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Upon The Mountain 越过山丘 Episode 10 Recap

Ouyang Xialan put forward the bold idea of ​​allowing customers to take a seven-day test drive tour in the Tianguan Star Project. Ouyang Xialan passed her plan to the high-level meeting by persuading Lin Jiayang. At the meeting, her plan aroused intense discussions among senior members of the meeting. In high-level meetings, many people think this is too unreliable.

Many unexpected things will happen during the seven days of the customer’s test drive, which will affect the relationship between the company and the customer. This will also bring a lot of unnecessary losses to the company. This can only be said that Ouyang Xialan’s planning plan has not reached a mature level.

At this time, Ouyang Xialan thought of Peng Yue, the second young master of Tianguan Motor Company. So she told Lin Jiayang that she wanted to realize her plan through Peng Yue. She believed that Peng Yue would definitely approve of her plan. So Ouyang Xialan came to the hospital with the results of his plan. After hearing Ouyang Xialan’s thoughts, Peng Yue was very curious about Ouyang Xialan’s specific implementation plan. So he snatched Ouyang Xialan’s computer.

However, Ouyang Xialan took the computer back again. At this time, Qiu Ling was walking to the door of the room where Peng Yue was in the hospital. She saw all this in her eyes. Thus, Qiu Ling left quietly. After careful consideration, Qiu Ling decided to inquire about Ouyang Xialan’s personal information first.

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