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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 23 Recap

Yuan Shuai hurriedly received a call from Mr. Luo in the office and learned that he was going to travel to Hong Kong suddenly. Besides arranging for his subordinates to inquire about Wanxing data, Yuan Shuai called Jiang Jun into the office and told the news of the business trip. The two are very likely to be so. Lost the opportunity to share the new year.

The young couple who was about to be separated couldn’t help but get close, but who knew that they were almost discovered by Jonah who walked into the office. Looking at the two panicked people, Jonah, who had already known the truth, was on the side to persuade Yuan Shuai to take security measures. On Jiang Jun’s side, he pretended to take Yuan Shuai away. In fact, he signaled to Jiang Jun not to argue with Yuan Shuai over trivial matters.

Yuan Shuai went on a business trip, and Jiang Jun continued to work. Even if they lose each other’s company, both of them are working hard in their lives. From time to time video interactions promote feelings. The sweet feelings continue. But time passed day by day, and New Year’s Eve was ushered in. Jiang Jun looked at Yuan Shuai’s empty office, still unable to hide his loss.

Xu Li was waiting for the rental home, but when she recalled Li Xiaochuan who worked overtime alone for the New Year, Xu Li couldn’t help feeling a little distressed. But who knows, Xu Li, who was waiting for the bus by the side of the road, witnessed a “fake car accident, a real proposal” couple scene, thinking that time waits for no one, do you really have to wait until the accident happens, and she regrets the delay in saying it? Confession? Thinking of this, Xu Li ran forward.

Du Lei received a call back from Cao Heng while driving, and obtained the location information of the other party. Du Lei raised a smile and hurried to Suzhou. On the other side, Jiang Jun got on the plane heading home and stared at the screen of the phone. There was still no news of Yuan Shuai. He had no choice but to turn off the phone and put on his blindfold to rest.

At this moment, a familiar figure flashed by. It turned out that Yuan Shuai used the first-class flight ticket to exchange a place next to Jiang Jun. Seeing Jiang Jun’s falling head wearily, Yuan Shuai hugged Jiang Jun aside with peace of mind.

Xu Li hurried back to the company out of breath, looking at Xiaochuan who was shocked in front of her, she still couldn’t blurt out the words of confession. She could only lie that she had missed the ticket time and was “forced” to cross with Li Xiaochuan. In 2017, Xiaochuan happened to order a table of takeaway. Xu Li found out that this table was full of her favorite dishes. When asked about Xiaochuan, Xiaochuan just touched his head and couldn’t tell why, but sat aside Xu Li is already full of surprises.

Du Lei and Cao Heng sat together, deliberately trying to figure out the activities behind Du Lin and Cao Heng back then, but Cao Heng saw through them all at once. Cao Heng warned Du Lei that he would not reveal any hidden information. Leave in a hurry. The lost Du Lei walked alone on the street, but was attracted by a stray dog. This puppy reminded himself of Jun Jiang and the “partners” he once had…

When Jiang Jun woke up, he was surprised to discover the existence of Yuan Shuai. At this time, the pointer turns to the hour, officially New Year’s Eve. Everyone looked at the fireworks outside the window, celebrating with each other and passing on New Year’s wishes to their loved ones. Xu Li on the other side of the city stood with Xiaochuan to enjoy the fireworks at the same time.

The two wished each other. Xiaochuan thought about the software going online, while Xu Li mustered up the courage and kissed Xiaochuan’s face. Under Xu Li’s confession, Li Xiaochuan’s heart was shaken. According to the theory he advocated, the match between the two could not fall in love at all, but Xu Li insisted on trying. Under the complicated mood, Li Xiaochuan Quickly let go of Xu Li’s hand…

Du Lin received a complaint call from Cao Heng and sensed that Du Lei was gradually taking action. So he dialed another call and started an arrangement that Du Lei didn’t know about.

Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai got off the plane, but they were missed by the driver. Thanks to Yuan Shuai’s powerful network, he got a car and picked up the two.

Li Xiaochuan walked in confusion, but accidentally returned to the convenience store where he met Xu Li. Thinking of using wine to drench his sorrows, Li Xiaochuan bought wine, and he became drunk unconscious before half drinking. While Xu Li sat at home, she could only sit at home sadly complaining to Wangcai. Unexpectedly, the road of her confession was so difficult, Xu Liqiang endured her inner grievance and wrote a parting letter to Li Xiaochuan.

Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun finally returned home, Jiang’s mother hurriedly greeted them to enter the house, and Yuan Shuai quickly gave the gifts he prepared. When Jiang’s mother asked about their relationship, Jiang Jun still only referred to Yuan Shuai as a colleague. Jiang’s mother was preparing to cook, and Yuan Shuai, who was anxious to express himself, also quickly stood up, offered to help, and went shopping with Jiang’s mother.

Xiaochuan finally woke up, but opened his eyes but did not see Xu Li’s figure, leaving a farewell letter empty. After reading the letter, Xiaochuan stood up to feed Wangcai, but then caught a glimpse of the pillow that originally belonged to Xu Li in the trash can. Xiaochuan looked at it quietly, without speaking for a long time.

Yuan Shuai came back with Jiang’s mother to buy food, and met Jiang’s friends downstairs at home. The aunts crowded around and praised Yuan Shuai’s handsome appearance. When asked if Yuan Shuai was Jiang Jun’s boyfriend, there was nothing to say. Yuan Shuai had to keep the secret temporarily and denied it. Jiang’s mother’s expression was uncertain. When she said goodbye to her friend, Jiang’s mother couldn’t help confirming her relationship with Yuan Shuai again, but Yuan Shuai still hurriedly denied it.

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