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Living Toward The Sun 向阳而生 Episode 3 Recap

Xiong Dun sat alone on the side of the road, looking through all her comics, which recorded her dreams and hopes in Shanghai for three years. Xiong Dun was unwilling to give up, she took the initiative to call the head of Magic Publishing House, but The other party had no plans to publish her “Mature Woman Controlling the Husband’s Heart Sutra”, and Xiong Dun had to give up.

Suddenly, Xiong Dun received a notice from the hospital staff. She rushed over without saying a word. First, she went to the ward to visit Guo Zhenbang. Guo Zhenbang didn’t want Xiong Dun to be embarrassed. He lied about not going to her new book conference. Guo Zhenbang didn’t want to waste money on chemotherapy. He wanted to leave the hospital tomorrow.

He accompanied Xiong Dun to get the test results. Xiong Dun couldn’t understand the data, so he wanted to consult a doctor. Suddenly received a call from the publisher, Xiong Dun Hurrying over, Guo Zhenbang took Xiong Dun’s inspection results to Lin Zhiheng for advice.

Lin Zhiheng carefully checked the data and found abnormal blood conditions, so Guo Zhenbang told Xiong Dun to come to the hospital for review as soon as possible. Xiong Dun went to see the publisher as scheduled, and the other party asked for a publication fee of 80,000 yuan, but Xiong Dun flatly refused. Amy promised to celebrate her birthday with Xiong Dun.

She temporarily received a call from her boss Jason and asked her to accompany an important client. Amy had to break the appointment and let Xiong Dun go home first, and promised to celebrate with her when the party ended. Give Xiong Dun the gifts you prepared in advance, and Xiong Dun can only go home alone.

When Xiong Dun returned to the empty home, he couldn’t help but think of Guo Cheng’s cynicism towards her. His mood suddenly fell to the bottom. Thanks to the solemn arrival in time, Xiong Dun solemnly cooks and cooks to celebrate her. Xiong Dun’s biggest dream is to draw the whole set of dragon balls. , She went back to the room alone to paint. Amy was generous and decent at the wine table. She pushed a cup with the partner’s boss and won the other’s appreciation.

She helped Jason successfully win the cooperation agreement. After he was full, Jason sent the boss away to Amy. Amy was full of praise for her performance and took the initiative to drive her back. Amy was deeply attached to Jason, but didn’t want to show it. She pretended to have booked an online taxi, and then politely hugged Jason and left.

Amy enters the door and sees solemnly sleepy nap on the sofa, Xiong Dun is still painting in the room, Amy hurries into the room to persuade her, Xiong Dun is full of interest, she wants to finish painting in one breath, Amy no longer reluctantly , Had to go back to the house to rest. It took Xiong Dun a whole night to finish painting the whole set of Dragon Balls. She once again remembered Guo Cheng’s wicked words, burning all the paintings in anger, and bid farewell to the unpleasantness of the past.

Amy and solemnly guarded Xiongdun all night. Xiongdun came out after finishing his mood. In front of the two of them, he announced that he would start looking for a job tomorrow, as long as it has nothing to do with comics. Solemnly and Amy together made up for her birthday. , Xiong Dun vowed to say goodbye to his past self and start rebirth. Amy and he solemnly sent Xiong Dun to the talent market to apply for jobs. There have been a lot of people who come to apply for jobs. Xiong Dun is not far behind. She took her resume and consulted in front of the booths of various units.

At this moment, Xiong Dun received a call from Lin Zhiheng and asked her to go to the hospital for a review. Xiong Dun did not take it seriously, but instead asked him about Guo Zhenbang giving up treatment. Xiong Dun learned that Lin Zhiheng persuaded Guo Zhenbang to make this decision and complained. He shouldn’t tell Guo Zhenbang the truth about his condition.

Xiong Dun learned from Lin Zhiheng that Guo Zhenbang has not much time, so he was very uncomfortable. Xiong Dun was anxious to find a job and promised to go to the hospital for a review. Lin Zhiheng wondered why she gave up the comics and went to other people. At work, Xiong Dun found an excuse to cover up the past. Lin Zhiheng encouraged and cheered for her, Xiong Dun’s heart was warm.

Lin Zhiheng’s words gave Xiong Dun confidence and strength. When she went home, she planted a sunflower as a symbol of her rebirth. Xiong Dun went to Dong Dongqiang advertising company to apply for creative planners early in the morning. The boss Yin Dong and director Wang Yao were responsible for interviewing her. Xiong Dun answered their tricky questions and made it clear that she wanted to earn money to buy a house. Yin Dong is a comic book fan. I really appreciate Xiong Dun’s frankness, promised to hire her, and emphasized the 96 work system.

Xiong Dun called to go home solemnly to celebrate. He made a large table of dishes specially. Amy came home from get off work and learned that Xiong Dun had found a job, and it was 1996. Amy persuaded her not to be so desperate, but Xiong Dun liked it. It’s decided, she wants to be like a human in Shanghai, even if she suffers too much, she is willing to take the opportunity to forget those troubles, and Amy is no longer reluctant.

Today is Xiong Dun’s first day at work. She started to have a low-grade fever, sweating, and some blood in her nose. Amy humbled and asked her and taught her many unspoken rules of the workplace. Xiong Dun went to work in the company with great energy. He saw his colleagues staying up all night and taking a nap at the table.

Yin Dong explained that the trial period was not worthy of a computer, and asked her to bring his own tomorrow. Wang Yao took the initiative to lend her the computer and repeatedly reminded him She should not get sick, otherwise she will not be able to adapt to the high-intensity work nature of the company. Xiong Dun is full of confidence.

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