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Upon The Mountain 越过山丘 Episode 8 Recap

The new round of interviews for Tianguan Automobile Group is now underway. Here sits a whole row of interviewers, and below sits candidates who come to interview. Taking into account the way the company operates, Director Qiu Ling adopts the most difficult method of stress interview to interview people who come for the test.

However, during the interview, there was an interviewer whose performance exceeded the examiners’ imagination. She is Ms. Ouyang Xialan. Peng Yue of Tianguan Group admired her professional level very much. She even said her own advantages to the point. She even explained her views on Tianguan Motor Company deeply. The examiners unanimously decided to hire her after discussion. She finally came to the sales promotion department where Mr. Lin worked.

At this time, Peng Yue also got the news that Ouyang Xialan came to Tianguan Automobile Group. He was very surprised! As the so-called crowd searched for him a thousand times, suddenly looking back, the person was in the dimly lit place. Therefore, he decided to come to the company to meet Ouyang Xialan. The arrival of Peng Yue aroused cheers from the company’s employees. At this time, Ouyang Xialan was driving the car with customers for a test drive. The customer had bad thoughts on her. She almost ran into a company employee while dodging.

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