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Sweet First Love 甜了青梅配竹马 Episode 7 Recap

At night, Su Muyun knocked on Su Nianfeng’s room door, and he asked her to pay him back the favor she owed him. That means she must answer the questions well in the college entrance examination to live up to her life. Nianfeng nodded, he touched Nianfeng’s head to let her speak letter. After Nianfeng closed the door, Mu Yun still stood outside, giving her all his three wishes, and he whispered the name Zhuo Yifeng.

That day Le Di Yin was flying to the United States for medical treatment. Nian Feng and Mu Yun rushed to the airport to see him. They did not expect that Nian Feng remembered the wrong flight number and the flight number arrived three hours early. They sat in chairs and waited for Le Di Yin to read it. Feng fell asleep leaning on Mu Yun’s shoulder.

After a while, Le Diyin came with his suitcase, and the three of them reluctantly said goodbye. Nianfeng looked sadly at Le Diyin’s back and didn’t know when to see you again. Mu Yun held her shoulders and said that the parting was for a better reunion.

The exciting college entrance examination came, and the students in the examination room answered the questions seriously, and finally she was admitted to Mingxian University as she wished.

One day when the autumn breeze was refreshing, she and Mu Yun came to the university to register. When they were queuing to go through the formalities, Nianfeng handed Mu Yunwei C and cod liver oil. They also said that the cod liver oil is for brain replenishment.

Although Mu Yun replied that it needs brain replenishment It is Nianfeng, but I feel sweet in my heart. Ouyang Qingxue, who majored in financial management in front of them, turned her head and turned her eyes on Mu Yun.

Nianfeng couldn’t help admiring her beauty when she saw her, but Mu Yun was expressionless. The good-looking Ouyang Qingxue attracted the envy of many girls. When she passed by Mu Yun after completing the procedures, she couldn’t help but smile at him, but Mu Yun didn’t seem to notice.

Nianfeng majored in medicine. After completing the procedures, the senior sister asked Mu Yun which major he was. Nianfeng said he was not from this school, but Mu Yun said artificial intelligence. Nianfeng was surprised that he had been sent to Tsinghua University. Mu Yun said lightly that he had given up. He also asked Nianfeng if he was surprised. Nianfeng said that it was not a surprise but a shock. The junior Lin Di was looking for the girl he likes among the freshmen.

When his eyes swept towards Nian Feng, Mu Yun blocked her with his body. Then he noticed that Liu Zihui who was walking over couldn’t help but his eyes lit up. He quickly walked up to her and asked her which profession he took her to report.

Liu Zihui replied to the senior vocational school, stage art make-up, and after saying that the skateboard in his hand was pushed into his hand and he walked straight to Mu Yun and Nian Feng. She invited them to dinner, Nianfeng said that she did not use light bulbs to eat in the cafeteria, and Mu Yun also followed. Liu Zihui hurriedly took the skateboard from Lindy and followed behind. Lin Di’s classmates patted him on the shoulder and asked him to slap the strings, to pay homage to the love he died in place before it started.

Afterwards, Nian Feng went to the dormitory to report, but the aunt of the dormitory said that she did not have her name. It turned out that Mu Yun had found a house outside the school. Nianfeng was very reluctant to live with him, deliberately gave him something to eat, and drove her away even if he aroused him to not taste good, but Mu Yun said it was delicious.

Looking at the simple breakfast the next day, Mu Yun muttered to herself that as long as she made it by herself, no matter how unpalatable it was, it was delicious. He said the three words Zhuo Yifeng softly, just as Nianfeng came over and asked him to call her. What, Mu Yun quickly said that the table should be wiped, and walked aside with the plate, Nianfeng repeated the three words Zhuo Yifeng, feeling a little trance for a while.

The handsome Muyun on the basketball court attracted the attention of many girls. Nianfeng couldn’t help but sigh to Zihui that history is always surprisingly similar. When Muyun saw Nianfeng, she walked over and said he was thirsty.

Nianfeng said she still had lessons for Zihui to buy him water. Seeing Muyun talking with Nianfeng, Ouyang Qingxue walked towards them, but she didn’t expect to meet Nianfeng rushed to class, and Nianfeng quickly apologized. Mu Yun walked over and asked Nianfeng that it was okay. Nianfeng said that he had hit someone.

Ouyang Qingxue took the opportunity to introduce herself to Mu Yun and stretched out her hand. Mu Yun ignored her and turned around to play. Nianfeng was afraid that she was embarrassed and quickly shook her hand and said her brother had a strange temper.

Zihui sent water to Muyun and accidentally broke into the men’s locker room, which caused a discussion among the girls in class. After some girls learned that Nianfeng was Muyun’s sister, they wanted to know Muyun through her. Nianfeng told them not to bother her. The teacher who wrote on the blackboard turned around and criticized her when she saw Nianfeng talking.

Nian Feng was very upset about this and decided to move out of He Muyun’s residence. When she got home, she packed her luggage, and Mu Yun pretended to have a stomachache and kept her softhearted Nian Feng.

That day, Nianfeng found a kitten under the tilted bicycle and hurriedly tried a way to save it. Then Zihui walked over and saw this scene and rescued the cat with her. She saw someone filming a video. Zihui said that they were not torturing cats when they were saving cats.

They sent the broken kittens to the pet hospital for treatment. Unexpectedly, the video was posted online by people with ulterior motives saying that Nianfeng was abusing cats. Nianfeng saw that she was being abused by everyone. Misunderstanding can’t help but feel wronged.

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