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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 27 Recap

Zhao Qinghe thought that there were people from the Zhao family in the staff, household, and rites department. He was curious that his father was still not satisfied. Zhao’s father remembered that the courtiers were polite to him on the surface, but in his heart he looked down on himself as a merchant, and hoped that Zhao Jiaerlang would win.

Wen Renjing went to the Ministry of Household to inquire about the allocation time of the Xiangzhou disaster relief fund. His wife and brother Banquet Qi did not know the situation, but Zhao Qingcao was asked to answer. Wen Renjing remembered that the disaster fund was issued ten days ago, why the victims in Beijing did not receive it. To the payment. Let Yanqi know the specific situation, but Yanqi is a little embarrassed, Wen Renjing insisted on letting him go in person.

Yanqi went to the victims to find out about the situation. Zhao Qingcao wanted to truthfully report that the situation was stopped by Yanqi. Yanqi hoped that he would write about the victims’ riots, so that they could help the victims to get relief funds and help the victims survive the disaster.

Luo Qiuchi, Wen Renjun and others saw soldiers driving away the victims in the street, so they found Prince Kang’s theory. Who knew that Prince Kang took the comfort of the people in the capital to talk about it, and Hang Ruxue decided to tie Prince Kang to force him to change the order. Luo Qiuchi decided to set up a porridge shed to help the victims. Prince Kang led officers and soldiers to stop him when he knew it.

The victims flocked to him. After Kang Qing saw a large number of people, they had to let them help the victims, but he asked the victims not to interfere with the lives of the people in the capital.

Wen Renjun helped the victims set up tents and wondered why they didn’t stay in Xiangzhou. Xiangzhou should have a lot of relief funds. The victims mentioned that the relief funds were only given to everyone in the hands of a bun. At this time, the tent heard the voice of a child calling for help. It turned out that Luo Qiuchi had caught the child who had stolen the purse, and when he heard that he walked forward, the child Xiaozhan fainted on the ground.

Luo Qiuchi and Wen Renjun carried a big box back to the academy. Wen Renshu asked to open the box for inspection after seeing it. Luo Qiuchi deliberately said that the box was his own personal clothing. He wanted to see how Wen Renshu, a young lady, treats men. Wen Renshu was interested in clothes, and Wen Renshu shouldn’t have stepped forward when he saw it, and let Luo Qiuchi and Wen Renjun carry the box back to the room.

Wen Renjun takes care of Xiaozhan. Luo Qiuchi thinks she is a bad guy and goes out to give medicine to the child. At this time, Wen Renjun brings Si Cheng and others to the room. Wen Renjun has to tell the truth, Si Cheng wonders why she doesn’t tell the truth Wen Renshu mentioned the secret order of the imperial court, requiring the victims not to enter the capital, and taught Wen Renjun not to take the children into the academy, worrying about contagious diseases.

Upon seeing this, Si Cheng took out Yinliang to treat Xiao Zhan, but hoped that they would send Xiao Zhan out of the college today.

Fu Yuanzhi found Wen Renshu to inquire about the disaster victims, thinking that Luo Qiuchi was the first person in Si Cheng’s heart, and he was actually protecting him. Wen Renshu remembered that Luo Qiuchi would not be happy at Fu Yuanzhi in the academy, so he decided to report Luo Qiuchi.

Wen Renjun took Luo Qiuchi and Xiao Zhan back home and settled. He happened to meet Wen Renjing, and Wen Renjing asked Wen Renjun to place Xiao Zhan in the guest room. Luo Qiuchi informed Wen Renjing what he had inquired about among the victims. Wen Renjing said that the disaster relief fund had become less after it was released from the library.

For some reason, the problem occurred. He sent his cronies to take charge of each step. At this time, the lady pushed in and asked about the content of the conversation between the two. Luo Qiuchi concealed the truth, and the lady left the room and hid outside the door to eavesdrop.

After Prince Kang received Wen Renshu’s report, he went to the academy to arrest Luo Qiuchi. Unexpectedly, Luo Qiuchi was not in the academy. At this time, Luo Qiuchi was rescuing the victims at the disaster settlement office, and even colleagues from the college came to help.

Prince Kang was angry because everyone rescued the victims. Si Cheng said that he had always been a model for him, so he was here for the victims. Upon seeing this, Hang Ruxue also said that it was Prince Kang’s instruction to lead soldiers to protect the victims. Everyone immediately bowed to thank Prince Kang. Prince Kang was so high that he had to acquiesce to the facts.

Wen Renshu framed Xiaozhan for stealing his pearl hairpin, and Luo Qiuchi promised to verify the matter by himself. If he can’t find out the real culprit, he is willing to compensate. At night, Luo Qiuchi and others found evidence that the little warriors had stolen something. Wen Renjun wanted to protect the child. Unexpectedly, Wen Renshu, Si Cheng and the others came. Luo Qiuchi showed the pearl hairpin and other things in front of everyone, and everyone hoped that the angry child would avenge his gratitude.

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