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Living Toward The Sun 向阳而生 Episode 4 Recap

The designer Xu Huan was responsible for planning an animation for a pharmaceutical company. Xiong Dun offered pertinent suggestions on the line and color matching of the anime characters she designed, and also took the initiative to help Xu Huan make changes. Her animation characters immediately became vivid, and the client Very satisfied with this, Xu Huan couldn’t help but admire Xiong Dun. Yin Dong also gave verbal praise to Xiong Dun. Xiong Dun wanted the bonus to make up the down payment for the house. Yin Dong promised to make her realize her dream as soon as possible. Xiong Dun was very disappointed and worried. I met a boss who can only draw cakes.

Lin Zhiheng told the truth to Chen Jing, a 59-year-old cancer patient with terminal cancer, and persuaded her family to give up treatment. However, Chen Jing’s daughter and siblings were willing to go bankrupt to diagnose and treat her. Lin Zhiheng agreed to give it a try and try his best to keep Chen Jing alive. Chen Jing’s brother and sister gave Lin Zhiheng red envelopes and asked him to do his best to treat Chen Jing. Lin Zhiheng did not accept it. They both knelt on the spot and cried bitterly.

Lin Zhiheng had to accept it temporarily. When Xiong Dun first arrived at the company and was unfamiliar with the business, she was a little rushed, and suddenly received a call from Lin Zhiheng, urging her to come to the hospital for a review as soon as possible. Xiong Dun had no time to take care of this and quickly found an excuse to hang up.

Xia Meng was filming a driving scene on the set. Suddenly he felt dizzy and lost his consciousness. It almost caused an accident. Luo quickly picked Xia Meng out, apologized to the staff, and promised to give everyone a red envelope. Xiong Dun went home late after working overtime.

Amy humbled and asked her warmly, but Xiong Dun didn’t care, he wanted to make up the down payment for the house as soon as possible, and then get a promotion and raise the salary, to the pinnacle of life, Amy found her face was puffy , To persuade her to be enough, Xiong Dun dare not delay, she must fight every second, and she has to stay up all night to get acquainted with the company’s business, and Amy has no alternative.

Guo Zhenbang called Lin Zhiheng to inquire about Xiong Dun’s situation. Lin Zhiheng promised to urge Xiong Dun to come to review as soon as possible. He sent a message to Xiong Dun overnight, stating that her blood test was abnormal. Yin Dong took a big job in car advertising. He immediately called a staff mobilization meeting and promised to give everyone a bonus after it was done. He let Xiong Dun be responsible for the shots and scripts. In order to earn more commission, Xiong Dun took the initiative to help Wang Yao do it. design.

Xiong Dun was resurrected full of blood and couldn’t wait to start a new job. She called Amy the first time to announce her happy, and Amy was happy for her. Jason accidentally heard that Amy has a high standard for choosing a spouse. There is no boyfriend so far. She took the initiative to ask her to eat together after get off work. Amy has long been in love with Jason. She was happy in her heart and pretended to be quiet. Promise it down.

Xiong Dun worked overtime late, so he soaked a bowl of instant noodles to satisfy his hunger. Xiong Dun saw Lin Zhiheng’s message and called him back on the spot. Lin Zhiheng was rescuing Chen Jing, who was in critical condition. The mobile phone was not received in the office, and Xiong Dun had to give up. . Amy didn’t go home until eleven o’clock at night. Xiong Dun couldn’t wait to know the details of her first date. Amy was unwilling to be too proactive and wanted to take Jason down. Xiong Dun was happy for her and wanted to go out and celebrate.

At once, Amy disagreed, and discovered that she was always coughing recently. Xiong Dun didn’t take it seriously. She also boasted that she also encountered peach blossoms. Lin Zhiheng fell in love with her, so she always found an excuse to go to the hospital for review. When facing the enemy, Xiong Dun urged her to go to the hospital as soon as possible, but Xiong Dun disapproved. Amy threatened to inform her parents, Xiong Dun promised to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Xiong Dun found that the sunflowers she planted had sprouted, she was very happy, which indicated that her new life had also taken root and sprouted, and her heart was unspeakable. Xiong Dun stayed up all night and finished the script, and showed it to Yin Dong early in the morning. Yin Dong was very satisfied. Xiong Dun saw the pictures of Yin Dong’s heroic appearance on his desk when he was a soldier, and then he looked at this fat man with big ears. The man laughed and said that years were a pig-killing knife. Xiong Dun took the opportunity to ask for leave to go to the hospital for review. Yin Dong fully agreed.

Xiong Dun went to the hospital to see Lin Zhiheng directly. Lin Zhiheng asked her to go to the oncology department first. Xiong Dun didn’t think much, so he hurried over. The doctor asked him to do a chest puncture and a pathological section. Xiong Dun came to Lin Zhiheng for advice. She firmly believed that she was okay, did not want to delay work because of this, and made Lin Zhiheng be responsible for her to the end, and Lin Zhiheng was confused by her. Lin Zhiheng felt very uncomfortable seeing Chen Jing’s mother wash her face with tears all day long.

After Xiong Dun did the puncture, he fell asleep in the hospital bed. Seeing that the sky was getting dark, Lin Zhiheng quickly woke her up and asked her to get the results in five days. Xiong Dun was fascinated by his handsome appearance and elegant temperament. He took the opportunity to express his feelings to Lin Zhiheng and deliberately revealed the fact that he was unmarried. Lin Zhiheng was confused by her. Xiong Dun firmly believed that he was in good health and promised to see Lin Zhiheng again in five days.

Xiong Dun worked hard and was not afraid of hardship or tiredness. Wang Yao praised her and promised to give Xiong Dun an early conversion. Mother Chen didn’t want Chen Jing to suffer any more. She decisively pulled out the ventilator and various tubes. Chen Jing stopped breathing on the spot.

Chen Jing’s daughter and younger brothers and sisters came to Lin Zhiheng to settle accounts and condemned him for accepting the red envelope for not trying to save people. Chen The mother hurriedly came to relieve Lin Zhiheng, indicating that Lin Zhiheng had already returned the red envelope to her, and she voluntarily asked to give up the treatment.

From that day on, Xiong Dun and his colleagues worked overtime day and night. They were exhausted, but they still worked hard. After Xiong Dun returned home, he continued to work overtime. Amy took good care of her and made her supper.

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