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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 18 Recap

Hong Yuqiao approached Mayor Tian Yi to talk about the hindrance of setting up a game machine factory. However, the game machine hall has seriously affected children’s learning recently, which has aroused the resentment of many parents in the city. The city’s leadership team is preparing to go. Will discuss. Hong Yuqiao was anxious to defend.

Kwong Mingchoo pressed the impulsive Hong Yuqiao to talk about it first. He mentioned that he and Professor Tang were also discussing game consoles recently. In fact, there is a Three Kingdoms game in Japan that is popular in Asia and has won scientific and technological awards. The Three Kingdoms game not only does not affect the children’s learning, but may also help them, so the game cannot be beaten to death with a stick.

After Kuang Mingchou explained this, Mayor Tian Yi agreed to discuss the results as soon as possible. Kwong Ming-chiu spoke for Hong Yuqiao, so when Kwong Ming-chiu suggested that Chuangkai could no longer do piracy, Hong Yuqiao was not angry but decided to seriously consider Chuangkai’s future direction. Piracy is not the best way.

Su Yan came to the tide to resign, and Yu Wenjing stopped Su Yan from letting her leave easily. Fortunately, Kuang Mingchoo came back in time to tell Su Yan that she could go to other companies to continue to use her talents, not necessarily leaving Pingdu completely. Kwong Mingchou went to Zhou Dingbei to let him accept Su Yan. Zhou Dingbei had hesitated at first.

Kwong Mingchou flattered Zhou Dingbei and decided to take him in. Tian Yi found Hong Yuqiao and urged him to start a game console factory with an upright business style. The state allows some people to get rich first, but those who get rich must remember to give back to the society. Hong Yuqiao will use game consoles this time.

The factory is located in the village of Guantao and hired people from the village to work in the factory to help them get rid of poverty and become rich. Tian Yi praised Hong Yuqiao’s plan very much. When Hong Yuqiao received the approval for the opening, he rushed back to the village to find Guan Tao and told Guan Tao the good news. Guan Tao was very happy to see the changes in Hong Yuqiao and the two finally reconciled.

After Su Yan left Chaoxin, no one went to communicate with Telecom about the printer factory. Jiang Cheng drove Professor Tang to replace Su Yan. Professor Tang was unwilling to take over this kind of replacement job, or Jiang Cheng had to stick to Professor Tang’s promise with the cheeky, and Professor Tang couldn’t help Jiang Cheng finally agree.

Guan Tao went to the supply and marketing agency to work and met Wang Yong. Wang Yong told Guan Tao about Jiangcheng’s gossip and was eager to give Su Yan daily necessities. Hong Yuqiao and Lexus once again talked about cooperation. Lexus is concerned about the progress of the Hongyuqiao game machine factory.

Hong Yuqiao said that there is no problem with the factory, but he will pay more attention to the development of game content in the future, but Chuangkai’s game development is a shortcoming. So on the basis of giving Lexus a discount, I hope Lexus can help him find R&D talents, and Lexus naturally agrees to all. Jiang Cheng thought that Su Yan was in a low mood when she left Pingdu. Kuang Mingchou told him to arrange Su Yan at Jingqi. Jiang Cheng was interested, and Kwong Mingchou told him to pay more attention to the factory.

On the grass, Mei Zhaohe hesitated how to record the tape and confessed to Yu Wenjing. She plucked up the courage to record the tape and was about to let Yu Wenjing listen. There was something wrong and didn’t release it. Yu Wenjing left in a hurry. Mei Zhaohe could only make an appointment. Yu Wenjing has dinner. Kwong Ming-choo and Jiang Cheng surveyed the printer factory’s address.

It was still necessary to be cautious to build the factory in accordance with the high requirements of the Japanese. Yu Wenjing told the two that they had contacted the Japanese representative and arranged board and lodging, but Professor Tang suggested that Kwong Ming-choo go to Japan again. Finalize some specific details of the preliminary cooperation, complete the preliminary docking work, and bring the Japanese R&D personnel to Pingdu.

After Yu Wenjing settled her work, she went to make an appointment with Mei Zhaohe. This time, Mei Zhaohe didn’t worry about how long she directly offered a flower confession, which surprised Yu Wenjing, but Yu Wenjing still politely refused. Before going to Japan, Kwong Mingchoi bought a diamond proposal ring in a diamond shop. Kwong Mingchoi understood Yao Kun’s sincere decision to propose to her.

Chaoxin is getting bigger and bigger and its branches are spreading all over the country. Computer motherboards and CPUs are in short supply. Jiangcheng asked Chen Xiaoguang to buy a large number of clean motherboards and CPUs. He agreed to share two points of profit in the Southeast Asian market. Chen Xiaoguang immediately agreed. Kwong Mingchoi brought a custom-made diamond ring to an appointment with Yao Kun.

He took Yao Kun to the highest TV tower in Japan to look at the beautiful night scene and overcome his fear of heights. After waiting for four full years, Yao Kun will be the only one of Kuang Mingchou in his future life. The two romantically embraced under the witness of many people. On the second day of the proposal, Kwong Ming-chiu, who was still dealing with cooperation in Japan, learned that Jiang Cheng had been arrested and hurried back to Pingdu.

Chen Xiaoguang was caught smuggling and found Jiangcheng. Jiangcheng was actually innocent. He only wanted Chen Xiaoguang to buy some clean-source motherboards and CPUs to ease the company’s shortage of stocks. The company’s previous goods were very clean, and it was also the same for Chen Xiaoguang smuggling Unbeknownst to him, Kuang Ming decided to hate iron but he still helped Jiangcheng find a lawyer to rescue him. Kwong Mingchoi’s consulting lawyer Jiang Cheng was released without incident.

Yu Wenjing retrieved the photos she had previously sent from Kwong Mingchoi’s office. After learning that Kwong Mingchoi and Yao Kun were together, Yu Wenjing decided to abandon her feelings for Kwong Mingchoi and cut her long hair to change her personal life. Style, Kwong Mingchoo has always been a brother-sister relationship with Yu Wenjing, and can only wish Yu Wenjing a better person.

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