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Living Toward The Sun 向阳而生 Episode 2 Recap

Luau is the agent of model Xia Meng. He does everything possible to help Xia Meng arrange various charity activities, but Xia Meng does not buy it, and does not go to the hospital to donate money to condolences to the patients. He is still playing a big name during the filming, which is criticized by media reporters and fans , Luau could only help her eliminate the negative news and persuaded Xia Meng to stop a bit. She didn’t listen at all, but she couldn’t stand Luau’s struggle, so she agreed to go to the hospital.

Guo Zhenbang called Xiong Dun to the hospital and urged her to marry Guo Cheng as soon as possible. Xiong Dun had to admit that he had already dealt with Guo Cheng. Guo Zhenbang encouraged Xiong Dun not to give up. At this moment, Luau brought Xia Meng to the hospital for charity. Xiong Dun is a fan of Xia Meng. She hurriedly squeezed to the front and took a photo with Xia Meng. Xia Mengman casually praised the cute comics on Xiong Dun’s T-shirt. Upon seeing this, he hurriedly asked Xiong Dun to take a photo with Xia Meng, and Xiong Dun deliberately showed the cartoon on his chest.

Due to Xia Meng’s influence, Xiong Dun’s comics have been hitting more and more, and soon became the industry’s number one. Xiong Dun couldn’t help being taken aback. Unexpectedly, her unintentional behavior turned out to be straightforward. Mr. Wen announced the official publication of Xiong Dun’s comics. Xiong Dun immediately reported to his parents and teachers.

Amy and Xiong Dun solemnly sent Xiong Dun to the new bookmark sales event. Seeing that there were many people gathered here, Xiong Dun mistakenly thought that these people were her fans, and fantasized about being surrounded by everyone to sign the grand event. They turned a deaf ear to Xia Meng’s followers. The organizer staff informed Xiong Dun that he would have to wait three hours before starting the book sales interview after Xia Meng and the models finished the clothing exhibition. Xiong Dun had to wait patiently in the dressing room.

Guo Zhenbang called on the patients to cheer for Xiong Dun. He called Guo Cheng to participate in Xiong Dun’s new book launching conference. Guo Cheng excused him for various reasons, and Guo Zhenbang had to lead the patients to enter first. Xiong Dun happened to meet Xia Meng in the bathroom and thanked her. Xia Meng didn’t remember taking pictures with her. Mr. Wen told Xiong Dun in advance to find Xia Meng to record a VCR for her new book. Xiong Dun swallowed as soon as he spoke. Go down.

The nurse found that Guo Zhenbang had secretly left the hospital with his patients and hurriedly reported to Lin Zhiheng. Colleagues complained that Lin Zhiheng should not tell the patients the truth. They were worried that they could not think about it. Lin Zhiheng learned of Guo Zhenbang’s whereabouts and immediately led the medical staff to rush over.

Xiong Dun waited for a long time, and finally fell asleep on the table in a daze. She woke up and heard three entertainment reporters chatting. They mistakenly thought they were coming to interview her, and hurried out to say hello. They claimed to have come to interview Xia Meng. By the way, when interviewing Xiong Dun, the male reporter also ridiculed Xiong Dun, scolding her as a second-hand, and calling her cartoons worthless, Xiong Dun felt very disappointed.

Xia Meng was dissatisfied with the makeup and was angry to re-make up. The organizer staff had to postpone the press conference for half an hour. Xiong Dun couldn’t wait. She rushed to the stage and wanted to be interviewed first. The staff resolutely refused to agree and even pushed. Push to push Xiong Dun aside.

Xiong Dun’s shoes were kicked out for a long time. She was very sad. Publicly condemned the reporters and the organizers for being too utilitarian for making her wait for so long. The more Xiong Dun talked about, the more sad she became. She had dreams in her heart, for today’s interview. Mian, can be trampled on like this. Lin Zhiheng and Guo Zhenbang saw this scene in the audience, Xiong Dun turned around in anger and left. Lin Zhiheng advised Guo Zhenbang to take the patients back to the hospital, and Guo Zhenbang asked him to go to Xiong Dun.

Xia Meng went out to see Xiong Dun, and condemned her for not rubbing her own heat. Xiong Dun did not show any weakness and deliberately bumped her. Xiong Dun stopped the male reporter and forced him to complete today’s interview. The reporter bit the bullet and stayed. Ah Ying only gave her five minutes. Xiong Dun meticulously put on makeup. The male reporter was very impatient and deliberately asked tricky questions to embarrass her. Xiong Dun replied fluently, and the reporters stunned them one by one. Lin Zhiheng saw this scene at the door.

The reporter not only did not record the content of the interview, but also spoke harshly to Xiong Dun, claiming that Xiong Dun wasted his time and had no value in the interview. Xiong Dun recorded his interview and ridiculed the reporter, accusing him of lacking professional ethics and humanity. ,

Threatened that he would not survive a word in his own comics, the reporter was angry and wanted to leave, Xiong Dun insisted to make up for five minutes, the reporter had to sit down patiently, Xiong Dun improvised a cartoon of a clown and threw it to the reporter, then Walking away, the reporter opened the cartoon and threw it on the ground angrily. Lin Zhiheng walked over and picked up the painting.

It was pouring rain outside, and Xiong Dun got on a bus in the rain. The sad tears couldn’t stop. If no one was crying beside her, Lin Zhiheng drove out and saw Xiong Dun get on the bus. go away. Xiong Dun went back to the publishing house in despair. Mr. Wen humiliated her in public and gave her a severe lesson. Xiong Dun just wanted to defend and solemnly reminded her to consider her bonus, Xiong Dun could only swallow his breath. Mr. Wen asked her to apologize to Xia Meng, or write a resignation letter.

Xiong Dun went to the bar to get drunk after get off work, and soon became unconscious. Amy took her home. Xiong Dun thought of Guo Cheng and kept saying to see Guo Cheng. She didn’t want the three-year relationship to be ruined like this, Ai Mi could only persuade her kindly, and Xiong Dun gradually calmed down. Early the next morning, when Xiong Dun was still asleep, she received a video connection from her parents.

She only remembered that today was her 29th birthday. Xiong Dun remembered that his love and career were both lit up with red lights, and she said no. Out of sorrow, the parents first congratulated her on her birthday, and then asked about the press conference. Xiong Dun didn’t want his parents to worry, so he made up a beautiful lie to cover up the past.

Solemnly sent a large bouquet of flowers to Xiongdun early in the morning to congratulate her on her birthday. Amy took the opportunity to bring them together. Xiongdun regarded solemnly as a buddy and wanted to match the two of them.

Amy claimed that solemnity was not her food. Xiong Dun went to Guo Cheng’s residence to pick up the manga manuscript, but he was humiliated and abused by Guo Cheng. Guo Cheng treated Xiong Dun as a joke. Xiong Dun was scolded by the dog-blood sprayer, and took the manuscript away in anger.

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