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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 6 Recap

Zhuo Kai’s appearance in the surgical workshop gave Xue Jiaqiang an excuse to get out. Xue Jiaqiang pushed all charges of letting go of the donor onto Zhuo Kai, while Klein remained silent and watched coldly. Adou turned back again, looking for Dabao who had been sent to the operating room. But Dabao is Ren Shangyu’s donor, and Fan Xiaohua, who has been waiting for many days in the surgical workshop, will never allow Adou to save people.

In the reception room, Han Jianyi was exhausted. The surgical workshop is exposed, and the police may come to the door at any time. He ordered his subordinates to protect the customer from evacuation, and then ordered Xue Jiaqiang to solve Zhuo Kai. By now, Xue Jiaqiang had nowhere to go, so he had to shoot and kill the bodyguard. Zhuo Kai grabbed Han Jianyi, but after a while he felt his hands and feet soft. It was Han Jianyi who secretly unplugged the catheter of the breathing anesthesia machine and injected himself with anti-medicine, trying to escape.

Thinking of the tragic death of Zhu Qian, Xue Jiaqiang’s legs seemed to be full of strength, and he caught up with Han Jianyi and beat him until Police Officer Liang led his colleagues in the Criminal Intelligence Department to come. Unexpectedly, the entrance of the factory was surrounded by a special mission company with live ammunition. Klein has always been the commander of the special mission company, so Xue Jiaqiang was not exposed just now. He is now taking Han Jianyi away, and this matter is highly classified, and even the Chief of the Criminal Intelligence Section has no right to interrogate.

One wave after another, Fan Xiaohua hijacked Adou in the operating room and asked to see Han Jianyi. Fan Xiaohua has lost her mind, and Han Jianyi must perform surgery on her husband, otherwise she will fire a shot in the Adou every minute. As long as the operation is completed, she confessed to herself. Ren Shangyu on the operating table was in great pain. To discourage his wife, he braced his body and grabbed the scalpel next to him and pressed it against his neck.

Ren Shangyu was unable to do what he wanted and fell off the operating table. Seeing Fan Xiaohua holding her husband in grief, Police Officer Liang couldn’t bear it, and asked to let Han Jianyi go and check the patient’s condition first. Unexpectedly, Han Jianyi was frantic and snatched the gun in Fan Xiaohua’s hand. During the battle, the gun went off and the bullet shot into Ren Shangyu’s chest. Klein broke the gun and wounded Han Jianyi, but Ren Shangyu also swallowed his last breath.

Klein was formerly known as Wei Zuorong. A few days later, he held a press conference with Su Zian, deputy director of the Security Bureau, to clarify that a task force had been set up to deal with the rampant human trafficking and maintain Hong Kong’s international image.

Wei Zuorong appeared on TV, and Zhang Jizi in the hospital bed was emotionally disturbed. Wei Zuorong was the same policeman that year. He reported to the Internal Investigation Division and caught Zhang Ji as unjust because he was worried that his undercover work would be blocked.

Hearing the name Wei Zuorong, Zhuo Kai inevitably felt a little uneasy. He has the same name as Wei Ye’s son, and he is about the same age. Is it coincidence or premeditated? Zhuo Kai made an appointment with Tan Huanxi for a meal, recounting the past, and clearing up his mood. When Zhang Jizi was discharged from the hospital, Wei Zuorong came to pick her up unexpectedly. Out of a certain mentality, Zhang Jizi deliberately kept a distance from him, and all the money in the account over the years was returned.

The detection of the largest organ trafficking case in Hong Kong since the opening of the port did not give the Criminal Intelligence Service any honor. On the contrary, it was accused by the Security Bureau of being too inefficient. The existing framework must be broken to detect the pervasive criminal activities as soon as possible. The Security Bureau wrote a report detailing the problems with police intelligence.

Among them, it is suggested that a new department be established by the Security Bureau, named as the Security Intelligence Agency, whose responsibility is to expand security surveillance in Hong Kong and fully investigate crime.

Wei Zuorong set out to excavate talents from various departments to security intelligence agencies. Before he went to Zhuo Kai, Zhuo Kai had already found the door. Zhuo Kai has confirmed that Wei Zuorong is the son of Wei Jie, the boss of the Chonglian News Agency. At the age of eight, the year his mother claimed that his son fell into the sea, he was adopted to the United States.

Although Wei Zuorong did not admit it, Zhuo Kai was already eight to nine points confident. Through Chonglian leader Pang Haoyang, Zhuo Kai visited Wei Jie in prison. Knowing that his son was still alive and doing the right thing, Wei Jie burst into tears and ordered Pang Haoyang to withdraw the killing order, and also begged Zhuo Kai to keep a secret and not let others know that Wei Zuorong had a dad in prison.

The grievances between Zhuo Kai and Chonglian were wiped out, and Pang Haoyang also had the opportunity to sit down with Zhuo Kai, who had long admired his name, and had a good drink. At present, Chonglian Qunlong has no leader, and many people disagree with the Pang Haoyang management organization designated by Wei Jie. Infighting and assassinations often occur. Pang Haoyang repeatedly tolerated things, let Zhuo Kai see Wei Jie’s painstaking efforts to keep the society safe.

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