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Upon The Mountain 越过山丘 Episode 7 Recap

After a long period of reflection, Peng Yue seemed to have thought about where his problem was. He assembled the team members and is making improvements step by step. A series of measures such as improving the wheelbase of the rear wheels, increasing the power of the gearbox, and running in the brake pads are forming new race car internal organs. Peng Yue twitched the corner of his mouth slightly, murmured to the point of the crow’s mouth.

In the hospital, the crew members talked about you, and I talked about my guess. All this seems to be unknown. During the heated discussion, Peng Yue suddenly thought of Ouyang Xialan. He wanted to use this girl to reduce the loss on his off-road vehicle. At this time, someone came in. When Peng Yue saw him, he instantly changed like a person. He began to hook up with him, like a brother he hadn’t seen in a long time. He is Lin Jiayang. Lin Jiayang and Peng Yue joked with each other, and the atmosphere suddenly became much more relaxed. Lin Jiayang also brought Peng Yue the latest high-tech racing car.

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