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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 10 Recap

Xue Jiaqiang found that Adou had suddenly changed the gambling hall, suspected Pang Haoyang was setting up a game, and asked Zhang Jizi to save him immediately. But Zhang Jizi disagrees. It is common for casinos to change croupiers and find some freshness. Seeing Zhang Jizi ignored him, Xue Jiaqiang went to Pang Haoyang’s company alone in a hurry.

In fact, it was Zhuo Kai’s idea to change Adou’s online gaming room. Zhuo Kai noticed that Adou had the largest loss of customers at the gaming table, and the situation remained the same after changing positions. Moreover, when Adou was hosting, he deliberately approached the camera, obviously conveying the list of gamblers. Zhuo Kai fought Adou in front of Pang Haoyang. When Xue Jiaqiang arrived, he used a secret signal to guide him to rescue Adou who was locked in the basement, which finally did not arouse Pang Haoyang’s suspicion.

Zhuo Kai has his own ideas. To get Chonglian to correct evil, the first step is to get rid of the undercover agent installed by the Criminal Intelligence Division. Whether Xue Jiaqiang accepts it or not, he must fulfill Wei Jie’s wish. But Zhang Jizi’s idea was bolder. She believed that Zhuo Kai would not reveal Adou’s identity, but instead told Adou to go back and continue to perform undercover tasks. But this time I won’t go to Jinboluo, but Jinboluo in Fulu.

Of course, Zhuo Kai knew that Adou could not take refuge in Fu Lu, and all kinds of weird behaviors were just passing news to the Criminal Intelligence Division. However, catching Adou also alarmed the real inner ghost. A trick to startle the snake and catch the croupier who leaked the list. But I didn’t expect Tan Huanxi to cause trouble again.

He obviously first made a shell account for Pang Haoyang, and now he made a shell account for Fu Lu. Zhuo Kai had to come forward, increase the price to buy the exclusive, and cut off the right to use Fu Lu’s account. As a result, Fu Lu increased the price more. The businessman’s nature was insatiable, and Tan Huanxi turned around and asked Pang Haoyang to increase the price.

Based on Zhuo Kai’s understanding of Tan Huanxi, he felt that it was impossible for him to offend the future attendants of Chonglian just for money. As he expected, Tan Huanxi never thought of giving the exclusive to someone. As long as Pang Haoyang and Fu Lu compete fiercely, the better it will be for the Jiuzhiqiang he supports.

Adou went to Jincoruo, and the information about Pang Haoyang was almost cut off. Zhang Jizi wanted to recruit another undercover agent from the department, but everyone was afraid of Zhuo Kai’s fierceness, and no one dared to apply. Zhang Ji had no choice but to come forward in person and persuade Zhuo Kai to act as an informant in the Criminal Intelligence Section.

And Xue Jiaqiang, who finally agreed to be Adou’s liaison, also started to act. He and Adou grasped the evidence that Jincoruo used the program to cheat, and used this as a bargaining chip to catch a bigger fish.

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