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Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 22 Recap

Yuzhan packed her luggage for Jinzhan and asked her to take care of herself when she was outside. Buy whatever she wanted. If the money was not enough, she would send a letter home and send someone to send the money. At this time, Zhenzhen came. Seeing off for her and Jiang Shao, thanking her for being with her father on her behalf, Yuzhan and Jinzhan embraced and wept. I don’t know when they will see each other again. Jinzhan came to say goodbye to his father, but his father didn’t want to see him. She, Jinzhan, kowtow to say goodbye outside the door.

Jinzhan and Jiang Shao met, Jiang Shao asked her why Cao Han was going to kill her so much, why didn’t she tell him, Jinzhan felt very happy to see Jiang Shao, and didn’t want to mention Cao Han to ruin the mood, so the two started the journey together. Life of the End of the World.

Xue Rong asked Yuzhan to meet, and there were sticky notes in the bamboo forest, which were filled with the bits and pieces that the two had experienced. At this time, the emperor wore a red dress and took the queen’s phoenix crown and xiamen, and came to Yuzhan. In front of me, I asked her if she would be willing to grow old with her head and share the Lingyang rivers and mountains, but Yuzhan refused him because she had a marriage contract with Zhang Yongyao, but Xue Rong was very angry and did not allow her to marry Zhang Yongyao.

Yuzhan felt that she was The emperor has never met since he was a child, but he has never met until he captured Jincheng. After life and death, he became a confidant. But true love should be sweet, it should be easy and happy, there should be no obstacles, no worries, but two The love between people is very difficult. Yuzhan wants to be sure of her true heart, so she can stand up and give up everything. The emperor felt that she didn’t love herself at all, so he turned and left, leaving the painful Yuzhan alone. .

Returning to Fu Mansion, Yuzhan thought about the relationship with Xue Rong, and felt that she was unworthy. Xue Rong treated her wholeheartedly, but she questioned him because of the actions of others, which made him sad. The two have experienced so many lives and deaths. , I have finally come to this day, but I still can’t trust him. After all, I don’t know if I really love him, or because he is the emperor and need to love an emperor for the Fu family. She is not worthy of Xue Rong. Love, let alone be a queen.

Jinzhan and Jiang Shao came to Jixian Restaurant and wanted to taste the most famous pear white. At this time, one person also wanted to buy pear white, but there was only one jar of this wine left. The pear white produced by the restaurant is only available every year when the pear blossoms are in full bloom. It will be brewed. After the sale is finished, we can only wait for next year.

Shuangyi will start bidding for the only jar of wine. The shopkeeper recommends that the two can compare and try. The two can separately obtain the spring water and auxiliary materials used in the wine within the specified time. Whoever returned first would sell the remaining pear white. She said it was convenient to leave and find it. In the end, Jinzhan won the wine, but she found that the competitor was to give a gift to her wife, so she gave up.

Xue Rong approached Zhang Yongyao and told him that he was in love with Yuzhan, hoping that he could dissolve the marriage contract with Yuzhan, but Zhang Yongyao resolutely refused, unless he heard that Yuzhan told her that the person to marry was Xue Rong, otherwise Will not dissolve the marriage contract. After all, the marriage contract between the two is given by the parents. In this marriage contract, no dissatisfaction is allowed. Xue Rong hopes that he can dissolve the marriage contract and have a fair test with himself. The two pursue Yuzhan at the same time. .

The eldest princess sent someone to watch Li Fang secretly. He was in contact with the two little eunuchs who were present when the first emperor died, and was worried that she would use this to blackmail the eldest princess. Sure enough, the two little eunuchs were discovered, and they were haunted by a rumor in the capital. In his house, the father-in-law Yueying killed the two.

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