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Upon The Mountain 越过山丘 Episode 6 Recap

Ouyang Xialan looked at them confusedly, and it took a while to react. They told Ouyang Xialan that they used to have a partnership with her father. The project funds they ask for are also justified. She even heard that her father even borrowed usury for the operation of the company. She was particularly unhappy in her heart. She couldn’t believe that all this was true. However, these talents do not care so much. They talked more and more.

Later, Ouyang Xialan came to the place where they said his father borrowed usury. She couldn’t find a loan shark for a while. So she shouted that I was Ouyang Jiang’s daughter. At this time, a group of young men gathered around. They asked her to pay back the money, but she questioned whether they had forced her father to death. Her words angered the loan sharks. At this time, she felt that the momentum was not right. So she broke a wine bottle in a hurry and threatened them that she would die with them.

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