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Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 30 Recap

Chen Xiaonan found that the pregnant woman was breathing eagerly at night, and she was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, calling Guo Jing’s name in the corridor, and the entire obstetrics staff was awakened by him. After seeing it, Guo Jing taught her to calm down when things happen. Chen Xiaonan squatted in the toilet to find her acquaintance Uncle Liu, hoping to change the department or the teacher.

In the morning, Guo Jing was awakened by the fragrance and saw Huang Rong cooking dumplings, asking whom she had contacted mysteriously and mysteriously recently. Huang Rong deliberately said that her little boyfriend couldn’t wait, and she had to go downstairs to wait for him, because she was planning to go to the countryside with Xiao Rui for a free clinic.

Guo Jing talked to Wu Hantang. Wu Hantang remembered that he was working at Renai Hospital in the company tomorrow. He had three days off in a week. He didn’t think the hospital had any opinion on him and wanted to resign. Guo Jing used his mobile phone to check the situation in the hospital and found that tomorrow Renai Hospital was hosted by Xiao Rui and suddenly realized.

Seeing Huang Rong’s return, Guo Jing immediately inquired about the free clinic. Huang Rong was tired for a day and was reluctant to speak, but he mentioned that there was still Doctor Yu in the free clinic. Guo Jing immediately called Doctor Yu and asked him to inform him on the basis of his brother’s affection.

Huang Rong and Guo Jing went to work in the hospital. Lin Xiaoxiao, the blind date, ran over to hug him. Huang Rong turned away jealously. Guo Jing deliberately showed off in front of her that she wanted to accompany her on the night shift. Huang Rong was not to be outdone by mentioning that she had a date with Xiao Rui in the evening. Unexpectedly, as soon as she got in Xiao Rui’s car, she saw Guo Jing riding out to stop the car. When she saw Guo Jing wearing a couple classmates, Xiao Rui’s face was green. Now, Huang Rong said that he didn’t care, but thought of the scene where the two were eating the food stall together, and decided to take Xiao Rui to the food stall.

Lin Xiaoxiao went to the hospital to see Guo Jing for treatment. It happened that Guo Jing was not in the hospital. Chen Xiaonan took her to Zeng Li’s clinic. Zeng Li suspected that she had an ectopic pregnancy and suggested to stay in the hospital for observation tonight. The fallopian tube on one side is removed, hoping to still have a baby. Chen Xiaonan took Lin Xiaoxiao to take a blood test. Lin Xiaoxiao went to the bathroom alone, unexpectedly fainted in the bathroom.

During the dinner, Xiao Rui peeled shrimps for Huang Rong. Huang Rong hoped that he would leave her brother-in-law Wu Hantang. At this time, a flower seller came over. Xiao Rui bought it for Huang Rong. Unexpectedly, a bunch of flower sellers came, Xiao Rui Being harassed so much that you can’t get out Huang Rong, who was on the side, understood that Guo Jing had made this loss. He picked up the microphone and told him to come out, and said that Xiao Rui was chasing after him on the first day of his divorce. From today, I promised him.

Guo Jing received a call from Chen Xiaonan and hurried back to the hospital. After learning about the situation, he scolded Chen Xiaonan. Chen Xiaonan was aggrieved and wept. Guo Jing said that ectopic pregnancy is the most prone disease. A place prone to accidents. As a doctor, every minute is a life. I can’t figure out why a spoiled eldest lady like her should come to this department.

Chen Xiaonan didn’t expect that he would not work at home, but after so much scolding in the hospital, he never left. No matter how good it is, Guo Jing thinks that she has to pass her own test to withstand Huang Caiyun’s scolding.

Xiao Rui sent Huang Rong home. Huang Rong wanted to invite him to dinner, but Xiao Rui paid the money in the end. Xiao Rui couldn’t bear to play the record separately in the car, and wanted to kiss Huang Rong when he was emotional, but the romantic atmosphere was ruined by Huang Rong. Xiao Rui learned from Huang Rong that the two had been together since today and was very happy.

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