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Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 9 Recap

Chen Wa’er went home with Chen’s father and found that Huazi was playing as a treasure outside. He was furious, but Huazi was very playful. He could not listen to Chen’s words and left the room. Chen’s father was not angry. Then, he scolded Chen W’er, so that Chen W’er should stop thinking about Li Qiang.

Chen Wa’er went to the cafeteria to have a meal. She was holding a bowl of egg soup in her hand, but was knocked down by a person next to her. The other colleagues were full of belly laughter, and no one wanted to help Chen Wa’er. Chen Wa’er was not surprised, she picked up the overturned egg and sat on the side to eat with white rice alone.

Hu Meizhong invited Wu Xikai over to eat in the yard. Li Dasheng made a big purchase according to Hu Meizhong’s confession, and was ready to invite Wu Xikai. Wu Xikai was Hu Meizhong’s brother-in-law. Who knows, Wu Xikai was late for dinner. Hu Meizhong was very unhappy, thinking that Wu Xikai was playing with them, but Wu Xikai brought a gift to Hu Meizhong when he came, coaxing Hu Meizhong to be happy, but Hu Meihua had listened to Hu Meizhong before. I couldn’t help but blame Wu Xikai for being late, and Wu Xikai quickly made up for it.

In the car, an old lady accidentally stepped on a young man’s shoes. She apologized to the young man, but the young man claimed that the shoes on his feet were famous brands in Hong Kong, and asked the old lady to shine his shoes. Chen Waler came over to relieve the old lady. The young man refused to give up and insisted on polishing the old lady’s shoes. Chen Waler was unwilling to let the old lady be wronged, so she squatted down to polish the young man’s shoes in a good manner.

This scene was seen by Aunt Jin in the car. After Chen Wal arrived at the terminal, he said a few words to the two. The two asked Chen Wal to protect themselves, and Chen Wal took advantage of it when he got on the bus. Father Chen inadvertently threw down a letter, intending to pass it to Li Qiang. On the way home, Aunt Jin and Uncle Jin changed their previous attitudes. The two have always admired Chen Wa’er and believed that Chen Wa’er was very benevolent.

The next day, Chen Wa’er got out of the car, and there were all kinds of people in the car. A girl shouted in the car that her wallet was lost. Chen’s father drove the car to the police station, and the police got into the car to investigate the case. Li Qiang was sitting in the car wearing a mask and sunglasses. Facing the police’s interrogation, Li Qiang refused to take off the mask.

However, the police’s strictness could not be avoided. Li Qiang had to take off the sunglasses and mask. Chen Wa’er was very surprised by the appearance of Li Qiang. She testified for Li Qiang and it had nothing to do with Li Qiang. Li Qiang wanted to deny that he knew Chen Wa’er, but Chen Wa’er claimed that Li Qiang was her boyfriend. He is a high school classmate.

Li Dasheng has always loved Hu Meizhong. He knew that Hu Meizhong liked Western food, so he awkwardly prepared a candlelight dinner for Hu Meizhong. Hu Meizhong didn’t have the heart to make these falsehoods with Li Dasheng. She was already very wronged in school. Because she didn’t have a bachelor degree, her welfare treatment at school was the worst, and she did the most work. She didn’t want Li Dasheng to give it again. She added troubles, and she had suffered enough anger and grievances.

Li Qiang, Shusan, and Biaozi have been planning to make money. They set up a stall selling mutton kebabs but were caught by the neighborhood committee. The three had to plan a new way out, and Shusan and Biaozi wanted to make a break in Shenzhen. With the purest dream, the teenager wants to make money so that everyone around him can live a good life.

Li Qiang came to the passenger station to see Chen Wa’er secretly. The two were talking secretly through the window. Li Qiang gave Chen Wa’er the money he had recently earned, and wanted Chen Wa’er to change the color TV at home, Chen Wa’er But he was unwilling to accept Li Qiang’s money.

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