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Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 8 Recap

Li Qiang, dressed in a suit, combed his head and came to Chen Wal’s house for dinner. Chen Wal’s parents thanked Li Qiang for his dedication to Chen Wal. If Wa’er hadn’t been admitted to the above-mentioned engineering group, Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er would be very suitable, but now that Chen Wa’er is admitted, she and Li Qiang are no longer suitable.

Li Qiang is attached to the Chen family’s parents, and he doesn’t have that thought for Chen Wal. Chen Wal finished the glass of wine in front of him, and laughed at herself. It turned out that she was the only one thinking about it. She really wanted to live with Li Qiang for the rest of her life.

After eating, Li Qiang was about to leave. Chen Wa’er wanted to let Li Qiang open her mouth to keep her, as long as Li Qiang opened her mouth, she would not leave. Li Qiang had to leave hard for Chen Wa’s sake. On the other hand, the banquet for Wu Xikai in the yard was mainly to celebrate the affair between Wu Xikai and Hu Meihua.

Aunt Jin mentioned the affair between Chen Wal, Wu Xikai, Li Qiang and Hu Meihua during the meal, and Wu Xikai felt embarrassed. Hu Meizhong did not want Aunt Jin to mention this matter again, but Aunt Jin said that Hu Meihua was the daughter-in-law she had spotted before. Therefore, she and Hu Meizhong quarreled during dinner. A group of people quickly persuaded the two of them, but Hu Meihua said nothing. hair.

Chen Wa’er entered the military art troupe, and most of the family members of the people around him were present at the farewell performance. However, Chen Wa’er knew that no one would be there tonight, neither his parents nor Li Qiang. As everyone knows, when Chen Wa’er came on stage to sing “I Love You China”, Li Qiang brought Hua’er and Chen’s mother to the scene. Chen Wa’er stopped halfway through singing. Li Qiang looked at Chen Wa’er on stage in a hurry. , He also sang this song in the audience, and Chen Wa’er sang with tears in his eyes again with Li Qiang.

A year later, Li Qiang was playing guitar and singing in the yard. Hu Meihua knew that Li Qiang was competing with herself. She wanted to go out to see Li Qiang, but was stopped by Hu Meizhong. Aunt Jin’s house is not much better. Aunt Jin is worried that her son has been in distress, but Uncle Jin lets Aunt Jin let go. The child will fly when he grows up, so he can’t be tied to him forever.

Uncle Zhou’s house was holding the injustice for Chen Wa’er. If it weren’t for Li Qiang’s disturbance, Chen Wa’er would not have been returned by the art troupe, and followed Chen’s father to the station to sell tickets. Now Father Chen looked at Chen Wa’er very seriously, even if Li Qiang couldn’t put Chen Wa’er in his heart, the two of them would never have a resurgence.

Chen W’er’s short, stray hair has become neat and beautiful short hair a year ago. She has grown more and more beautiful this year, and has been selling tickets with Chen’s father in the car. On this day, Li Dasheng took the car to go home. He just came out of the zoo and forgot to change his work clothes.

The unpleasant smell on his body made the passengers dissatisfied. Chen Waer relieved Li Dasheng and thought that Li Dasheng’s work was very respectable. Li Dasheng deeply felt Chen Waler. Today’s understanding, he told Chen Waler under Chen Wal’s earnest hope that everything in the yard is fine.

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