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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 16 Recap

Jiang Cheng made red jujube porridge for her according to Su Yan’s preferences, and she stayed next to Su Yan’s bed. Su Yan woke up and saw the porridge beside her and Jiang Cheng who was sleeping, and got up. Jiang Cheng heard the movement and hurriedly opened her own cooking for Su Yan. The porridge, it’s a pity that Jiangcheng’s carefully cooked porridge is battered, but Su Yan is still a little moved.

Mr. Kwong Ming-choo and Tongda signed an agreement to formally cooperate. Mr. Kawashima is concerned about how printers can open up the Chinese market. China is a huge market of more than one billion people. Kwong has been thinking about this issue. The price of computers in China is very high and printers are not popular. It will take time to roll out the Chinese market.

Huang Xueyi took his company’s new product to find Jiangcheng to test. The new product can measure the person’s blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and the nutrients that need to be supplemented by contacting the person’s pulse. Huang Xueyi wants to cooperate with Chaoxin to bring the product to the market. Jiangcheng left more Xinyan pierced Huang Xueyi’s deception.

Guan Tao packed up and left the rented hotel. Yu Wenjing took Yao Kun and Kwong Mingchoi to celebrate her birthday, and Yao Kun handed the letter written by her to Yu Wenjing for her to pass on to Kwong Mingchoi. The three of them ate at the same table.

Fortunately, Yu Wenjing was there to adjust the atmosphere, and she actively asked Kwong Mingchou and Yao Kun to tell each other their thoughts and feelings for each other, but Yu Wenjing was so straightforward, Kwong and Yao Kun still had no one to say first. That sentence I miss you. Hong Yuqiao returned to the hotel and found that Guan Tao was nowhere to be seen in the empty room.

Yu Wenjing took advantage of her happiness and drank a lot of wine. She put her arms around Yao Kun and said that she liked it while she embraced Kwong Mingchoi and said appreciation. She also hugged Kwong Mingchou and Yao Kun and expressed her wish: I hope that the three of them will all be together. Yu Wenjing drank too much or fainted. After this birthday meal, Kuang Mingchou and Yu Wenjing left for Pingdu.

Yu Wenjing was concerned about the progress of Kuang Mingchou and Yao Kun. Kuang Mingchou didn’t say anything to Yao Kun, and the two separated again without piercing the layer of window paper. After Yu Wenjing forwarded Yao Kun’s letter, she left her seat for Kuang Mingchoi to read.

Yao Kun did not miss any letter from Kuang Mingchoi during the three-year study period, but all of these letters were written in work, Yao Kun didn’t know. There is no reply to how to reply. Yao Kun never cares about the success of Kuang Mingchou’s career. All she wants from beginning to end is the only true love in life. Yao Kun’s faith and truth are the clearest answer for Kuang Mingchou.

When Hong Yuqiao woke up and found that Guan Tao was not feeling down, he went to the supply and marketing agency to find Guan Tao, only to learn that Guan Tao was absent from her home. Guan Tao’s father was very happy when he returned home. Guan Tao felt uneasy when he watched his father save money to buy a house for himself with the money he sent back.

Jiang Cheng gave the magazine and watch to Su Yan. Seeing Su Yan’s eyes, she was embarrassed and avoided. Su Yan understood Jiang Cheng’s intention and laughed happily. The information on the establishment of the Hong Yuqiao factory was returned because the country had no relevant policies in this field. The R&D department left Hao Bing and Qunlong was panicked, and Hong Yuqiao’s business and family were in trouble.

Su Yan has succeeded in developing financial software, which can be regarded as the most advanced in the market, so she rushed to report to Jiangcheng. Jiangcheng was happy and said that the company was invested by Su Yan. Professor Tang happened to hear that Jiangcheng was angry that Jiangcheng had hired R&D personnel without telling him. Jiang Cheng sincerely admitted his mistakes, and Professor Tang didn’t care about the quality of the software itself.

Su Yan excitedly demonstrated the software, but the color software background and windowed opening mode slowed down the computer’s operating speed. The computer configuration of such a high tide cannot be fully equipped, not to mention other computers on the market. Professor Tang feels that the spirit is commendable. Does not support listing.

Su Yan insisted that there will be hardware computers that can carry large-scale software in the future. Why can’t the software be in the forefront? Everyone is in a stalemate. Kwong Mingchoo asks Yu Wenjing to conduct an objective analysis. Yu Wenjing is not good at dispelling Su Yan’s enthusiasm, and thinks it can be launched temporarily The market, after all, the software is still usable if it runs slowly. However, Jiang Cheng, as the vice president in charge of the market, raised objections.

He understands the laws of market operation and pushing immature software to the market will affect the credibility of Chaoxin. Professor Tang was surprised by Jiang Cheng’s statement. Afterwards, Su Yan was indeed very depressed, but it was more because Jiang Cheng did not support herself. Jiang Cheng coaxed Su Yan to say that she only had Su Yan in her heart. Su Yan was not afraid of failure and confirmed Jiang Cheng’s heart.

Kwong Mingchou told Jiang Cheng to use Su Yan’s software as the company’s future technical reserves. Jiang Cheng also cared about Su Yan’s position in the company. Kwong Mingchou promised to arrange for her to be in an awkward position as soon as possible. Jiang Cheng was very happy as Su Yan’s prospective boyfriend. Ming Kwong was planning to convene Chaoxin’s R&D staff for a meeting to convey to everyone what he saw, heard and felt in Japan. Professor Tang supported the technology upgrade and planned to focus on hardware innovation, but Su Yan raised a question and mastered all the hardware technology.

In the hands of the Americans and Europeans, how long and money would it take for Professor Tang to make innovations. Professor Tang said amazing numbers. Su Yan disagreed. Kwong Mingchoo broke the deadlock and proposed a new concept. Chinese people still don’t know why computers and computers are used. How can it help? So Chaoxin’s R&D department is reformed. Professor Tang is the leader of large-user technology development, and Su Yan is targeting individual users. Hong Yuqiao drove back home to pick up Guantao with a gift.

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