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Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 23 Recap

Xue Rong, Yuzhan, Zhang Yongyao and Princess Shouan were seated together. Xue Rong deliberately asked Zhang Yongyao what Yuzhan’s favorite song was, and then told that it was a trip to the garden. Zhang Yongyao planned to play for her to visit the garden, but Xue Rong said that the song was intended Only certain people like it.

At this time, Lay Qingfeng appeared and played the song “Changqing” for several people. This is a masterpiece of Xikang. It is inspired by the snow, and it is clean and dust-free, and the taste of world-weary and bright is really clean and transcendent. Xue Rong felt that such a talented person would like to avoid the world, and it was simply a violent thing. Yuzhan believed that this song should not be tainted by the world, nor could it be treated with a worldly perspective.

Zhang Yongyao took the Duyou Qin from Chongrenfang and planned to give it to Yuzhan, and then began to perform piano art, intending to give the music to someone she cares about, hoping that she would understand her own mind. The music is named Feng Qiuhuang and Xue Rong. Jealous and angry, he deliberately said that Zhang Yongyao used the qin to speak in his heart, and praised him for his noble character. I wish the monarchs and ministers to unite, it is very gratifying.

Princess Shou’an also said that Zhang Yongyao is a literati and gentleman. She used this as a metaphor for the emperor’s heart. Yuzhan felt embarrassed for a while, so she left with an excuse. Xue Rong also left. Shou’an told Zhang Yongyao that if there is still a piano club tomorrow, she would like to go together. But Zhang Yongyao rejected her with the excuse that she was on official business. Princess Shou’an was very sad and felt that since he liked Fu Yuzhan so much, no matter how hard he tried, it was useless.

Jinzhan and Jiang Shao were planning to go to watch the tide. They met an old man who was weak on the road. They took him to see the doctor. The old man said that he had gone to sea with the caravan when he was young. Later he injured his leg and went home. I accidentally got a crystal ball when I was farming. It was used overseas for fortune-telling. Because my home was declining, I planned to pawn the crystal ball. Jinzhan was very interested in the crystal ball, so he paid to buy it and let it The old man tells stories overseas.

The old man said that their fleet encountered a storm, lost its course, and was blown to an unfamiliar place. It was obviously summer time, but that place was an ice field beyond sight, and even more amazing, the summer sun there. Never settling down the mountain, a scholar on the boat named the place named Yongzhou Township. Jinzhan was very interested and planned to go to Yongzhou Township with Jiang Shao.

For Cheng Daye, the eldest princess exposed the identity of the prince and planned to kill the two young eunuchs who knew it. She sent Yueying and the killers to search around and track the whereabouts of the young eunuchs, but Yueying killed the killer. He felt that it was not right now. The timing of Jiang Shao’s exposure.

Jiang Shao met Zhu Xiaobei. Zhu Xiaobei told him that the letter from the princess stated that the person who killed Jiang Shao’s mother was not Feng Langjiang, but someone else. Zhu Xiaobei advised him not to care too much. In the past, look to the future, don’t give up the life in front of you easily, and return to Beijing with the marigold for the illusory clues.

Xue Rong asked Lay Qingfeng to teach himself to play the piano, hoping to surpass Zhang Yongyao as soon as possible. He intends to make up for his weakness with diligence. Guo Fu felt that Zhang Yongyao learned the piano since childhood, and the emperor learned sword riding and shooting since childhood. Both have their advantages and there is no need to compete. Xue Rong After hearing this, he suddenly became clear and felt that he didn’t need to learn piano anymore.

Fu Yanxin accepted Chai Zhenzhen as the adopted daughter of the Fu family and entered Fengzong Zong and was listed in the genealogy. Xue Rong asked Yuzhan to take care of Zhenzhen. She suffered great changes and was lonely and helpless. She needed careful care. Yuzhan agreed. Xue Rong asked Yu. Whether he was angry because he interrupted Zhang Yongyao’s Fengqiuhuang, Yuzhan did not respond.

Jinzhan and Jiang Shao planned to find another place to stay in a secluded house. Jiang Shao found that the eldest princess had passed away, so they went back to Beijing to find Xue Rong to ask him clearly. Xue Rong said that Li Fang brought the eunuch to him five days ago and sued him. When the princess murdered the first emperor, Xue Rong asked Zhang Yongyao to investigate. The evidence showed that the cause of the death of the first emperor was strange. Zhang Yongyao and Yuzhan set up a strategy to arrest Li Huaijin and force the princess to show his feet.

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