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Perfect and Casual 完美先生和差不多小姐 Episode 20 Recap

Yun Shu’s comics have received particularly good feedback from the market. Yun Shu himself can’t believe that his comics are so popular. When Yun Shu was happy, Yun Shu received a letter from a lawyer and she was sued. Lu Yu took Yun Lan to rock climbing, and the relationship between the two seemed to heat up.

Lu Yu would still be surrounded by a large number of female fans to take a photo, but this time Lu Yu did not let go of Yun Lan’s hand, and Yun Lan seemed to be too. Accepted Lu Yu’s actor status and no longer mind the exposure.

Yun Shu’s comics were sued for borrowing material from golden sentences. Gao Mei asked Yun Shu to find a solution to Lawyer Meng, and the serialization of the comics was suspended. Attorney Meng, Yun Lan, and Zhang Zhinian are all trying to solve Yunshu’s prosecution.

Zhang Zhinian is worried that the public apology will affect Yun Shu. Attorney Meng and Yun Lan both put forward their own solutions, and Zhang Zhinian also put forward their own views and opinions on the matter, feeling that there is still room for improvement in this matter.

Yun Shu was unhappy because of this, Zhang Zhinian gently comforted Yun Shu, saying that everyone would help her. Zhang Zhinian has been reviewing the infringement case information, hoping to help Yun Shu more. At the same time, Yun Shu received a private message from Si Huanian, expressing that he was willing to meet Yun Shu. Yun Shu went to the appointment alone, and happened to meet Lin Chuchu. The two fell in love with each other, but it turned out that Lin Chuchu was Si Huanian.

After learning of her identity, Transportation immediately got up and apologized. Lin Chuchu also said that those words were all essays, and she would withdraw the prosecution. In addition, she liked her cartoon very much and expressed that she was willing to participate in the text creation of this cartoon.

Yun Shu jumped to Zhang Zhinian’s body and told Zhang Zhinian of the good things. Yun Shu also personally came to a sweet candy kiss. Yun Shu told Kochiyi the good news of the withdrawal of the prosecution, and Kochiyi told Yun Shu that he was particularly embarrassed when he was with Lin Nuo. Lin Nuo brought Kochiyi to the high-end restaurant.

Lin Nuo asked Kochiyi if he had any plans for the two people in the future. He planned to go back to his hometown, so that Kochiyi would not be wronged. But Kochi Yi heard that each other is so desperate to stay in this city, why not hold on for a while. The two of them had a good meal. Gu Xiao called but was hung up by Kochiyi.

The tacit cooperation of Lin Chuchu and Zhang Zhinian attracted other colleagues to match up. Lin Chuchu looked shy, but Zhang Zhinian told everyone that he was married. Lin Chuchu was shocked by the news and remembered the very resolute past when Zhang Zhinian was talking about falling in love with Zhang Zhinian.

Lin Chuchu was too surprised by Zhang Zhinian’s marriage. She caught up with Zhang Zhinian and asked why, but Zhang Zhinian’s reply shocked Lin Chuchu. Lin Chuchu was very curious about which girl captured Zhang Zhinian. Zhang Zhinian told Lin Chuchu without dodge that the girl he likes is a little girl who needs to worry about him all the time.

Yun Shu went shopping with Lin Chuchu, Yun Shu guessed Lin Chuchu’s unhappiness, and invited Lin Chuchu to have a drink with him. Lin Chuchu told Yun Shu about the past of himself and Zhang Zhinian. Yun Shu was fascinated. Lin Chuchu said that he was unable to accompany Zhang Zhinian back to China because of a project. At first it was worship, and later I discovered that Zhang Zhinian’s love level was the kindergarten water level. I thought about waiting for him, but when I returned home, I found out that Zhang Zhinian was already married.

Lin Chuchu approached Lawyer Meng and asked if he knew about Zhang Zhinian’s marriage, and asked Lawyer Meng Zhang Zhinian’s wife for information. Lawyer Meng expressed that Yun Shu is an addictive person. Yun Shu broke into Zhang Zhinian’s room and asked Zhang Zhinian if he was his first kiss. Zhang Zhinian told Yun Shu that Yun Shu was happy, so he took the initiative to throw Zhang Zhinian down and kiss him.

Gao Zhiyi complained about why Yun Shu didn’t accompany him lately. At the same time, Lin Chuchu and Zhang Zhinian also walked out of the teaching building. Just as a car passed by, Zhang Zhinian hugged Lin Chuchu and Yun Shu saw them. People seemed to understand everything in their hearts. Zhang Zhinian officially introduced Yun Shu’s identity. Lin Chuchu looked at Zhang Zhinian’s gentle and considerate attitude towards Yun Shu, and couldn’t say anything in his heart. In short, it was particularly unpleasant. Lin Chuchu said that he did not expect it. Yun Shu is Zhang Zhinian’s newlywed wife.

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