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Living Toward The Sun 向阳而生 Episode 1 Recap

Shanghai, this international metropolis carries the dreams of countless people, and tens of millions of foreigners are busy with the development of this city. People started rushing to their jobs early in the morning, busy for career and life non-stop. Xiang Yang is also one of these ten million people. She came to Shanghai three years ago to work hard. She drew comics under the pen name of Xiong Dun, and soon joined a publishing house. Xiong Dun has been in love with Shanghai boyfriend Guo Cheng for three years. Leave it to Guo Cheng’s house.

On this day, Xiong Dun’s parents came to Shanghai from their hometown of Lishui suddenly. Xiong Dun didn’t want his parents to know that they were living together, so Guo Cheng stayed in the hotel temporarily, and Guo Cheng had to agree. Xiong Dun went to the train station to pick up his parents on time. Guo Cheng came here to accompany the family of three for dinner. Xiong Dun’s parents asked the parents to meet and settle the marriage. Guo Cheng knew that his mother always wanted him to find a Shanghai girl. Reluctantly agreed.

Guo Cheng prepared a gift and went home to please his mother. He took the opportunity to propose a meeting with Xiong Dun’s parents. His mother refused to agree and asked Guo Cheng to use his grandfather’s hospitalization as an excuse to push him away. A two-month-old girlfriend came afterwards, and the two fooled around in the room all night.

Guo Cheng came to pick up the documents at home early in the morning. Father Xiong couldn’t wait to ask him about the meeting between the two parents. Guo Cheng found various excuses to shirk. At the same time, Xiong Dun went to the hospital to see Guo Cheng’s grandfather, Guo Zhenbang. From a distance, he saw Guo’s mother yelling with Lin Zhiheng, Guo Zhenbang’s attending doctor. As soon as Guo’s mother saw Xiong Dun, she complained to her and stressed repeatedly. Not in the mood to discuss their marriage, asked Xiong Dun to send his parents away first, instead of letting Guo Cheng stay in the hotel.

Xiong Dun looked at Guo’s resolute back, and her heart was indescribably sad. She stood in a daze. Guo Zhenbang quietly called Xiong Dun aside. Xiong Dun greeted him with coldness. Guo Zhenbang knew that he had advanced lung cancer and did not want to waste money to continue. After chemotherapy, Guo Zhenbang asked Xiong Dun to say hello to her parents. Xiong Dun went home quietly, and his parents rushed to give her a bank card with a dowry of 200,000 hungry. Xiong Dun politely declined and did not want to cause trouble to his parents, but the parents had decided.

Xiong Dun called his girlfriend Amy to go to the hotel to find Guo Cheng and wanted to dine with his parents, but his parents had moved out of Guo Cheng’s house to take refuge in his old comrades-in-arms, and asked Guo Cheng to move back home as soon as possible to live in Xiongdun. . Suddenly, Amy saw Guo Cheng walking up the elevator with a girl in his arms. Xiong Dun turned his back to nothing. Amy didn’t want Xiong Dun to be sad, so he hurriedly called her away. Xiong Dun hurriedly called Guo Cheng for leave.

Amy took Xiong Dun to drink and relax. Using Jiu Jin to tell the fact that Guo Cheng and the woman went to the hotel room, Xiong Dun was immediately dumbfounded. She went home to see Guo Cheng for a showdown. Guo Cheng confessed to this and also admitted to his mother. Disagreeing with this marriage, Xiong Dun loves Guo Cheng deeply. She works hard and draws comics desperately. If she wants to become famous one day, she will be able to gain a foothold in Shanghai. Unexpectedly, Guo Cheng betrayed this relationship. Xiong Dun packed up her luggage and slammed the door. While leaving, Amy then rushed to pick her up.

Along the way, Xiong Dun leaned on the window of the car, unintentionally admiring the bustling city. She remained silent and couldn’t help but think of her. The day Amy first came to Shanghai, a domineering man robbed them of their taxi. Xiong Dun murmured at each other. Thanks to Guo Cheng who came to the rescue in time, Xiong Dun fell in love with the gentleman Guo Cheng from that moment. Xiong Dun became more sad the more he thought about it and couldn’t help but burst into tears.

Xiong Dun was absent-minded when he was at work, and the editor-in-chief of the publishing house saw all the articles in his eyes, and gave her a serious meal, asking her to find a way to get the click rate of the “Mature Woman Controlling the Husband’s Heart Sutra” comic as soon as possible. Xiong Dun did not want to be like others. Falsified like that.

Xiong Dun returned to Amy’s residence after get off work and saw that his parents were there. Xiong Dun concealed his unhappiness in every possible way. When his parents saw the luggage in the room, they had guessed that they were inseparable from each other. Xiong Dun had to admit that she and Guo had joined hands. After that, her mother persuaded her to go back to her hometown to develop together, and promised to set up a small studio for her. Xiong Dun forced a smile and promised that he could live well, and was busy taking her parents to eat hot pot.

As the saying goes, good fortune comes and misfortunes never come singly. Soon after Xiong Dun sent his parents away, he stayed up all night, and eventually fainted in the bathroom due to lack of physical strength. Amy was like a big enemy and forcibly took her to the hospital for examination. Colleagues came to the hospital to pick up Xiong Dun.

After knowing that the results will come out three days later, Xiong Dun solemnly advises Xiong Dun not to follow the rules, learn to work around, and publish the comics as soon as possible, otherwise it will fall short, and Amy will also give her advice. From that day on, Xiong Dun racked his brains to please Mr. Wen, bought her gifts, and took the initiative to help her walk the dog.

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