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Sweet First Love 甜了青梅配竹马 Episode 6 Recap

After learning that it was Su Muyun who had sent her video on the school celebration stage to Le Di Yin, Su Nianfeng happily put her arms around Mu Yun’s neck to express her gratitude to him when she returned home. She said that this was not only an encouragement to Le Di Yin.

She encouraged her and said that he was the best Su Muyun in the world. Muyun felt very sweet after hearing this. In the evening, the two chatted while watching cartoons. Nianfeng told him Le Diyin was going to the United States to see a doctor. Mu Yun wished him a speedy recovery.

Speaking of Nianfeng in the future, she was a little frustrated. She had no confidence in herself. Mu Yun said that she had been clamoring for the medical school entrance examination. Nianfeng said that her grades were 500 points behind the medical school. Not being admitted to the medical school is like Mu Yun can’t cook, everyone has things they are not good at.

When she got up the next day, Nianfeng was surprised to see Mu Yun making breakfast in the kitchen. Mu Yun asked her to take a bite and she thought it was delicious. Mu Yun only slept for two hours last night for this meal. He wanted to use this to tell Nianfeng that everyone can turn their bad skills into good ones through hard work, and that she can be admitted to medical school if he can cook well.

In the class on the second day, the teacher said that everyone wrote the essay “My Future” very well, especially Su Nianfeng. Her ideal is to become a doctor. Her writing was very touching. The students talked a lot, and seemed to feel the wind. Poor grades are impossible to achieve.

Not seeing Nianfeng being wronged, Mu Yun raised his hand and said that no one can despise other people’s dreams. What makes a person shine is not the moment of telling the dream, but the process of paying for the dream. He believes that Su Nianfeng can, because he Witnessed her growth and changes.

Nianfeng received a WeChat message from Le Diyin that night, saying that the symptoms she told him last time were a bit like somnambulism, that is, the spirit fell asleep and the body did not fall asleep. When Nianfeng slept, she used her mobile phone to take a picture of the position of the slippers to see if there was any change the next day.

As a result, she woke up the next day and found that Mu Yun was sleeping on the floor beside her bed, and her slippers were not in their original positions. She asked Mu Yun if she would sleepwalk at night, and Mu Yun said he didn’t know. Seeing Nianfeng at a loss, he asked her to watch less Korean dramas and online novels, and don’t make yourself so imaginative. .

Su Nianfeng wanted to give Le Diyin a farewell gift. She wanted to buy one at 500 yuan, but she could not spend her living expenses, otherwise she and Mu Yun would be hungry. When I was worried, someone posted a flyer at the school gate saying that she went to the studio to hire a model. It was late at the end of the work, and the boss had settled her pay and said that she would take her back. She was scared when she remembered the news that a girl had disappeared strangely, and left in a panic.

Mu Yun was a little anxious to see that Nianfeng hadn’t come back. When she left, she said to study with Zihui, and Muyun called Zihui. Zihui said that they were not together. Suddenly she remembered about recruiting models in the studio, so she hurried to meet with Mu The cloud rushed over.

After Mu Yun arrived, he found that the studio was closed, and there was a little rabbit doll on the floor in front of the door, which was exactly the kind of wind, so anxious he and Zihui immediately separated to look for it.

Nianfeng, who left the studio, fainted as soon as he got in a taxi. There was a car accident in his dream. The master woke her up. She took out her mobile phone and saw that Mu Yun had sent her a lot of messages and hurried back. Mu Yun rushed to the taxi, helped the pale Nianfeng get out of the car, and then carried her back home. Nianfeng was sleepwalking again at night, she went to the living room and muttered to Su Muyun to save her.

Muyun said he was there and gently helped her back to the bedroom. The next morning, Nianfeng woke up and found that Mu Yun was asleep beside the bed. She couldn’t help being a little moved. She apologized to Mu Yun and never lied to him again.

Nianfeng went to the hospital to see Le Diyin. Le Diyin liked the farewell gift she gave. Su Muyun said that she almost lost her life to make money and bought this. Su Nianfeng hurriedly signaled not to let him go on.

She took it out and made it herself. Give Le Diyin’s cake to Le Diyin and take out his mobile phone to take pictures of him. Le Di Yin looked at Liu Zihui’s Moments to find Nianfeng on her friends, and asked her what’s going on. Nianfeng said that it was okay for an Oolong, but she passed out in a taxi that day and dreamed of a car accident.

It felt like a personal experience. Mu Yun, who was opening the cake box, told her to read less junk novels in the future. Nian Feng said that she reads serious literature. Mu Yun took her mobile phone and read aloud the days she lived with the overbearing demon. This is the serious literature she was talking about. Le Diyin couldn’t help laughing.

On this day, a girl asked Nianfeng to hand over some graduation gifts to Mu Yun. She also said that Mu Yun was going to be sent to Tsinghua University. After listening to Nianfeng, she was very happy and was finally able to stay away from this devil brother.

When she told Mu Yun about it, Mu Yun asked her if she wanted him to go, Nianfeng said that of course, and Mu Yun asked her, she said that she would not pass the exam, and she could call in the future to let him take care of his poisonous tongue. Mu Yun said that it was not certain whether he could go, and he turned around and left.

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