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Love in Time 约定期间爱上你 Episode 22 Recap

Su Jianan opened the door and saw an angry Lu Boyan, and then asked him about the matter with Kang Ruicheng. It was originally a purely cooperative relationship. He had clearly admitted that he made the mistake of random suspicion, but he did it again as usual, which is simply unreasonable. She threw away Lu Boyan’s hand and walked into the house, and saw a table of exquisite dishes, which showed how delicate the cooks were.

Su Jianan had forgotten that he was too tired yesterday. He told Lu Boyan to have a good talk tonight, but he came back so late with Kang Ruicheng. How long Lu Boyan waited for her. And the first thing she came back was extremely impatient with Lu Boyan, they probably all had to calm down.

In Tao Ran Literature Club, the crew was formally established. In order to facilitate communication with everyone, Kang Rui became the main creator of the hotel. When asked about Su Jianan, she still wanted to live at home. After all, the filming location was in Taoran. She wanted to accompany Lu Boyan more.

Every day after that, everyone was full of energy and motivated to do the show well. Su Jianan and Kang Ruicheng were discussing at work. Everyone was busy walking around in the literary club. There was still only Lu Boyan who had nothing to do, which seemed superfluous.

Having been busy until the night, Su Jianan just finished work. It happened to meet Han Ruoxi. She was troubled by her lines. After thinking about it, she had to take her to Kang Ruicheng’s room. It would be better for everyone to talk together. In this conversation, she was sleepy and fell asleep. When she woke up on the sofa again, Han Ruoxi and actor Fengfeng had no idea when to leave. She was wearing Kang Ruicheng’s coat, and she did not go home overnight.

Leaving the hotel in a hurry, because today I also asked Director Guo to go to the scene. She was the first to think of Lu Boyan, who stayed alone all night, but now she didn’t expect that she was out of the room. It’s a great job for the crew. The personnel passed by and saw Su Jianan coming out of Kang Ruicheng’s room early in the morning. Don’t spend the night together.

When Lu Boyan went to the crew hotel to look for Su Jianan, he heard the crew discussing before he went upstairs, but the building never went up.

Another night fell, and Su Jianan finally returned to the Lu family villa. Lu Boyan waited for another day, approaching the low pressure before the storm. Where did she sleep yesterday? Sleeping alone? Why is Kang Ruicheng? Kang Ruicheng is everywhere, he is good at everything, and Su Jianan agrees with him, whether Su Jianan loves him or Kang Ruicheng. It is also an investment novel, Kang Ruicheng’s plan is the best plan, and his suggestion is rejected. Why should Su Jianan’s dream be fulfilled by others, then what is he?

Su Jianan was irrational when he was yelling at him. He was busy every day for a novel, and how much effort he put in. Lu Boyan ignored these words and only paid attention to which man he approached every day.

Why does this love want it? Lu Boyan gave her the original contract, and Su Jianan gave him the original ring. They are getting divorced, Lu Boyan withdrew from the investment in the adaptation of the novel, Su Jianan moved to the hotel, the crew will face a huge gap in funding.

For Su Jian’an, Kang Ruicheng will devote all his efforts to fill this gap, and Han Ruoxi appears at this time. It is too early to give a helping hand at this time. It is better to wait for Su Jian’an to pull him when he is more miserable. The despair at that time will make Kang Ruicheng Become Su Jianan’s light. Finally, Lu Boyan and Su Jianan were dismantled, and Han Ruoxi signed again to return to Lu’s media.

Su Jianan was depressed and stood by the bridge, Kang Ruicheng appeared and began to confess. He has been thinking about the hairband girl who wore a mask to bandage her wound three years ago. Now this person is right in front of him, and he wants to do his best for the girl. But it is a pity that Kang Ruicheng only moved himself, and Su Jianan can only be friends with him.

Sleeping rationally and emotionally released at night always make people feel sad. The marriage certificate is still brand new. Why did she and Lu Boyan separate soon? There was a knock on the door, and Su Jianan’s father came to see her. Her grievances and sorrows were even more intense. Without friends, love, and career, she almost lost everything she once had. What should she do?

Dad comforted her and caressed her back. People always suffer and feel wronged. Sometimes they are not understood but are stubborn and paranoid. In the end, it is themselves who are injured. Slowly everyone will find a balance and find a mutual comfort. The way. Dad finally invested in her, and her daughter’s dream can continue.

Su Jianan went to find Luo Xiaoxi in person. Luo Xiaoxi was so sad last time that she didn’t want to open the door easily. Fortunately, Su Jianan has a spare key to her house, so she must listen to her explanation to block Luo Xiaoxi. She is really so busy these days, nothing is as important as her novels, so that she has forgotten her friends and Luo Xiaoxi, who had been in trouble together. She sincerely hopes that Luo Xiaoxi will forgive her. She has always left her role to Luo Xiaoxi, but she is not the heroine. What she left is the one that suits her best.

After Su’s father invested, the project went on as usual, but Han Ruoxi still swayed Kang Ruicheng, and added a fire, Su Jianan is his.

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