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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 8 Recap

Because Han Jianyi killed Ren Shangyu, Fan Xiaohua wished he could not be sentenced to death. Naturally, he would not refuse the request to testify in court. He also told Mo Xianjing in detail about all his activities with Han Jianyi. During the court session, Wei Zuorong sat in the gallery. The first witness Mo Xianqing summoned was Fan Xiaohua.

As the prosecutor, Mo Xianqing retorted in court that Fan Xiaohua had contact with Han Jianyi because there was no mobile phone in the evidence. The questioning of witness Fan Xiaohua ended hastily. Neither the prosecutor Mo Xianqing nor the defendant’s defense lawyer asked other questions. It can be said that Fan Xiaohua’s appearance in court was just a cutscene.

Mo Xianqing’s compromise made Xue Jiaqiang annoyed, but when he thought that Zhuo Kai might go to jail, she couldn’t help being silent. He no longer pursued Fan Xiaohua’s affairs, but Han Jianyi killed Zhu Qian and wanted to get justice for everything. He must find other ways to convict Han Jianyi. Mo Xianqing nodded and agreed, and would do his best to prevent Han Jianyi from escaping the legal sanctions.

Han Jianyi’s client list is very long, and they are all rich and noble. He basically rejected Mo Xianqing’s request for testimony. No one was so foolish to appear in court to prove his guilt. Evidence collection is also very difficult, and it is impossible to dig out the transplanted organs from their bodies for DNA identification.

Mo Xianqing was not discouraged, and after repeated defeats, finally a couple took the initiative to find the procuratorate. This couple is Yi Guanbei couple. They did not want to testify in court, but came to look for their son. Originally from Mo Xianjing’s visit, Yi Guanbei’s son Xiao Yi was uneasy. This morning, he left a note and ran away from home. Judging from the content of the note, he overheard the conversation between his parents and Mo Xianqing, and hated that he killed innocent people.

The night Zhu Qian died was when Yi Guanbei’s son had the operation. Xue Jiaqiang found Xiao Yi sitting on the edge of the roof and immediately called Mo Xianqing. Mo Xianqing rushed to the scene, revealing the surgical scar on her abdomen. It’s not easy to get a second life, so you need to think more about those who love yourself. With the persuasion of Mo Xianqing and Xue Jiaqiang, Xiao Yi gave up the idea of ​​committing suicide. The psychology of atonement for his son drove Yi Guanbei and his wife to testify in court, convincingly that Han Jianyi used organs on the black market.

The jury unanimously found the defendant guilty, and the judge sentenced Han Jianyi to life imprisonment. The criminal got the punishment he deserved, but Mo Xianqing fainted in court due to overwork. After the rescue, Mo Xianqing knew that there was not much time, and was discharged to enjoy the last good time.

After Mo Xianqing passed away, Zhuo Kai visited Fan Xiaohua in prison. Fan Xiaohua was wrapped in gauze on her wrist. On the night she learned that Han Jianyi was sentenced, she tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrist. Thanks to the timely discovery, he was able to save his life. Zhuo Kai knew in his heart that Fan Xiaohua hated losing the opportunity to seek justice for her husband in court. He must first thank Fan Xiaohua for his wife, and then apologize to Fan Xiaohua for his wife. No matter how vicious Fan Xiaohua said, Zhuo Kai would not care.

Adou, who has already achieved a small gambling skill, came to the Internet cafe opened by Pang Haoyang. After a few hours, he suffered from aches and pains in his waist and back. As soon as he came out of the Internet cafe, he was followed by a few big guys. Adou reported the name of “Big Brother” Xue Jiaqiang, the former Hong Zuoguan, and successfully led Jinboluo’s thugs to the pedicure shop.

Xue Jiaqiang wouldn’t be fooled by this. He was taking pictures and eating and drinking in a relaxed suit, completely meaningless to save people. It can be said and done, Xue Jiaqiang still asked Pang Haoyang to meet at the noodle shop. He took out 20,000 yuan from his pocket, and the right was the interest on the 200,000 debt. For the rest, Adou will work for the casino to repay the debt. Pang Haoyang didn’t know any fraud, and agreed to Adou’s role as an online croupier, which was regarded as a face to Xue Jiaqiang.

Pang Haoyang is indeed in urgent need of help. Those seniors in the Chonglian News Agency who followed Master Wei to fight the world do not take him as a junior at all. Fu Lu, Liu Li, and Jiu Zhiqiang were all eyeing the location of the sitting hall, so they agreed that within two months, to see who can make the most money for the club, the winner is the new member of the Chonglian Society.

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