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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 17 Recap

Hong Yuqiao brought a gift to see his father-in-law in order to coax Guan Tao home. Guan Tao didn’t want to see Hong Yuqiao banging him away. Hong Yuqiao didn’t understand where he was wrong. Guan Tao was just disappointed by the kindness he loved. The rain bridge is gone, and now standing in front of him is the profit-only Hong Yu Bridge.

Professor Tang found out about Kuang Mingchoo’s theory about Su Yan. As a personal user developer, Su Yan focused on developing computer software for ordinary people. The first purpose of ordinary people using computers is entertainment, and the second is work, so Su Yan’s research and development.

The direction has nothing to do with Professor Tang, and Professor Tang still targets major clients. Professor Tang still didn’t quite understand the meaning of individual users. Kuang Mingchou took Professor Tang to visit the arcade, and told him that a game about the Three Kingdoms developed by the Japanese was popular in Asia, but the Three Kingdoms came from Chinese history. Professor Tang was also surprised. Start receiving new things.

Jiang Cheng told Su Yan that she would officially become a member of Chaoxin. Su Yan’s software development project was included in Chaoxin’s five-year plan. Su Yan was very happy to work with Jiangcheng to create a new era of computer. A woman named Li Xia took her son to the dormitory of the research institute to find Jiang Cheng. When Li Xia saw Jiang Cheng, she asked the child to call her father. Su Yan happened to be there and thought Jiang Cheng was a scumbag who cheated on feelings.

I can only explain to Kuang Mingchou that when I was in the countryside, I really had a good time with Li Xia, but I had absolutely no children. Jiang Cheng sent a letter to Li Xia after he returned to the city, but he never received a reply. When Jiang Cheng returned, he knew that Li Xia was married. , So the child’s affairs are hidden. After Kuang Mingchou knew the situation, he arranged for Jiangcheng to live with Li Xia’s mother and son.

Kuang Mingchou settled Li Xia’s mother and son in his own house, and asked Jiang Cheng to go to Su Yan to frankly go over, and Li Xia’s mother and son should solve it as soon as possible. They shouldn’t stay in the dormitory for a long time to avoid bad effects. Jiang Cheng is now very troubled and has no idea. Can only listen to Kuang Mingchou’s arrangement.

That night, Kuang Mingchou could only go back to his father’s house to deal with it for one night. Jiang Cheng went to Su Yan to explain that Jiang Cheng had no credibility in front of Su Yan. Jiang Cheng had to lie to Su Yan that this child was not his own, but was a distant relative of Kuang Mingchou The countryside called Jiangcheng’s second father and Kuang Mingchou’s father, Jiang Cheng made up a lie to win Su Yan’s trust.

On the second day, Kwong Mingchou arranged Li Xia’s mother and son to live in his father’s house temporarily, and Kwong’s father was very understanding and welcome. Jiang Cheng was concerned about the arrangements made by Li Xia’s mother and son. Kuang Mingchou asked Jiang Cheng to hurry up and list the branch plans. Jiang Cheng is now full of family affairs and careless companies.

Hong Yuqiao interviewed the R&D supervisor, but when people learned that Chuangkai Company was focusing on piracy, they were disdainful and left. Hong Yuqiao had not realized his mistake. Li Xia came to the dormitory to look for Jiangcheng after finishing the housework for Kwong’s father.

It happened to meet Kuang Mingchou. Li Xia said that he was the father of the child. Kuang Mingchou hurriedly brought Li Xia’s mother and son into the house, but the child’s father’s call was still being studied. All the others heard that these people were gossiping very much, so they began to rumors that Li Xia’s son Xiaocheng was Kuang Mingchou’s child, and the spread was also heard by Zhou Dingbei.

Zhou Dingbei always thought that Li Xia came to Jiangcheng, but he didn’t expect to start calling Kuang Mingchou’s father again. So Zhou Dingbei told Director Zou about this. Director Zou was also very surprised, but to protect the reputation of Jiangcheng and Kuang Mingchou Do not spread the word until the investigation is clear.

Li Xia told Kuang Mingchou that after losing contact with Jiang Cheng, he married and gave birth to Xiaocheng. Her husband’s domestic violence could be tolerated. But when her husband later beat Xiaocheng, Li Xia felt that he was not Xiaocheng’s biological father, because no one’s biological father beat the child like that. So I came to Jiangcheng to find a way out.

Kwong Mingchou told Jiang Cheng of what happened to Li Xia’s mother and son, Jiang Cheng also sympathized with Li Xia, and after discussing with Kuang Mingchou, he agreed to take care of Li Xia, so the top priority was to find a job for Li Xia to make ends meet.

Jiang Cheng bought some food and supplies for Li Xia’s mother and her son, and also found a light job for Li Xia. Li Xia’s son’s school has been contacted. Professor Tang understood Kuang Mingchou’s plan, and also studied the needs of individual users, and wrote down some of his opinions to Su Yan.

Professor Tang agreed that Su Yan would be responsible for product development for individual users. After all, the future world belongs to young people. Hong Yuqiao interviewed countless applicants and finally settled on a person who said that he was purely technical, and how unpredictable the creation of the future will be in the hands of this person.

Zhou Dingbei, Mei Zhaohe and Wang Yong were playing chess in the courtyard of the research institute. Zhou Dingbei deliberately mentioned Li Xia’s mother and son, and Wang Yong echoed it. Mei Zhaohe felt that something was wrong. Jiang Cheng and Mei Zhaohe back then. He went to the countryside together. One year before returning to the city, Jiang Cheng, an educated youth class, followed him to Shanxi, and Li Xia’s accent was the Shanxi accent.

In the end, Jiang Cheng returned directly from Shanxi to Pingdu. The size of the child was also in time. After hearing this, Zhou Dingbei finally concluded that the child was Jiang Cheng. Su Yan, who came to Jiang Cheng, heard all the three people’s conversation. Su Yan hurried upstairs to ask Jiang Cheng to ask, but she happened to hear Jiang Chengzheng’s arrangements with Li Xia’s mother and son outside the door.

All these prove that Jiang Cheng cheated Su Yan. Su Yan angrily rushed into the room and slapped Jiang Cheng. Jiang Cheng chased Su Yan back home, and Su Yan was packing up and leaving. Kwong Mingchou and Hong Yuqiao went to see Tian Yi, who had just been promoted to the mayor. Kuang Mingchou mainly explained that he had cooperated with Japan Cindacom to set up a printer factory. Mayor Tian Yi was very supportive of introducing foreign business cooperation.

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