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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 3 Recap

A box of money, that is, 30% of the deposit of this transaction was placed on Han Jianyi’s table. Xue Jiaqiang just wanted to say that the transaction went smoothly, but Klein took his subordinates into Han Jianyi’s house before he could say anything. Xue Jiaqiang did not notice that he was being followed, so that the boss Han Jianyi revealed his true identity and had to suffer a severe beating.

Klein didn’t seem to see it. Putting another box of money in front of Han Jianyi was regarded as compensation for the abruptness. Klein’s desire to know the true identity of the counterparty is not excessive. For the sake of a large sum of money, Han Jianyi’s face was still tight, and he immediately relaxed, smiling and wishing the two parties a happy cooperation.

Xue Jiaqiang knew that Klein was following him, and he was still taken to Han Jianyi, because he had determined that he would be useful to Han Jianyi, and would not have to worry about his life. A bitter trick not only deceived the suspicious Han Jianyi, but also won Klein’s respect, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone. When appropriate, the forces on both sides can be used to end this human organ supply and marketing chain.

On the other hand, Zhang Jizi and Zhuo Kai are working hard to investigate the inner ghost who might leak information. They first revealed to the current contact person of Xue Jiaqiang, Officer Liang, that the head of the human trafficking syndicate had been released, and Officer Liang immediately notified the senior team of the task force. At the same time, Xue Jiaqiang noticed that after Han Jianyi received a text message, he cancelled all appointments and left the medical center. It can be seen that the inner ghost is in the task force, and is a person who does not know Xue Jiaqiang’s undercover identity.

Xue Jiaqiang was secretly helping Klein to investigate the details of the Han Jianyi Group in preparation for the annexation. Zhuo Kai cooperated with the investigation of Klein, and it was up to the cellmate Goblin who had just been released from prison. The progress of the Goblin investigation can be much faster than the official investigation without any formalities.

The next day, Zhuo Kai got the information, and the person who sent Han Jianyi the message that day was probably Fan Xiaohua, Senior Superintendent of the Commercial Criminal Investigation Division. In the name of playing squash, Police Officer Liang changed his phone to Fan Xiaohua. However, the text messages in the mobile phone were deleted and had to be handed over to the information technology team for repair. No evidence was obtained for a while.

At the same time, Adou, who is in charge of monitoring the medical center, is not idle. She went to work during the day and hid behind the building after finishing work at night. She finally saw Chen Zhiming enter the building. The janitor said that he was a medical waste recycling personnel, and Adou did not believe him credulously, and returned to the medical center under the name of the key. Sure enough, Chen Zhiming was sneaky and pushed a big box into the operating room. When Chen Zhiming left, Adou slipped into the operating room and saw an unconscious young woman lying in the operating room.

At this time, Han Jianyi’s voice came from outside the door. It was too late to leave. When Adou was at a loss, he was covered with his mouth from behind and dragged into the refrigerator for medicine and equipment. Adou turned his head and looked at Xue Jiaqiang, only then did he realize that he was the undercover agent of the Criminal Intelligence Division. However, after the removal operation, the nurse habitually locked the door of the refrigerator from the outside, which caused the people hiding inside.

There is no cell phone signal in the cold storage room. The two cooperated and took turns using a scalpel to cut the cable protected by the metal tube, and finally broke the electronic lock and escaped to heaven. With this experience of escaping from the dead, Adou was cynical on the outside and Xue Jiaqiang, who was loyal and dedicated in his heart, had a secret affection.

Unexpectedly, the turmoil has risen again. Zhuo Kai offended Jin Qing because he did not want to join the Jin Qing club, and was chased by people in the street. Fortunately, Sister Mei appeared in time, and Zhuo Kai was able to escape safely. Sister Mei was entrusted by Zhuo Kai to find out from various sources that Chonglian Wei’s wife escaped from the police round up and took her son and Chonglian ledger to Thailand, but was intercepted by the police halfway.

After going ashore, Wei’s wife cried to the police that his son Wei Zuorong fell into the sea. The police organized a search and rescue but could not find the remains. The strange thing is that Sister Mei could not find Wei Zuorong’s death certificate at all in the government files. In other words, Wei Ye’s son fell into the sea, just a one-sided statement, and does not rule out the possibility that his mother lied to the police to protect his son.

Zhuo Kai did not relax his investigation of Fan Xiaohua. Zhang Jizi found out from the police’s internal system that Fan Xiaohua’s husband Ren Shangyu was the chief inspector of the Underworld Crime Investigation Division and had solved many major cases. Later, due to the worsening of heart disease, he retreated to the second line and transferred to the Internal Investigation Department. Currently Ren Shangyu is waiting for a heart transplant. Coincidentally, the attending doctor is Han Jianyi.

During the tracking process, Ren Shangyu had a heart attack. Zhuo Kai and Zhang Ji had no choice but to call an ambulance first. However, with Fan Xiaohua’s shrewdness, how could he believe that the two colleagues happened to be passing by. At this time, the goblin working in the cafe called and Mo Xianqing vomited blood and was admitted to the hospital.

Mo Xianjing had severe liver cirrhosis, but never told Zhuo Kai. Zhuo Kai felt guilty and had not been able to be with his wife for many years. Apart from medication control, the only way to treat cirrhosis is liver transplantation. Zhuo Kai hopes to overcome this difficulty, but whether he can overcome it, he really has no idea.

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