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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 7 Recap

Su Wenqian, Section Chief Cao, and Ouyang Xiangling accompanied Xiaoxue on her birthday. Xiaoxue made three wishes. She hoped that Qin Zishu’s eyes would be cured sooner, and that Su Wenqian would come back to accompany her more often. The third hope that his father would come back sooner. The atmosphere was a little awkward, and Qin Zishu hurriedly pinched Xiaoxue.

Su Wenqian said that he might not be able to return home recently. Section Chief Cao said he wanted to ask him to be a sculptor. He was surprised to learn that they were police Xiaoxue and Qin Zishu. Section Chief Cao told Xiaoxue that he would notify the newspaper to post a fake news and say that he had thought of death, so that Su Wenqian would be safe. Anyone who asked her where Su Wenqian had gone had to follow his words and Xiaoxue agreed.

Principal Fang let the jellyfish group rest, and entrusted them with the next task. Chi Tiecheng was obviously very dissatisfied. He injured Cui Jiu’s hand with a fork. Cui Jiu was very angry but could not move. , Immediately retracted the words just now and let the jellyfish group as the main force of this operation. At first, Section Chief Cao really thought that Su Wenqian was Xiaoxue’s real father. After asking Qin Zishu, he realized that he was a friend of Xiaoxue’s father.

Chief Cao was very curious about who his real father was. Su Wenqian said that Xiaoxue had died before her father was born On the battlefield of the Anti-Japanese War, in order not to make Xiaoxue sad, he kept it from her. Over the years, Su Wenqian has been closer to Xiaoxue than his father, and Section Chief Cao also finds it difficult for him. What Section Chief Cao didn’t know was that Xiaoxue helped him out of the haze three years ago. It was Xiaoxue who influenced him. If it weren’t for Xiaoxue, he would never have today. Xiaoxue is Su Wenqian’s angel.

Su Wenqian left Xiaoxue with medicine for Qin Zishu’s eyes, and patiently asked her to use it. He wrote down all the matters needing attention in the lives of the mother and son in a notebook. He didn’t know if he would come back, although he worked hard for a day. It proved that he is not a spy, but his past, the Communist Party really won’t let it go. Su Wenqian couldn’t tell Qin Zishu that this might be the last time they met.

Su Wenqian said that he heard a piece of music familiar to him at the dock, and Qin Zishu popped up the correct piece after hearing a few sentences. This piece is called the train station at noon and it is about the parting of relatives. The piece was originally in four or four beats. Su Wenqian hummed wrong Up to the beat. Qin Zishu gave them an eternal smile to say goodbye, and Su Wenqian left under Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter’s unwilling gaze.

Qin Zishu asked Xiaoxue not to mention her father in front of anyone in the future. Xiaoxue asked her why she could not mention her father in front of Section Chief Cao. They are all good people, aren’t they? Qin Zishu didn’t answer, but comforted Xiaoxue to sleep. Su Wenqian thanked Section Chief Cao and Ouyang Xiangling for helping Xiaoxue celebrate her birthday.

Section Chief Cao didn’t handcuff him anymore. Su Wenqian said that the ring was actually given to them a long time ago. Ouyang Xiangling checked his pocket and found the ring that Su Wenqian didn’t know when it was put in. The intelligence in the ring is a code. It takes months or even years to crack, but they don’t have that long time.

Chi Tiecheng went to find an old man, he called the old man father. Section Chief Cao hoped that Su Wenqian would help them crack the code. Su Wenqian said that he was not obliged to help them continue to handle the case. The Director and Section Chief Cao said that they would provide him with special protection, but they thought of the jellyfish group too simply.

Lie, once Su Wenqian helps them crack the code, they will know that they are still alive, and Su Wenqian can’t do this. Ouyang Xiangling felt that Su Wenqian didn’t want to deal with Chi Tiecheng. Su Wenqian denied that they had no contact three years ago.

Chi Tiecheng rarely drank a lot of wine, and even poured a glass for Su Wenqian. He fell on the ground and said respect for him. The old man was heartbroken. Su Wenqian did not want to be an enemy of Chi Tiecheng, but it had nothing to do with whether he helped, because Chi Tiecheng did not come to Songjiang at all, at least he did not participate in the operations these days, and Su Wenqian did not think that Chi Tiecheng was behind the scenes. The old man heard that Su Wenqian was sad.

Chi Tiecheng said that Ye Guanying probably wanted to take credit to prove that he had found Su Wenqian, so he arranged the joint at the dock. He had to intervene in his business, obviously. The old man knew that Su Wenqian was absolutely impossible to participate in the affairs between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. Something must have happened. After all, they were forced to do so!

As time passed, Ouyang Xiangling felt that Su Wenqian could not help them. Moreover, he still refused to explain Yang Zhiliang’s case. Even if the information was cracked, it would not be credible. Section Chief Cao did not agree. Su Wenqian and Chi Tiecheng was a partner during the War of Resistance Against Japan, which shows that he is very kind and has a sense of right and wrong.

However, Ouyang Xiangling still had a sorrow about Yang Zhiliang’s death. Section Chief Cao inferred that it was because of Yang Zhiliang’s sacrifice that he gave up his career as a killer and broke off diplomatic relations with Chi Tiecheng, which means that they should start from this point and promised Su Wenqian to suspend Yang Zhiliang. Case. Ouyang Xiangling was emotionally unwilling to agree, but the Secretary agreed, and he could even increase it.

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