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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 7 Recap

After Zhang Jizi was reinstated, he and Adou often went to the foot therapy shop opened by Xue Jiaqiang. Obviously it was for pedicure, but in fact it was exchanged information from Xue Jiaqiang. The police recently received reports that online casinos are rampant, and they also issue loan sharks to gamblers, involving multiple crimes. The above order has been cleared, and the target is Pang Haoyang of the Chong Associated Press. Adou will be an undercover agent. Zhang Jizi asked Xue Jiaqiang to be Adou’s liaison, but he was rejected on the spot.

First Wei Zuorong wooed, and then Zhang Jizi’s order. Xue Jiaqiang, who was caught between the two departments, was very embarrassed. Anyone with a discerning eye can see that the Security Intelligence Agency and the Criminal Intelligence Section are very similar in terms of powers and responsibilities, and it is clear that they want to replace them. Because of reason, Xue Jiaqiang, who was born in the Criminal Intelligence Department, didn’t want to see his department disappear.

On the other hand, Adou is working hard to learn about gambling to prepare for the undercover. Xue Jiaqiang also associated the advertisement of his own foot therapy shop with Pang Haoyang’s online casino “Jinboluo”. As long as someone searches for the keyword “Jinboluo” online, the advertisement of the foot therapy shop will jump out. Come and go, some guests who are familiar with the casino manager come for pedicure, Xue Jiaqiang took the opportunity to inquire about the news.

Lan Nan, the wife of the Diesa shop next door, has temporarily lost her income because she operates without a license. Lan Nan is a beautiful person, with a hand-held massage skill. If she hadn’t been raised in Malaysia since she was a child, she would only have a Malay license, and Xue Jiaqiang would not have gotten a big deal.

Lan Nan has become a living signboard of the foot therapy shop. More gamblers come here after seeing the photos in the advertisement and are full of praise for Lan Nan’s craftsmanship. Xue Jiaqiang also has more opportunities to understand the inside story of the online casino.

Mo Xianjing recovered physically and returned to prosecution work. The first case after recovering from illness was the case of Han Jian’s organ trafficking in Hong Kong. She and her colleagues worked hard to collect evidence from all parties. Just the day before the pre-trial hearing, I suddenly received instructions from my superiors to remove Fan Xiaohua from the list of witnesses. Fan Xiaohua is the key witness. Without her testimony, the chain of evidence cannot be formed, and there will be loopholes in the whole proof.

The high-level legal department received an order to preserve the reputation of the police force, but doing so would free Han Jianyi from crime and get away with it. Mo Xianjing might not have imagined that Wei Zuorong was actually behind it. The purpose is to let the little fish out of Han Jianyi and replace those big fish on Han Jianyi’s list. In this way, the momentum of the security intelligence agency is strengthened and the Criminal Intelligence Section is undermined.

At the pre-trial hearing, Mo Xianqing resisted her order and requested the addition of a new witness, Fan Xiaohua. Wei Zuorong moved after hearing the news and exposed Mo Xianqing, who had just walked out of the court, to reveal that Zhuo Kai had stolen key evidence in exchange for Fan Xiaohua’s liver. It was like a bolt from the blue, Mo Xianjing couldn’t believe his ears. If you insist on summoning Fan Xiaohua, Zhuo Kai will be implicated and imprisoned.

When I returned home at night, eating the porridge made by her husband, Mo Xianjing was helpless. Zhuo Kai saw that his wife looked haggard, but mistakenly believed that his wife was convicted for Han Jianyi, and the work was too hard. Feeling the tenderness of her husband, Mo Xianjing made a decision not to destroy the existing happy life.

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