Shumei would have nothing to say. However, Pang Haoyang did not expect that Zhuo Kai would really agree to this. As for the details of the competitors, Zhuo Kai had already been clear about it. Zhuo Kai and Zheng Shumei entered Pang Haoyang’s company as consultants to learn more about the company’s operations.

Pang Haoyang’s main source of money is online casinos, but the number of visitors has plummeted in recent days, and they often drop. After investigation, it was attacked by hackers. Even if the firewall is increased, it will not help. The well-informed Zheng Shumei is very familiar with this attack method.

The hacker’s purpose is not to damage the website, but to snatch customers. Gamblers who cannot log in to the Jinboluo website are directed to another online casino. The site is called Jinboluo, and the layout of the casino is similar to that of Jinboluo.

Only one of the three uncles in the Chonglian News Agency can come up with this method. Zheng Shumei tracked down the server of “Jincoluo” in a certain building. Zhuo Kai looked around and recognized Fulu’s site. The two went upstairs, pried the door and unlocked, and found the room where the server was placed.

Zhuo Kai wanted to know whether this was the work of Fu Lu alone, or conspired with two other competitors, so he installed surveillance cameras in the corner of the server room. But when they entered the room, they were discovered. If it weren’t for Xue Jiaqiang’s timely action, the two would be inevitable.

The appearance of Xue Jiaqiang was not a coincidence. He also learned from the guests that a fake casino had recently appeared, and traced Fu Lu. One is to investigate Pang Haoyang for the Criminal Intelligence Division, and the other is to keep Pang Haoyang, the boss of Chonglian. The two sides have the same goals but different goals. Zhuo Kai is blunt, and may not even have friends with Xue Jiaqiang in the future.

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