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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 1 Recap

In 2019, Zhuo Kai’s three-year sentence ended. Although Lei Chao from Jinqingshe was taken care of in prison and his friendship was good, he was from the underworld after all. When saying goodbye, Zhuo Kai was somewhat embarrassed. If you have a friend, you will naturally have an enemy. Chonglian Weiye came to ask for trouble, and the two sides almost did not agree with each other. Zhuo Kai hurriedly came forward to calm the incident, but the undercover Chong Associated Press to the youngest son Xiaorong of Wei Ye died for no reason, this debt is afraid that it will never be paid off, and it has become an eternal pain in Zhuo Kai’s heart.

After being released from prison, Zhuo Kai and his wife Mo Xianjing made a living by opening a cafe. Life is plain without losing happiness. However, as usual, the Criminal Intelligence Division will follow up and investigate the former senior superintendent Zhuo Kai to prevent leaks. Zhuo Kai understands this. As for the protection of Jin Qing in prison, Zhuo Kai had a clear conscience and never had the idea of ​​joining the gang. The Chief Inspector of Criminal Intelligence Division Zhang Jizi didn’t think so. Jin Qing had invested in Zhuo Kai for three years and he must have a plan. It was only a matter of time.

Zhang Jizi didn’t want to startle the snake and let Zhuo Kai go quietly. After coming out of the police station, Zhuo Kai went to the foot therapy shop to find his old friend Xue Jiaqiang. Unexpectedly, the friend didn’t see him, but ran into Doudou, a clerk who claimed to be asking for wages. Seemingly deceived by Doudou’s pitiful face, Zhuo Kai scanned the QR code business card provided by Doudou. Unknowingly, Doudou got the virus, and the phone became a portable listening device.

Zhuo Kai got into a taxi and went to Saigon, where he was immediately grasped by the Criminal Intelligence Division. The intelligence agent Adou, who lied about Doudou, returned to the secret site and reported to Chief Inspector Zhang Jizi about the investigation in the pedicure shop. There is an invoice in the counter, which shows that Xue Jiaqiang bought a women’s watch with positioning function three weeks ago, and it is suspected to be related to the missing woman Zhu Qian. Unexpectedly, Zhang Jizi decided to monitor Zhuo Kai himself, and Adou reluctantly handed over the monitor.

Zhang Jizi didn’t expect that their set had already been expected by Zhuo Kai. Zhuo Kai used the reverse monitoring program to hear Zhang Jizi’s conversation clearly. Obviously, apart from Zhang Jizi and several senior superintendents, other police officers did not know that Xue Jiaqiang and Zhu Qian were both undercover police officers. Zhuo Kai cleverly used mobile phone signals to steal confidential undercover documents and was investigating a human trafficking case before learning that Xue Jiaqiang and Zhu Qian were missing. In the name of the candidate model, Zhu Qian got into a criminal organization through a broker.

After joining the modeling agency, Zhu Qian was forced to sign various bills, amounting to hundreds of thousands. Modeling companies force prostitution in this way. It is an organized transnational criminal group. Investigating such a large criminal group is not a simple matter. The above means that the two Taiwanese women who have recently been reported missing will be rescued first, and then Zhu Qian will withdraw and be taken over by others.

Zhu Qian successfully found her sister Erbao, but her sister Dabao will take the plane to Dubai at 12 o’clock that night. Xue Jiaqiang, who was coordinating outside, immediately ordered Zhu Qian to protect her Erbao and drove to the airport by herself. Xue Jiaqiang was anxious and didn’t notice that he was passing by Tan Huanxi. However, the situation changed suddenly and Dabao and several other women did not board the plane. Before boarding, he was picked up by car. The other party seemed to know that Xue Jiaqiang was following, and several cars came up. Xue Jiaqiang’s car caught fire and exploded, making it difficult to escape from the car. When he finally got rid of his opponent and found Zhu Qian following the location, he watched Zhu Qian be robbed.

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