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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 5 Recap

Xue Jiaqiang followed the positioning signal and came to the Victory Dog Farm in a remote suburb. Adou and several other donors were kept in the dog house, guarded day and night. Xue Jiaqiang would go to the vicinity of the dog farm every day and contact Adou via radio to confirm her safety. At other times, Xue Jiaqiang worked for Han Jianyi as usual, and was ordered to buy a fake visa today. What he didn’t know was that the A Ding meeting with him was Tan Huanxi’s.

The appearance of Tan Huanxi surprised Xue Jiaqiang secretly, pretending to be surprised, and inquiring about Brother Huanxi. It turned out that it was all bought by A Ding, and the bullet Qin Huanxi shot was low gunpowder, and it was only powerful enough to bleed and would not cause death. After that, in order to avoid hunting down, he fled to Europe and started trading fake passports and visas.

Tan Huanxi has his own principles in doing business, not to sell adultery and predators. The previous transaction with Han Jianyi was done by Hong Kong Ma Tsai. Tan Huanxi has cleared the door and met his benefactor by accident. Seeing Xue Jiaqiang working on behalf of the human trafficking group, he knew he was working undercover again. In order to destroy the Han Jianyi gang, Tan Huanxi is willing to make an exception. Under Xue Jiaqiang’s introduction, Tan Huanxi met with Klein and agreed to cooperate in the future. Xue Jiaqiang made another contribution, and he was naturally more appreciated by Klein and more conducive to his actions.

Dabao was also imprisoned in the Victory Doghouse before he thought about it. Knowing the inside story, Dabao seduce the guard to open the door, kicked the opponent hard, threw the key to Adou, and went out to call the police. Adou was in a hurry, and once he called the police, all his efforts were lost. Xue Jiaqiang appeared in time and rescued the two girls from under the dog’s mouth. Only when the guard was scolded, it was considered that he had concealed his true purpose of coming here.

After the accident was dealt with, Xue Jiaqiang pierced the needle in all aspects to ensure that the Criminal Intelligence Division received accurate information without letting Han Jianyi and Klein be suspicious. However, Han Jianyi never said a word about the specific time and place of the operation. Klein did not disclose how he would deal with Han Jianyi, which made Xue Jiaqiang feel overwhelmed and had to beware of everything.

During this time, Zhang Jizi often stayed in the elevators of the mall, which was related to her childhood. When he was young, his father was a grumpy person, and he would fight Zhang Jizi at every turn. Every time he was beaten, Zhang Jizi hid in the elevator and waited for his sister to return. Later, his father was wanted for a crime and was shot dead by the police in front of Zhang Jizi. The policeman who fired the gun felt ashamed, so he opened an account in the name of the two sisters and deposited a sum of money each month.

More than ten years have passed, and Zhang Jizi has never used the money inside, and almost all of them have forgotten. However, this time Ren Shangyu seized the matter and made a fuss. It is very likely that he was taken advantage of. The key is to find out who is behind the scenes. The signifier made Ren Shangyu move, that person must have a higher position than Ren Shangyu. However, Zhang Jizi has investigated all police records and still has no clues.

After thinking for a long time, Zhang Jizi finally thought of another person. The purpose of the whistleblower is nothing more than to prevent her from continuing to investigate the organ trafficking. Among this matter, Fan Xiaohua is the least willing to disturb her husband Ren Shangyu, so the suspicion can be eliminated. Operation Han Jianyi is still very active, and there is no sign of convergence, so it cannot be him. Klein, who had been hiding in the dark, was very suspicious when he saw Klein without seeing the end.

Klein knew that Zhang Jizi’s secret had only two possibilities. One was to know the policeman who killed Zhang Jizi’s father, and the other was that he was the policeman. Zhang Jizi prefers the second possibility. Even after many years, she still remembers the policeman’s appearance. So through Zhuo Kai, Zhang Jizi asked Xue Jiaqiang to arrange a meeting to confirm his thoughts.

But Klein knew that there was police surveillance before he showed up. Zhuo Kai and Zhang Jizi were attacked. Zhang Jizi ventured to rush to the roof where the gunman was. He saw Klein in person, but was shot twice. Xue Jiaqiang came and fired a few random shots to cover Zhuo Kai and Zhang Jizi’s evacuation. His actions aroused Klein’s suspicion, and it happened that Han Jianyi sent a message, ordering Xue Jiaqiang to take Klein to the surgical workshop. Klein gave up and put away the gun in his hand.

Zhang Jizi was wearing a bulletproof vest, had internal bleeding and was in a coma, and required hospital observation. Officer Liang rushed to the hospital, and Xue Jiaqiang sent information just now to take Klein to the surgical workshop. But half an hour ago, the signals of Adou and Xue Jiaqiang disappeared one after another. Xue Jiaqiang was sitting on the sofa at this time, secretly scolding Han Jianyi for being cunning. He and Klein came here in an opaque commercial vehicle. The entire house is designed to block all communication signals, so it can be said to be completely isolated from the outside world.

Rescue outside is no longer possible. Xue Jiaqiang has only one person to rescue Adou and a few donors. Looking for a way to escape, he ran into Klein head-on. Adou took the other people and left Klein to Xue Jiaqiang. After breaking through several iron gates, she was surprised to see Zhuo Kai. Police officers Zhuo Kai and Liang followed the road to monitor and track suspicious commercial vehicles to the terminal container yard. Who would have thought that the interior of the piles of containers would be transformed into a luxuriously decorated and fully equipped surgical workshop.

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