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Upon The Mountain 越过山丘 Episode 5 Recap

Peng Yue wanted to find the whereabouts of Ouyang Xialan. He decided to follow Yuan Zhiqiang every day. Until I found Ouyang Xialan. At this time, Ouyang Xialan is worrying about how to build a good relationship with the employees of the sales promotion department. So the next morning, Ouyang Xialan got up early to buy breakfast for every employee in the sales promotion department.

In the morning, Lin Jiayang saw Ouyang Xialan so diligent, so he called her to his office. Lin Jiayang told Ouyang Xialan that if she wanted to work at the headquarters of Tianguan Automobile Group, she had to go to the sales branch for an internship for three months before deciding whether to return to Tianguan Automobile Group headquarters. The company regulations of Tianguan Automobile Group surprised Ouyang Xialan.

However, she had to leave the head office of Tianguan Group and go to a branch of Tianguan Group for a three-month internship. The night before Ouyang Xialan was dispatched to the branch, Lin Jiayang decided to lead the company’s employees to see Ouyang Xialan off. They were very happy to play this evening. The last encounter between Ouyang Xialan and Lin Jiayang in the fitting room of the mall was also resolved that night. They even discussed their thoughts on Tianguan Company and their ideals and ambitions for the future.

Also in this hotel, Yuan Zhiqiang led the second son of Tianguan Automobile Group Peng Yue to attend an important hotel party together. Yuan Zhiqiang introduced investors he knew to Peng Yue. However, Peng Yue does not seem to care about these. Peng Yue also deliberately expressed himself in the hotel as ignorant. Peng Yue troubled Yuan Zhiqiang everywhere, making Yuan Zhiqiang ugly in the hotel. This caused Yuan Zhiqiang’s investors to feel very dull. This made Yuan Zhiqiang anxious.

Just as Peng Yue made an excuse to go to the bathroom, his cell phone rang suddenly. An employee of the company called Peng Yue and said that Ouyang Xialan had applied for the job at Tianguan Group. This news made Peng Yue overjoyed. After Peng Yue determined which branch Ouyang Xialan was in, he quickly went back to pack his luggage. He will embark on a journey to find Ouyang Xialan again.

After Ouyang Xialan came to the Tianguan Group branch, she worked diligently. Her performance was recognized by the sales director of Tianguan branch. The sales executive even joked to her to let her stay in the branch. At this moment, a very difficult big customer came to the branch of Tianguan Group. At this time, the sales staff quickly reported to the sales supervisor. The sales director had an idea and decided to hand over this big customer Zhu to Ouyang Xialan to receive.

The sales director even promised Ouyang Xialan that if the order is completed, he will write a very high evaluation to Ouyang Xialan, so that Ouyang Xialan will end the internship period ahead of schedule. Therefore, Ouyang Xialan confidently came to the customer, Mr. Zhu. After seeing Ouyang Xialan, President Zhu’s eyes glowed. He listened to Ouyang Xialan’s explanation. While looking at Ouyang Xialan’s body. After Ouyang Xialan explained for a while, Mr. Zhu asked Ouyang Xialan to take him for a test drive. Therefore, Ouyang Xialan reluctantly drove off with Mr. Zhu for a test drive.

At the beginning, President Zhu was still listening carefully to Ouyang Xialan’s explanation. But later, Mr. Zhu made physical contact with Ouyang Xialan for various reasons. Ouyang Xialan accidentally missed the steering wheel. The car rushed directly into the repair garage. At this time, Peng Yue was looking for Ouyang Xialan in the repair garage. then. This test-driving car rammed Peng Yue directly. Peng Yue was knocked down all at once.

In the hospital, Peng Yue saw Ouyang Xialan. Therefore, Peng Yue tried all kinds of ways to make things difficult for Ouyang Xialan. Peng Le seemed to be angry with Ouyang Xialan because he couldn’t find Ouyang Xialan for a long time. Peng Yue even made his own requirements particularly harsh, which prevented Ouyang Xialan from finding the type that Peng Yue wanted.

However, Ouyang Xialan is also tit-for-tat. Fortunately, Lin Jiayang rushed to the hospital to relieve Ouyang Xialan. After Ouyang Xialan left the hospital. Hurry up and find a way to find Peng Yue the supplies he wants.

At this time, Peng Yue did not know. However, a big problem occurred within Tianguan Automobile Group. Bloomberg is frowning over problems within the Tianguan Group.

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