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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 54 Recap

Kang Sasa is unwilling to give up entanglement with Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan bravely stand up to defend love.

Gao Tianshuo hurriedly stood up and explained to Du Mingshan that Kang Sasa still insisted on having a separate conversation with Gao Tianshuo. Du Mingshan said that Gao Tianshuo is an important partner of Zexian Publishing House. Kang Sasha’s doing so constituted harassment. Du Mingshan splashed it, Gao Tianshuo hurriedly pulled Du Mingshan behind him, blocking the glass of water for her. Kang Shasha questioned the relationship between Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan.

Gao Tianshuo hugged Du Mingshan and said that she would give Du Mingshan the publication and life of books in the future, and she was his girlfriend. Zhao Yinze also came up to persuade Kang Shasha, and Kang Shasha spread the grievances on Zhao Yinze’s body, splashed on his face and walked away angrily.

Xu Kaiyu hurried to the meeting place of Luo’s family, but did not get the good face of Luo’s father. He was at a loss. When he wanted to show his determination, he accidentally shed a nosebleed. Luo Danfang wanted to help him, but he didn’t know. What to say, I had to lie that Xu Kaiyu had brain cancer. Everyone was dumbfounded and immediately calmed down. Luo Jinlong was not blaming Xu Kaiyu either.

Du Mingshan asked Gao Tianshuo to go back and change clothes. Gao Tianshuo told Du Mingshan to pay attention to Kang Shasha in the future, saying that she has a strange temper and will make things difficult for her in the future, but Du Mingshan said that if it is work, she will try her best to cooperate. In personal matters, she will have her own opinions. Liao Qianman persuaded Zhao Yinze to find other partners, but Du Mingshan felt that in the current state, Kang Sasa was the best choice for Zexian Publishing House.

After Gao Tianshuo returned home, he specially sent black tea to Du Mingshan and Liao Qianman, so that they don’t care too much about Kang Sasa. Du Mingshan said that she would not be defeated so easily, and Gao Tianshuo was behind her back. Gao Tianshuo returned to the house and found Kang Shasha sitting there wearing his shirt, which shocked him. Kang Shasha came up to pester him. Gao Tianshuo asked her to return to her husband. Kang Shasha whispered that there is no happy marriage early. It’s time to leave. In desperation, Gao Tianshuo returned to Du Mingshan’s house.

Du Mingshan saw Kang Shasha wearing Gao Tianshuo’s clothes. She did not hide, but directly told Kang Shasha that at work, she could listen to her dispatch, but in private space, she It is Gao Tianshuo’s girlfriend, and now I ask Kang Shasha to leave. Kang Shasha was very unwilling. Gao Tianshuo told her that Du Mingshan was his girlfriend now, and the relationship between them had ended five years ago. Kang Shasha was very angry and returned to Gao Tianshuo’s home with a sulking sulker.

Gao Tianshuo comforted Du Mingshan and stayed at her house for a long time. He estimated that Kang Shasha had already left and returned home. He did not expect Kang Shasha to be waiting for him. Gao Tianshuo did not enter the house, but hid on the balcony. Kang Shasha Coming out and admitting that she was wrong before, Gao Tianshuo did not give her a chance, so she hurriedly returned to her happy home, and said that it was impossible for the two of them. Gao Tianshuo found the scar on Kang Shasha’s arm and felt that she did not like what she had imagined. Having a happy life, Kang Shasha saw that Gao Tianshuo could not be saved, so she had to leave in grief.

Luo’s mother sent a message to Li Meiqi, inviting her to eat the dessert she made by herself, but when Li Meiqi and Luo Yuefang returned home, Luo’s mother left a note. She and Luo Danfang went fishing, and Luo Yuefang knew it was. Mother deliberately wanted to leave room for the two of them, and Li Meiqi also understood Luo’s mother’s meaning, and the two fell in love with each other and naturally fell asleep together.

Early the next morning, Luo Yuefang wanted to take Li Meiqi out to play. Li Meiqi said that she would go back to get some clothes. Luo Yue could easily accompany her back to Du Mingshan’s house. Luo Yuefang offered to leave some of her toiletries and commonly used items in her room. Clothing, Li Meiqi acquiesced timidly. When Luo Yuefang and Li Meiqi were playing, he gave Li Meiqi a pair of diamond rings, which Li Meiqi readily accepted. After the two put on the diamond rings, the relationship became closer.

Kang Shasha is very domineering, but she does have extraordinary abilities. The problem of Mr. Pan that Zhao Yinze did not solve was solved by Kang Shasha with a single call, which made Du Mingshan very impressed. Captain Xu invited Du Mingshan and Gao Tianshuo to the publishing house to talk about Cai Danyan, and he reminded them to be psychologically prepared.

The police found a male corpse in the cemetery. It was confirmed that it was Cai Danyan. He was beaten and humiliated during his lifetime. Du Mingshan was heartbroken and believed that she and Gao Tianshuo harmed Cai Danyan. Gao Tianshuo guessed that Cai Danyan might have left some clues before, but they Nothing found now.

Dai Wenrou made an appointment with Liao Qianman to go to the izakaya. Li Meiqi also took Luo Yuefang with him. Luo Yuefang was surprised to find that this girl named Dai Wenrou was his girlfriend Ding Xiaorou six years ago.

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