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Sweet First Love 甜了青梅配竹马 Episode 5 Recap

In the evening, Su Muyun rode a bicycle with Su Nianfeng to the hospital. On the way, Nianfeng noticed that one of his slippers had fallen off and told Muyun. Muyun said it was okay and continued to accelerate. At the entrance of the hospital, Nianfeng asked Mu Yun to stop first, and then she would give him the sick room number, and then rushed in.

Nianfeng came to the door of Le Diyin’s ward, and his father sat on a chair outside the door, and the two chatted. Le Diyin’s father told Nianfeng Xiaoyin that he had just been rescued and had not woken up. He had dilated cardiomyopathy. Because the disease was more complicated, doctors did not recommend surgery, but conservative treatment.

Every day he is alive, he has It is God’s favor for them. Only then did Nianfeng know that Le Diyin had such a serious illness, no wonder he never participated in physical education classes.

Then she gave Mu Yun the ward number, and Mu Yun went to buy the porridge. He received the slippers sent by Nianfeng for takeaway at the door. He quickly changed into the hospital. At this time Le Diyin woke up, Nianfeng walked to him and asked him with concern. Le Diyin was very happy to see Nianfeng watching him.

Nianfeng asked him if he had encountered this situation many times today. Le Diyin said that when he was 10 years old, the doctor sentenced him to death. Nianfeng told him that she also had a secret and had been having the same nightmare.

She had read many medical books, and they all said it was caused by traumatic amnesia. She didn’t remember what happened when she was a child or who her biological parents were. I don’t know why she is so afraid of riding in a car. So she wanted to study medicine to solve the mystery, but the dream was full and the grades were very skinny. Mu Yun, who went outside to call the nurse to come back, couldn’t help being touched by these words.

Coming out of the hospital, Mu Yun walked in front of the bicycle with his bicycle, Nianfeng followed behind, watching him wear the old style slippers he bought in the nearby supermarket, it seemed a little funny that it didn’t match his temperament, and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Come. Mu Yun turned her head to tell her to stop laughing, Nian Fengqiang held back her laugh and took out her phone to take a picture.

Mu Yun turned around to stop, Nian Feng patted and hid, and laughed and teased that she didn’t expect her brother to wear this She is kind of slippers, and it feels like a catwalk in Paris. She really met such a handsome brother after saving the galaxy in her last life. She is so handsome. Mu Yun teased where she found her long-lost aesthetic, was it in the hospital trash can.

In the middle of the night, Mu Yun came to Nianfeng’s room, looked at her lovely sleeping face, and couldn’t help but say softly that he only wanted her to concentrate on studying without being disturbed, but he did not expect to ignore her feelings, and he would support her in the future. What he did, he said Zhuo Yifeng, come on. Nianfeng didn’t fall asleep at this time. After Mu Yun walked out of the room, she opened her eyes and revealed a sweet smile.

Then Nianfeng worked hard to practice recitation, and with the help of Mu Yun, she made great progress. This day, Qin Yao gave her a microphone. She was very surprised. She didn’t expect that he brought it to Qi Yuan when he bought it. She suddenly felt that she was so ordinary, maybe he was just a distant dream for her.

She went to the hospital to see Le Diyin, and he asked her how she was preparing for the celebration program. Nianfeng sighed and hoped that the celebration would quickly save her and keep her away from the purgatory training that the demon brother gave her.

Le Diyin smiled and said that it would be okay to have Muyun helping her come to the stage tomorrow. Nianfeng complained that Muyun was terrible, and he dragged her to the playground before dawn to practice her voice. Those who didn’t know thought she was going to participate in the Spring Festival Gala.

Di Yin smiled and said that this was all because Mu Yun liked her, Nian Feng immediately explained that they were just brothers and sisters, and ran out to fetch water after speaking. Le Di Yin looked at her back and said that they were not real brothers and sisters. what.

On the day of the school celebration, she chose a white shirt with a dark coat but Mu Yun denied it. He asked her to wear a school uniform for the performance. Then when everyone was busy putting on makeup in the dressing room, the teacher came in and said that today the leaders of the Education Bureau came to participate and asked them to take off their makeup. Everyone was rushing to remove makeup, Liu Zihui said that she really envied Nianfeng’s harmful brother.

Mu Yun came to see Nianfeng, and made her rehearsal for a moment. She didn’t expect her to get stuck. She was anxious to find a manuscript but it was too late. After taking the stage, she got stuck just after saying a few words. The students underneath had a lot of discussions. Mu Yun, who helped her find the manuscript, secretly squeezed her sweat on the side of the stage. The scene suddenly became surprisingly quiet, everyone was watching her, and she simply put aside the manuscript and played it on the spot, but the effect was surprisingly good.

Nianfeng’s performance was wonderful, but her performance was not ideal. She was very depressed, and she mistakenly blamed Mu Yun for thinking that he also laughed at her. Le Diyin sent her a message saying thank you for her video meeting with her. Nianfeng came to the hospital garden. Le Diyin told her that she was leaving school to go to the United States to see a doctor.

He thanked Nianfeng for giving him a speech on adversity during the school celebration. Great encouragement. She said that she played the video and showed her that Mu Yun had sent it to him. Nianfeng knew that Mu Yun had been silently supporting herself. When she came home, she saw that Mu Yun had been waiting for her and couldn’t help feeling very warm.

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