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Healing Love 幸福的理由

Healing Love (2020)
Other Title: 幸福的理由, Xing Fu De Li You , The Reason for Happiness , Only For You

Genres: drama, Music, Romance
Zhang Bo Yu (张博昱)
Zhang Ling Yu (张钰玲), Zhao Chao (赵超)
Hunan TV
Release Date: 
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  • Wallace Chung as Fang Tianhao
  • Wang Xiao Chen as Han Han
  • Qiao Zhen Yu as Xu Dongan
  • Chen Ran as Chen Yu
  • Ran Xu as Chen Yifeng

It is a “musical healing drama” that focuses on the lives of the hearing-impaired, and stars Wallace Chung as a genius violinist and conductor who becomes hearing-impaired.

The play mainly tells the music genius Fang Haosheng (played by Zhong Hanliang) after he suffered a hearing impairment and entered the bottom of his life, he was abandoned by his girlfriend. The disillusionment of his music dream made him very miserable. Disheartened, he chose to return to China. Unexpectedly, I ran into language therapist Han Han (Wang Xiaochen). Under Han Han’s warm care, the two gradually developed feelings. Unexpectedly, this relationship suffered opposition from Fang’s father and Fang Haosheng’s ex-girlfriend, and was eventually forced to break up, causing Han Han to leave sadly. Fang Haosheng also revealed the secret of ear disease and finally recovered the story of true love. It is reported that this drama has been finalized three years ago, and it has not been broadcast for various reasons. However, there has been good news recently that the drama is hopeful to be broadcast within the year, which is extremely anticipated!

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